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  1. I have a Mind Control / Dark Assault Dominator that's a succubus., based on the CoT version.
  2. Same. My wife started playing earlier and is fine!
  3. Do we still have a commitment from Homecoming leadership that there is still absolutely zero chance that this will be for-profit?
  4. Nice! Have any other sculpts, prints or paints to show off?
  5. My wife and I did conversions of character screengrabs into 3D prints. One of the big issues is that a detailed print isn't in full color, and a full color print doesn't have a lot of detail. We used to post them at-cost, but they were still expensive. Someone tipped off the 3D print shop and they made me take down the derivatives of copywritten work. Found some of the old 3D files yesterday.
  6. Which 3D print provider did you use? Did you paint the figure yourself?
  7. Does anyone have the robot meshes and textures (normal, emission, etc.)? I'd like to make some variants and see how they look.
  8. Here's a CoH 3D Print HowTo I put together: https://corps.ouro-comdev.com/index.php?title=3DPrint
  9. • Your Discord tag: DrBoston • Applicable skills: create 2D art and graphics, create & modify textured 3D assets, technical art stuff, new 3D assets • Availability & time zone: M-F 6PM to 10 PM, Sa-Su 8AM to 10PM US/Eastern. Let’s say up to 15h/week • Tools and software that you are familiar with: Photoshop, GIMP, Blender, netfabb, Unreal, some 3DS Max • What you would be interested in working on: costume parts, body types, textures.
  10. I'm curious as to what legal legitimacy would get Homecoming - is there more to it than reducing the risk of being sued or facing theft charges? There's not much of an argument that Homecoming is diverting revenue from NCSoft. Part of me wonders if it's best to just stay under the radar and occasionally placate NCSoft so they don't interfere.
  11. Could I get a science and super huge Immortal? Results of using automatic upscaling have been... mixed. Do you have these in vector format?
  12. To access the textures, you will need something that can uncompress a .rar file. Also, the textures are not game-ready; they are AI upscaled versions of textures extracted from the game files. They are, however, in a format that is easy for someone to touch up with GIMP or PhotoShop.
  13. Yeah, it's critical that if we put in the effort and expense to be legitimate, that we get a turnover from NC Soft with no future strings. Good luck with that. May just want to make sure it'll be an expensive PITA to enforce their legal rights.
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