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AR, DP, or BR for /Dev?


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So with the upcoming changes to devices and snipes and beam rifle for that matter, I'm having trouble deciding what primary to roll. All in all these are my assessments if pros and cons of each primary with /Dev with the buffs coming next live patch.
I was hoping that some of you here would be able to give me some insight and help me make a decision on what to roll.  The Character Concept I have definitely fits AR the best in just being a militia woman, but I currently find AR to be overly endurance hungry for what it gives back.   DP would be the second closest and BR seems to clash just a tiny amount, considering I'm having this characters major concept be the idea that normal people don't need fancy tech to make a big effect.  Yet, I wonder the game timeline and if Praetorian weapons could start being sold more and it's simply a choice of whether one likes a fancy energy weapon or a cheap but reliable assault rifle. 
Please gib advice.  I know this is a lot to read.    I've posted the changes due up next patch for every thing except BR Disintegrate. 

DP Strengths
 -Already in melee range can continue to bomb safely with bonfire or blap with taser and knockout blow. 
 -Two PbAoE Nukes.
 -Seems to be able to stack defense with Hail of Bullets

DP Weaknesses
 -Already an average blast set
 -No snipe. 
 -Will snipe changes make it like Psi Blast in power?
 -Mostly lethal with imho a clunky swap ammo mechanic

AR Strengths

 -#1 for AoE by my understanding.
 -Benefits greatly from FF: Chance for Recharge to make Full Auto recharge in as little as 11-13 seconds.
 -Control with KB-KD with Buckshot, M30, and Bonfire.

AR Weaknesses
 -Lethal damage alone except for Flame Thrower. Which seems too long of an animation with current game speed.
 -Weaker ST DPS
 -Requires jumping in and out of spawns to take full advantage of devices. Yet will the 20% passive damage make Full Auto, Buckshot, M30, Bonfire, with instant snipes make it a BAMF set with good soft control?

BR Strengths
 -#1 For ST Blast as far as I know
 -Energy damage is awesome.
 -Nuke will stun
 -New disintegrate changes are going to up its AoE DPS a little to a bit.  I'm not an expert.
 -Devices will make up for BR's it's weakness with burst AoE. 
-Ranged Nuke and a PbAoE nuke with devices.
 -Has a Snipe
BR Weaknesses
 -Requires jumping in and out of spawns to take full advantage of devices. Yet will the 20% passive damage make disintegrate good? Will Toebombing with the 80% build up make it erase spawns?
 -One of the weakest AoE as of current. Currently far better as a Defender with  a-res set for AV/GM Killing.
 -Hamstringed currently on blasters due to lack of burst AoE. Which is what blasters are usually brought for. Unknown if /Dev changes will make it decent enough to help burst AoE every other spawn.
 -Seems to have more incentive to stay at range due to having no soft control that AR has with KD and DP has with +Def/KD and thus makes /Dev more painful to fully use and breaks flow.

These are the upcoming Devices/Snipe Changes for blasters/corruptors.

  • Changed Web Grenade to Toxic Web Grenade, now deals scale 1 toxic DoT and can be slotted for damage
  • Taser: Recharge reduced from 20 to 10 seconds, duration reduced from scale 10 to scale 5, damage increased from 0.25 to 1.96 (same damage as Energy Punch)
  • Time Bomb:  Animation is now 2.77 seconds, interrupt time removed, countdown reduced to 5 seconds, defiance values reduced to match (this only applies to this set, not to the Traps support set versions.)
  • Trip Mine:  Interrupt removed. Cast time is now 2.77 seconds. Recharge increased to 30 seconds.
  • Targeting Drone now gives your first attack from out of combat a Built-Up effect (80% damage) and continues to provide a 20% damage buff while in combat.

    The changes for snipes 

    General Changes
  • ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. Now, combat status determines if snipes are fast or slow, and ToHit buffs increase how much damage fast-snipe inflicts.
  • The snipe will be fast if you have attacked or been attacked in the last 8 seconds; this is the same time as Stalker's Hide.
  • Note that PvP scale is based only around the PvP damage formula. ToHit buffs and debuffs do not change quick snipe damage in PvP.
  • The following fast snipe animations have been synced with their FX, no cast time changes: Moonbeam, Zapp, Sniper Blast, Proton Volley (they all remain at their original 1.33 second duration.)
  • Added a new PVP IO Snipe set "Experienced Marksman"; includes proc that will always turn your Snipes into the fast version.
  • 12 second recharge and 14.352 end cost.
  • Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale.
  • Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.76 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
  • Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage.
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I play and have played in the past, an AR/Devices and have played a little of Beam Rifle.


Assault Rifle excels at controlling the battlefield when combined with Devices and specifically Caltrops, standing off from enemies and mowing them down.  I would argue it is more a minion killer than a boss killer.  Dual Pistols is more skilled at being "in the thick of things" -- so on one level, what mindset do you have?  Is your character concept gung-ho or methodical?


Also, don't overlook Smoke Grenade, both as a power, and for concept.  It is a considerable perception and accuracy debuff (which if I recall correctly) can be made to stack.  A military or spy concept fits the bill here.



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On 8/24/2019 at 1:31 PM, Tath99 said:

The idea is a methodical type that likes to bruise egos with her non-powered self and toe to toe as well as out think. So both methodical and gung-ho really.  Warrior monk is the real concept.   AR does offer soft control by putting grenades in the face.  Beams good for taking down hard targets.      

Though for Sai, I'm not sure I see your point other than DP lacking a snipe.  Seems like DP range wise would be better for Devices.  Drop a toe bomb. Smoke.  Get the plus defense from rain of bullets. Caltrops could also be dropped. It's a concentrated killzone instead of sitting back and popping.  My big concern with snipe changes is that it seems like this set is getting a nerf due to such. It's very middle of the pack already where AR and BR are both leaders for AoE or ST

The more I'm thinking, the more I'm thinking AR could lose its disadvantages with incarnate stuff.   Though I wonder if it'd just be too endurance hungry. Guess I could just end slot m30 and then proc slot it.    More I think, more I think AR wins out for being low middle for ST and badass for AoE.  BR is the opposite aside from being one of the worst for AoE.    I love the animations for DP and think it best synergizes range-wise for devices, but seems it's just better on a corruptor or defender with out a snipe.  
Thanks for he input.  Any one else have an opinion?   I'm leaning towards AR now.  A voice keeps saying BR and I think I just like DP for the defensive Pb-AoE madness., though loss of snipe concerns me.



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Beam Rifle has always had two issues for me. First, is the noise, the way it sounds is just off. That's purely subjective if you like the way it sounds or are willing to edit the client to change the sounds it's a non issue. The second is the disintegrate mechanic.  It's one of those things where I would always ask myself are the devs playing the same game as the rest of us ? Getting to actually make disintegration spread just isn't something that happens on teams.


On the plus side it has aim which you can turn into a build up like ability.



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DP hail of bullets is PBAOE you better doing it with Corruptor Traps.. Because traps will give you defense capped.. Which will allow you to drop Hail of Bullets and even a trip mine right after..


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I have BR/Dev, and after yesterdays patch it got even better. you already outlined some of the shortcomings, which is BR likes to play at range, and /dev likes to be up closer to take advantage of the pbaoe toe bombs, but honestly if you just treat those as a little extra to be used when you arent the main focus of mob hate, the pairing works great, and hits like a truck.


If you are on Torchbearer, you can also participate in our beam team all beam rifle teaming events to really enjoy what a mass of BR effects can do.


Boom. Disintegration everywhere!





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