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MAC: Chat Entry Box doesn't exit.


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Hi there,

So I think I found a bug... when I hit enter to begin a chat. and hit enter again, it sends the message but the chat dialogue remains "on" or "open" spamming random letters or numbers depending on what you are doing at the moment. I remembered that once you hit enter to send the chat, it also closed it. I found this on the help section and found this is the expected behavior.


"To enter chat, a player hits the Enter Key. Whatever the player types appears in the Chat Entry Box at the bottom of the Primary Chat Window. To exit Chat, a player hits Enter again."


How do we go about reporting/fixing bugs if possible? Or is there a key bind someone could flush out for me so I can implement? Right now im hitting escape to get out of chat.



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Hi, having same exact issue, and I am also on a Mac, so it probably has to do with that. I've been trying to find -someone- with any knowledge of a fix or band-aid or macro or -something- cus it is entirely too frustrating to try and type in task forces and end up WASDing my chat and not moving lol.

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The same thing happens on Linux too, so I'm guessing it's just an incompatibility with Wine. Pretty sure there's nothing they can do with the client to fix it, but if anyone's found a tweak in Wine that addresses it that would be helpful.

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The problem is the default keybinds.

By default you have this:


enter "startchat"


Guess what happens when you hit ENTER at the end of a line of chat?


Ding ding ding ding!

You invoke the bind to open another chat!




How do you "fix" this problem?


Simple ... edit your bind file.


enter "nop"
shift+enter "afk Typing…$$startchat"


What this will do is assign a "no operation" to ENTER, such that hitting ENTER will Do Nothing.

You then swap that keybind functionality with using SHIFT+ENTER in order to start your chats (and cause an AFK message to appear over your head indicating to anyone nearby that you're typing) ... but then when you hit ENTER to actually "say" what you put into the chat line you aren't hitting SHIFT+ENTER to open yet another chat.

In other words, you deconflict the functionality assigned to ENTER ... so you don't use it to both start AND stop chat lines, you instead only use ENTER only to stop them (and use SHIFT+ENTER to start them).


It may take a little bit of muscle memory retraining in order to get used to the change, but you'll "learn" it quickly enough.


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OR...you could tap the Esc key if you glance and see the chat thing highlighted. Nothing like chat-death to get you looking more often. :p

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