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Rescued from the Archives ... WAI: Slotting Ninjas for Comedy Value (^_^)"


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Source: WAI: Slotting Ninjas for Comedy Value (^_^)"


Yesterday I sat down with Mids' and respec-ed my Level 19 (now level locked at 20 in Praetoria) Ninja/Time Mastermind ... and decided I really needed to find someplace to put the new Overwhelming Force Proc into my build somewhere. But where?


I basically had a choice between Genin and Jounin for this, and I decided that on balance it would be better to slot a Knockback "governor" Proc into Genin than Jounin simply because Genin later get Crane Kick post-32, and because with 3 of them running around (most of the time) they produce the largest amount of "dice chucking" to produce Knockdowns with. Plus Genin tend to cycle their attacks very quickly with relatively few pauses, improving their "throw lots of dice" potential.


Today I was playing this completed respec ... and I started seeing the Easter Egg in the Overwhelming Force Proc start going off ... at least once per mission instance. And it's HILARIOUS!




For those who don't already know, the Overwhelming Force Proc has a miniscule (ie. less than 1%) chance to Proc a special animation ... a GIANORMOUZOID MUSHROOM CLOUD NUKETACKULAR that's bigger than my screen (and I'm running at over 2500x1600 resolution). Arbiter Hawk deliberately put this in as an Easter Egg, and I for one am highly amused that he did. The thing is, when you slot the Overwhelming Force Proc into Genin, every single attack they do has a chance to Proc the Easter Egg ... and Genin throw out LOTS of (piddly damage) attacks at a pretty good clip (see above: "chuck lots of dice" point).


At first, I didn't even realize what the heck was going on, because all of a sudden my entire screen would be completely filled with light and smoke and I couldn't see the hostiles I'd been (and still was) fighting. And then I saw it happen "from a distance" where a single Genin threw a Shuriken at a Ghoul ... and the MushroomCloudOfNUKITTYNUKENUKENUKE! went off and I had to stop playing for over a minute because I was laughing so hard.


My Genin are now armed with Atomic Annie Shurikens and their kick attacks can go supercritical and NUKE whatever they're up against at any time. It's so ridiculously overblown (literally) that it just brings a smile to my face every time I see it happen. It's even funnier when 2 or 3 of them Proc the Easter Egg at the same time and I can only imagine the foes I'm fighting against wondering where the air raid siren has gotten to? It's just so gloriously comic book-y!




Again, for those who don't know ... the Easter Egg Proc in Overwhelming Force doesn't "do" anything game mechanically (no extra damage or anything like that), it just merely adds graphics ... and comedy value.


Thank you for redeeming Ninjas for me XD


This is so going in my Genin.



Now I'm kind of wondering what would happen if the Overwhelming Force Proc were slotted into a Caltrops power (which Jounin have). Would you possibly get NUKEular Land Mines among the Caltrops going off (very very occasionally)?


Hmmm. This proc also adds a 20% chance for knockdown in powers without knocback. Does it give all of the Genin's non-Crane Kick attacks a chance for knockdown?




Shurikens do Knockdown.

Thunder Kick does Knockdown.

Storm Kick does Knockdown.

Crane Kick will do KnockDOWN.


It's really quite impressive to see my Genin throughputting so much Knockdown, since it really improves their survivability (so long as they're not individually drawing too much aggro and thus too much damage onto themselves individually).


If Genin effectively adds a soft control power to their damage, you may have singlehandedly provided the elusive ninja buff.


Have you tried this on your lvl 50 ninja/TA MM, does the awesomeness continue at high levels?


I hate to consider reslotting my nin/poison but this might be worth it.


Heck, I hate considering even playing Ninjas, but you're definitely making it look appealing.


And I agree, I think you, sir, have just fixed ninjas. Congrats.


Do you get the fancy mushroom effect only on converted knock back to knock down attacks or can it happen on the chance to knockdown?


The easter egg gets the chance to happen every time a genin attacks, regardless of if it knocks.


The Easter Egg Proc can happen on any damaging attack because the Set is a Universal Damage Set. As I mentioned upthread, I'm seeing the NUKE FX go off at levels 20-24 (ie. before Genin can use Crane Kick, their only native Knockback power, becomes available to them). Shurikens and Kicks (Thunder and Storm) all have a chance to Proc the easter egg animation ... and because they're all damaging attacks, they all have a 20% chance to KnockDOWN thanks to the KB-to-KD Proc in Overwhelming Force. The opacity level of the NUKE FX makes it hard to see, visually, if under all that smoke and light if the $Target fell down or not.


As great as it sounds ... it really isn't *THAT* good (on its own) as a "silver bullet" for Ninja survivability issues. It's HELPFUL ... don't get me wrong ... but it's not a "be all/end all" solution in and of itself. I just happen to be running a Ninja/Time build right now that is stacking multiple effects in the form of (PBAoE on me) To-hit Debuff and (Target Location AoE) Movement+Recharge Debuff and (PBAoE on me) Heal+HoT to make my Ninjas far more survivable than they have any right to be ordinarily. When Foes have their Recharge Debuffed down to the Slow Cap, their Movement Speed Debuffed down to the Slow Cap, and their To-hit Debuffed more than halfway down to the Defense Softcap ... in combination, those things make Ninjas "pretty sturdy" so long as they fight in "formation" and don't go wandering off out of range (and getting themselves KILLED like idiots ). Add KnockDOWN to a pile of Genin attacks and Foes are going to be spending even more time NOT ATTACKING your Ninjas (or yourself, if Tankerminding) ... which only improves Ninja survivability even more.


