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Farming Incarnate Salvage - 1 salvage roll every 15 minutes!


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This morning, I finished Incarnating out a character (DB/SR stalker) using only Incarnate rewards earned as drops, from leveling, and from Heather's arc. I got about 3-4 vet levels before starting focusing on the Heather arc, starting with rare Alpha, common Judgement/Interface/Destiny/Lore, and Hybrid still locked. The first time I ran the arc at +2/x1 and I tried to make sure to defeat all enemies (unlocking Hybrid at the end); afterward –1/x1 and going for speed (Sigil Hand Assassin / KoV KoV KoV Sigil BP waves / Hua glowie glowie Warden glowie / "I'm saving them both!" whack whack whack).


It took 42 runs to get enough stuff to fill out all six slots (plus a bunch of Empys left over), and I ended at VL 9, 75% of the way to VL 10.



  • I got 5 VRs and 7 rares. I didn't keep track of uncommon drops besides checking them off my list, but I think it was about 50/50 between them and commons. I needed to use threads to make the last few commons. This tracks with other observed drop rates in this thread, and to me suggests that 10 runs is what it would take on average to make a new t4 ability (maybe slightly fewer because if you get Empies via vet levels).
  • This is pretty much the character I would have made if I were designing someone specifically to speedrun/farm this storyarc. She's got fast movement, stealth, high defense, and an alpha strike capable of knocking out a single hard target by itself (when it hits, grumble grumble). The only change I would make is use Ion Judgement instead of Vorpal. There's little point in having a farmer for this story because the only thing you can mail is Empys and my main's got a pancaketon of those already that I really should start using, but there it is.
  • By the end I was regularly hitting 9:15 - 9:30 times. Running these in blocks of four, it was a shock the time I was counting on having Mission Transporter up for the fourth run and... nope, not yet. I got under 9 minutes once; it takes a lot of things going my way. I figure if everything breaks right I could get it down close to 8 minutes, but that never happened for me.
  • The big determining factors on how quickly I could complete the arc are: how far do I get into the first mission before remembering to talk to Sigil, how big/complicated is the first map, how tricky is it to find the glowies in the Tsoo warehouse, are my Lore pets up, and whether the RNG gods accept my sacrifices. Oh, and getting the Destiny/Lore level shifts knocked a minute off my times.
  • Knives of Vengeance lore pets are squishy.
  • Seriously, I want to have words with whoever put "Your next Assassin's Blades has a 50% chance to miss" into Build Up.
  • There's a weird bug related to the combination of performance graphics quality and 3D Resolution Scaling. I'm nearly certain it relates to the sepia filter at the start and finish of flashback missions. It's the only time my solution to a graphics glitch has been to turn the graphics up.

Playing on Excelsior. Champion forever.

50s: Placta • elec/elec blaster // Rye Lily IV • mind/psi dominator // PLACT-A • bots/ff mastermind // Danielle Connelly • elec/elec dominator // Acme Coin Rink • ice/cold controller // Yin Blazer • psi/wp scrapper // Chalky Webs • db/sr stalker // Ultra Lance • kin/en scrapper // Eye Shell Coda • elec/elec tanker // Mind Wanna Fly • psy/emp corruptor

Others: Virtual Lines • peacebringer • 43 // Favours Green • plant/nat controller • 39 // Clear Corn Ion • elec/storm controller • 34 // Hum a Crypt • claws/regen scrapper • 29 // By Her Ant • psy/ment blaster • 24 // Clean a Hall Arch • shield/sword tanker • 19 // Paler Vow • ninjas/ta mastermind • 10 // more...

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Since the servers are all down I am getting to read a lot of things I had planned to and never have.


Thanks for supplying this video. Love the kids. From now on I think I will just give the link to it instead of constantly explaining it over and over to new ones to incarnates.


Here are some tips I use to help me:

1. The angels on mission 2 can be found easy by just running or flying around looking for speech bubbles. They go off from a reasonable distance so not much variance from a straight path to the elevator can tip you off. I often just bump the side walls to see if they are in the stairwells.

2. Again on mission 2 significant amount of time can be shaved off by going to basement (second elevator) the moment you find the 3rd angel then return to kill the Angel during the long dialog. Should have that last clue by time the music starts. Returning to guard Sigil will have them all ready to "blow off the map"

3rd. mission 3 If one has no stealth a celerity stealth plus the hour long base buff "grant invisibility" do a perfect job. This helps greatly on mission 3 to get the clickies fairly easy without interruption if positioned right. I have completed this in barely under 11 mins as my top speed and I was not overly excited trying. Of course that first map and the placement of the clickies on the 3rd make a difference.

4th. mission 3 side point. If Hero or Vigilante one can choose not to fight Hua but red side will have to.

My top speed was 10:36 and my average for my slowest alt was 16.


I am going to have to try that multi mission 4 method.

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An Ounce of Pounce is worth a Pound of Bounce.

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On 7/11/2019 at 11:51 AM, subbacultchas said:

Nah, you're good Razia. Everybody missed something obvious every now and again, and there are rarely any truly dumb questions.


However, those rare ones stand out. Once had a lady ask if her being pregnant was going to set off our security alarms.

Heard of a young female woman who asked if you put prophylactic jelly on toast. I wonder how it tasted to her?

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On 8/5/2022 at 5:20 PM, Vanden said:

Sub-7 minutes, a new personal best on this flashback 😉


Out of curiosity, do you have anything going on hardware wise that helps? 10 minutes is my personal best, and I've wondered if I had an SSD if I might could zone faster.

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Several people have mentioned helpful tips to cut corners here and there with this, and that's great. I think I maybe forgot in my video to lower the difficulty, but doing so can help, as well. I use a mission transporter to go from mission 2 to 3 now to speed things along. I still solo this every now and again, especially when I'm 1 emp short of a Transcendent. 


At one point this weekend, I ran maybe 5-6 Speed Lambdas back-to-back, and that's another way to get components quickly. A Speed Lambda usually takes 12 minutes, and that includes a couple minute in the middle for a timer to run out and a cutscene to happen. Good time to refill a drink. These are extremely easy to lead and generally fill quickly - you can also run it with less than a full league and still succeed quickly. If soloing ain't your thing, maybe consider something like that.

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