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  1. My very first base I returned to and started working on it. I had abandoned it due to the common mistake of spreading things out and making things way too inconvenient. That caused me to create Pouny's Paw Patrol, where I focused first on convenience then aesthetics. Thus I had pretty much forgotten it. Its a valley enclosed by massive cliffs where fairies are tasked with raising a dragon who has grown quite large I should say. Well a friend wanted to join that specific SG because he got to exploring the under world lava caves and the 3rd level cavern and loved it, so I was turned to undertake
  2. Oh ya i see it Oh ya i still see the original because I put it on "popmenu quickchat" and it now pops on my mouse... if one day I ever need it. been testing the new set up and its working wonderful. That little tip about the quickchat was exactly what i needed.
  3. What i discovered is the word "Popmenu" causes the menu to open on the mouse. SO /bind ' "quickchat" (default bind) the menu pops on the anchor point of the chat bubble end of chat /bind ' "popmenu quickchat" the menu pops on the end of the mouse. as far as I know which ever menu using "Menu QuickChat" is the only one which can use that anchor point. Replacing the top line menu to "Menu QuickChat" in any one of the files in the menus folder will cause it to become the the menu called on the anchor point. This is the only requirement. The name of the file does not ma
  4. WOOOO all i had to do was insert that quickchat.mnu into the same folder as my other menu and it works with ' key and pops in the same location. SO i guess I am all about customizing that baby now. TTYL and thanks
  5. THanks. Apparently I have the older version of that which came with the instructions how to create a popmenu. When i tested it the remap of the ' key only did the same thing. so do i need to insert it into someplace special? Will i need Technical lube?
  6. ya forget about custom windows. arrrrrg but I edited my comment that you quoted and found that I can use the same codes, <& &> they do in the popmenu and was able to get my command to work. It creats a macro with the appropriate icon to combine any and INSP to that one type.
  7. How does one get to this quickchat.mnu I dont see it in my game folder
  8. I really hope people are reading this lol, because I have another question. Because Custom windows are such a PITA and never stay put and ... and ... the list goes on and i want to get rid of my custom window all together. BUT they have one great feature. THey can use substitute delimiters. I noticed <& &> when i need "" in a command. The game does not recolonize ' so that failed. So I need a way to get commands that need "" into my menu. I am sure more questions will come. EDIT I figgured out that the popmenu can use the same code
  9. Another question. 8Ï WHen pressing the ' (single quote) on the keyboard the Quickmenu pops up, not on the mouse but in a specific location. I really would love that to happen for my menu. A popmenu will always pop on the mouse location. Even a macro if called via a keybind will do this. By clicking the popmenu's macro button (needing to be in the upper left for menu extension) is the same thing because the mouse is at the button. There are often times my mouse is in the lower right and the pop menu extends up and under the mouse causing the hot keys to be ignored. And thus m
  10. Yep yep i did. I said torch, as in Torchbearer. 8Þ Feels really weird quoting myself. Is that what an echo is?
  11. you should have a separate window that pops up after you click the "Pets" label. Other than Master Minds, this option is not available by default. The only pet I have seen not show in the pet window is the vanity pets. But the little buff pets, Portable Workbenches, Incarnate Lores, Controller, PB... all of the rest show in the pet window.
  12. I am running YEs i am running Windows 10 that came installed on my Asus Q534UXK laptop. I rolled back my PC a couple times and the trouble with the game and the PC being really slow went away. A while ago I let Gforce upgrade. since the trouble didn't immediately start i did not associate that with any recording of the game. I use OBS for that. But that also becomes horrible when game is running. Now that old restore has been over written and thats a true bummer. I have an AOMEI back up but wow W10 has become a horrible pain to restore. The factory restore is not viable
  13. If you look close and compare the name, Preventive Medicine, you see the shadow is the therapist and the patient is in a relined position before them. For Aegis try this search link https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Aegis GREEK&qs=n&form=QBIRMH&sp=-1&pq=aegis greek&sc=8-11&cvid=62465874903048EA9DB73CB8DA7FD55A&first=1&tsc=ImageBasicHover
  14. Banana makes sense for Ragnarok because thats when things go bananas. But now i see the rainbow. Unbreakable guard I see the broken spear after striking the shield. This one looks like a bunker to me. I think its from Stead Fast protection. I always thought Impervium Armor was a Rattle snake tale. But now I clearly see its a Paulderon Serendipity looks like 3 bullet holes through glass but if it is I don't understand why. This one is a big question
  15. They are done. Got one on each side. Mama on one and My babies in front of Grama Pouncy's statue. They are in my Profile > about me. Or you can come to torch and use /enterbasefrompasscode ANOUNCEOFPOUNCE-9549
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