When casually soloing (+0 x1 @ Level 20-24 in Sharkhead) it's actually somewhat rare for ANY of my Ninjas to be defeated and need resummoning, and when they do, it's usually only 1 Genin (who wandered off and got himself smoked). That's because *I* can control the flow of battle, *I* can pick when to engage (and how), and *I* have time to throw around heals and buffs in between spawn groups. I'm also not dealing with situations where my Ninjas are severely outnumbered (and if they are, I can just pre-emptively throw down Distortion Field to prevent my opposition from attacking all that much). As you might imagine, on a team or in a Strike Force, the dynamic is somewhat different. My Ninjas are still "better" than they would have been without the Overwhelming Force Proc ... but the Proc in and of and by itself is not "game changing ENOUGH" to solve all of my Ninjas' survivability issues.


Last night I joined a Silver Mantis Strike Force (which took me from Level 22 to 24) and my Ninjas were surviving "okay" so long as I kept them on a fairly tight leash and didn't get "too ambitious" in terms of what I was up against. The final map on the platform (of course) was a complete DISASTER for me because of how the "terrain" and deployment of opposition basically makes it IMPOSSIBLE to "control" your Pets with any meaningful success (my Ninjas loved "jumping off the platform" to their doom repeatedly). This reinforced the "when Ninjas stray..." principle in how their limited survivability is entirely dependent on staying with me and fighting at MY side because of the stacking of power effects that *I*, as the Mastermind, bring to the battle.


I have not tried it, and given my experience with Ninja/Time @ 20-24 I expect it to "help" but not "solve" the problem of Ninja survivability when in "contact" with Foes while "poorly supported" by Secondary Powers. I expect I'd have to be using Presence Pool Fear powers to shore up my Ninjas even approximately closely to what Time Manipulation can do in this regard, since Trick Arrow offers surprisingly little survivability aids. Glue Arrow is approximately close to Distortion Field (although Distortion Field is *MUCH BETTER*!), and Flash Arrow is "similar" to Time's Juncture (although Time's Juncture is a *MUCH BETTER* To-hit Debuff!) ... so there *is* some potential for transference of strategy/tactics from one to the other ... but without the PBAoE Heal of Time Manipulation, you have to resort to things like Aid Other with Trick Arrow, and that is nowhere NEAR as effective!


The Comedy Value alone makes it worth it, in my opinion ... since Atomic Annie Shurikens are just so ridiculous.


So long as you don't have outsized expectations of "free" survivability courtesy of the Overwhelming Force Proc, you'll be okay. Having a 20% (not 100%) chance to Knockdown in every attack is "helpful" but it isn't "enough" all on its own. You still need both Secondary and Pool powers to "shore up" the inherent weaknesses (which are MASSIVE!) of Ninjas to being attacked themselves (they are *total* Glass Cannons). Time Manipulation gives me the necessary "toolkit" to minimize the weaknesses of my Ninjas "enough" that I can keep them alive and fighting, and the Overwhelming Force Proc is simply the "cherry blowing up the top" of a badly slumping sundae.


The *best* ways to keep Ninjas alive is either the path of NO GET HITSU!! where a combination of Defense Buffing and To-hit Debuffing pushes them towards the Defense Softcap ... so they take very few hits/damage ... -or- ... prevent your Foes from attacking the Ninjas "directly" either through Tankerminding, where you just don't let your Ninjas grab and hold aggro ... and/or Slow Debuffing, where you just don't let your Foes recharge their powers to attack with. Adding (a chance to) Knockdown to every single Genin attack power via Overwhelming Force Proc works as a "force multiplier" for either build strategy since the Knockdowns futher "limit" the number of incoming attacks that your Ninjas will need to defend against, further enhancing their survivability. It "helps" but isn't enough all by itself to be (literally) game changing.


It is however funny as all get out to see Foes getting knocked over by Shuriken hits ... and that sometimes detonate in huge mushroom clouds of light, smoke and fallout ...


Thanks for the answer. I'm going to use one on the lowest tier wolves for my beast MM - mostly as I like to see them run down foes. I'm glad they will be able to still cause the flair for dramatic


Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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So...the real question is, How do I get this on Homecoming?  Are we going to have the summer blockbuster event?  I'm imagining this on mercs...nuclear-tipped bullets?

You can get the Overwhelming Force set from the Merit Vendor.  100 Merits per enhancement, IIRC.

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The proc chance for the NUKE FX was probably lower than 1%, so it won't be going off all the time unless you've got a lot of (individually discrete) attacks going on.

Powers like Caltrops (or any other "rain" power for that matter) would I expect have a chance to proc like a Toggle ... meaning once per 10 seconds.


Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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Summer event is live actually.  Im slotting it on the jounin... it works on the caltrops it seems.  I dont see any explosions though?


because it's one of the few remaining io's that are still percent chance and not ppm, it works best on pets with many attacks.


genin have 6 different attacks x3 pets - 18 chances to knock stuff down.

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