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Base entry portal and water...


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Hey all. New to base building but I have a love for creativity and am having a blast so far. I believe I actully prefer the base editing to playing. Lol. 


Two things i havent been able to figure out though and I’m hoping someone can help me. 


First, I moved my base entry portal from its original room because I wanted a slightly larger entry room.  Everything went well accept for one thing. When I use the portal to come into the base, it brings me in facing the closest wall. I would prefer the faced direction be exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  


I have tried selecting the portal portal and right clicking it to spin it. Two clicks. It does flash like I am told it should when I click, but no matter what I try, when I zone out and back in using the portal, I am still facing the wall. 


I even moved the portal further away from the wall in case proximity was somehow interfering with the rotation. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong and how to correct it?


Second thing...


how do I add water to a pool I have made? I have the inset area I want the water, but so far I can’t figure out how to do it. I figure there must be a way since the game DOES have water graphics.


Also, I found a post where someone said it can be done using a “Arcane Defense Slow Field” but as of yet I have not found anything named this. I figured I would find it in the Arcane Defense Tab, but there is nothing there named that, or even just Slow field. I did see something in the tech defense tab named Slow Field, but it didn’t seem to have any sort of water effect. 


Can someone elaborate on the best He best way to create water pool effects?


Thank you in advance for any help that is offered. 

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Zoning into the base, either via the portal or via a rez bay, always results in the character facing south. There is no way to change it that I know of.


For water, look in the 'surfaces' tab after you click 'place item'. There are various water surfaces (calm, rough, etc) in there of varying sizes that you can place.

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I built my first base about a month ago. If I had a nickel for every time I had to blow something up and start over, I'd have a sack full of nickels. Learning the tricks was definitely a trial and error process.


You may know this already but when placing the water, you can hold shift when clicking the water surface to raise or lower it. That may help with creating the pool effect. I created a nice little pool in my base using that technique. If you are making a natural pool, there is a gravel floor surface in there that makes a great bottom for natural pools.

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Thank you for the additional info. I did find out about the shift keys functions ( and the shift, alt, and control combos. ) Big helps. 


Yeah. I agree, trial and error. But there is a lot of fun along the way. 


This base building reminds me of the way we used to decorate our homes in the old Star Wars Galaxies game. Sadly I wish we had their system because they made it very easy to make a few blinded hotkeys to move items by increments in all directions and angles. Anything placed could be put exactly where and how you wanted it by just clicking buttons you premade. 


The Base I am making is for a vampire/gothic/dark themed SG. I put one of those giant, open mouthed, heads in a room and then decided it need to have fangs to fit the theme. I decided to use clipped, Arcane ceiling arc pieces and spent the next hour loosing my mind trying to get them lined up just right. Lol. In the end it turned out great though, and I am really enjoying the whole process.  Still, item placement is more tedious than I wish it was. 


Working on the vamp queens chamber now. Wish me luck. 😉



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