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Hey what's up. I thought I might post some art here, since a lot of what I've done has been coh related.


This was a 3d print I did for a friend (Perfidus) of his character Zaxa. Sadly, he became ill and passed away before I could send him the finished product:




This is a drawing of a planned bas relief 3d print portrait that I'm planning. It's part of a series:


Some comicbook themed work:



Lastly some coh headshots I did a couple years ago:


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Heya BW, it's been a while.

Sorry to hear about your friend Perfidus.


We lost Bobby Aquitania too so I know some of what that feels like.

He passed just before a few of us were going to meet up in real

life and I know he would've loved to see homecoming too.


It is good to see your art again though. I do recognize your comics stuff

(love that Catwoman), WarWitch and I'm guessing that could be Larissa Rasputin?

What's the story behind the 3d Bass relief? Oh and welcome back to the best part of the forums. zb7XgP0P_o.png



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Thanks Christopher. Yeah that's Larissa.


The story behind that piece is difficult to summarize. It's intended to be cosmic horror ala Lovecraft presented as a children's fairy tale. Maybe with some Dr. Seuss stylings.

The character in the picture has a bizarre seizure and suddenly remembers a past she didn't know she had, which leads her to a town that isn't actually on the map.


This is the first piece from the series:



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15 hours ago, drboston said:

Which 3D print provider did you use? Did you paint the figure yourself?

I did everything myself. I modeled it in ZBrush and printed it with my Prusa MK3 printer. I painted it with regular acrylic paint, which was a mistake. The acrylics didn't adhere well to the plastic and took several coats to get an even surface. Since then I bought Vallejo model paints.

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I've done 3d for a long time, but usually as an asset for 2d illustration. Both of these pieces were digital paintovers of a 3d base:



I bought a 3d printer earlier this year, so I've been focusing more on sculpts that could actually be printed. I did this Juri Han (Street Fighter character) sculpt:


I printed out the base and the three heads with different expressions. The heads connect to the base with a piece of armature wire so that you can turn and angle the head if you want. I haven't gotten around to painting it.


Recently I've been working on a Selina Kyle sculpt:


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Actually IIRC, the art he did of Chloe pwn-ing Mary Macomber was for his art book (barely Super)

and the bust was a bonus I think he threw in for me being patient or something like that.


However it worked out I know he went WAY above and beyond what I paid

for and the bust is one of my favorite depictions of Chloe to this day.






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Hello guys, 


It's October, the time of year when I habitually draw sexy witches, so here's Chris' Chloe radiation-bathing on Shivans:




Also, here's a variation on my blaster, Mere Mal Faire:



It's not a particularly interesting portrait, but I'm pretty hyped because it's based off of a 3d render and a set  of non-photorealistic render filters which are now part of ZBrush. I've been doing a lot of work and research on a pipeline that make 3d viable for a webcomic. And this was fast and fairly straightforward with decent results.


Which leads me to questions about this type of project. What I'm planning is an erotic comic that I would release via Patreon. Does anyone subscribe to anything like this? My main focus would be the comic so I'm a little vague on reward tiers. I could do sketches, related pinups, maybe a discord where people at a certain level can ask questions/give feedback/make requests/etc. But I'm also a bit wary about offering too much to the extent that I get sidetracked from the actual comic. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hahaha awesome! You know it hadn't occurred to me until just now but this might be her form of sunbathing.


Most people will lie out on a beach and let the sun irradiate them to get a nice tan and that "healthy glow"

Since Chloe got her powers from the radiation of the Bloody Bay meteors and the Shivans are born of

the same effect it would make sense for her to summon a bunch of them and lay out on them any

time she wanted to top off her powers or get her skin a nice healthy green glow but didn't feel

like running all the way back to BB. They could act as her oversized portable sun lamps. E9rkOkuW_o.gif


Also it's very cool you remember something of her backstory

(or you checked DA 07K1tHnz_o.png) as I don't recall having posted it in the forums.

Thanks man, oh and out of curiosity are you planning to do anything more with her?

As for Patreon, where to start. I have researched it quite extensively as I have,

on more than one occasion, considered joining it myself and I could probably write

a small-ish book about the subject by now. More specifically what separates the Patreon

millionaires (yes they exist, multi millionaires even) from those locked into something that

resembles a full time job as they have committed to producing a full spate of content without

having the numbers of followers to make it worth their time and where on the spectrum I could

reasonably expect to end up. It's not always artistic ability even though that is of course important.


Since this is getting long already I will just touch on a couple things you ask and post it over in "Art Talk."

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added link to relevant post in the Art Talk thread.
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Wow that is really sweet BW. Love how this came out!

Such a cool concept too, I wish I had thought of it hehe.


I was going to note that between the grey flats and the grey value range stages

that she had changed position slightly but the Shivan skull seems supremely unperturbed by it. 07K1tHnz_o.png


In fact Skippy (cuz that's whose voice I hear now every time I see a Shivan rs4wmRnk_o.gif) looks like he's totally down.


Thank you for the gift art, much appreciated. zb7XgP0P_o.png


P.S. Is there a higher rez in your Sta.sh or something?




Edited by Christopher Robin
added link for Skippy's voice from S&L episode 15
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