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Incarnate Destiny: Barrier or Clarion?


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what AT?

Can you explain what you see in each and why you are stuck?

This. It's not a blanket choice of which is better, it depends heavily on each AT, and really heavily on each build within that AT.


I main a lot of controllers, corruptors, dominators and such. Often I will softcap them to defenses if I'm able and it doesn't hurt their powers. So for me, Clarion is almost always the best way to go because I can set up for good defenses minus Incarnates, but not for mez protection (don't like psychic Ancillary).  Were I playing another AT, or another build where I could not easily get defenses, I might go Barrier. So it depends on what you've built for, what strengths you have, what gaps you see, and what you hope to accomplish with either choice.

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Thanks for the replies. Letting you know my AT and sets is essential as you point out. I’m playing a Dark/Dark/Soul Controller. I am definitely not soft capped in Def; not even close but I have enough to get by in a pinch (some Def and Res, but Fade is not perma). If many players have high Def already, my Fade should get them close to hard cap. The only restriction would be the limited AoE.


My primary concern is what I can bring for others. It sounds like Clarion would be the way to go for iTrials. I can always build a Barrier for regular content as those players might be lacking in the Def department.


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I would personally build Clarion in that instance too.


I'd also add that you are probably a lot closer to softcap than you realize as D/D, depending on pool powers of course. With just Fade and Shadowfall and the 2 3% global defense IOs, you can pack an easy 30+percent without dipping. So consider that if you are interested in it.

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You can slot different powers for different situations. As a healer I usually roll with Barrier Core for the extra rez's, when working on badges a lot of the time I'll slot incandescence, and in UG iTrial I'll slot Clarion.

Make as many as you can so that you have flexibility.

Excelsior - Grey Scale 50+ Emp/Dark Def - Thermal Meltdown 50+ Rad/Fire Brute - Old Growth 50+ Plant Troll - Enrico Fermi 50+ Rad Blaster

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