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Marine X

The Missing Years

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Not a Skilled AE Mission Crafter, but was wondering if Anyone had ever created a Mission Arc to Cover the 7Year Gap in COH Lore.

It could be something say where The Freedom Phallanx were in Cimerora or Ouroborus for a Meeting when Rularu broke free of the Shadow Shard and consumed the Universe. This left them and whatever Heroes or Villains were there to put things right, somehow.

It could be done as a Contest with the winner getting his or her Mission assigned to a NPC to dispense outside AE ( if that is Possible ). If we are here for the long haul it would be great to be able to add content through the AE system and the truly outstanding ones that fit with existing Lore could become permanent content.


Just a thought, I know I had on Live Played through some Outstanding Player Created content, and believe some of it could clearly be integrated into the Game. Any thoughts?

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" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

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or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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You inspired me to create this: 


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Try out my AE Arcs!   Solo friendly, often canon related, & some contest winners

#848 Rularularian - Heroic - 41-54 | #854 The Serpent Beyond the Horizon - Heroic - 46-52 | #855 Save the Diver, Save the World - Vigilante - 25-30 |

|#25869 Condemning Croatoa - Villainous - 25-33 | #25870 Robolution (Red-side) - Villainous - 25-34 #27314 Robolution (Blue-side) - Heroic - 25-34 |

| #26387 The Genesis & Geneticists of The Coming Hamiggedon - Villainous - 41-54 | #27055 The Atlas of the Multiverse - Rogue - 46-54 |

#28330 Wonderland - Neutral - 25-54 |

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