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Excelsior Community Base is now Open!


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Hello all,


First, a quick bit of info - since the game has been back, I had been wanting to do something for the community as a thank you to all the wonderful players I have encountered while running about in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.  Costume contests are fun, but I wanted to do something more tangible and in a sense, more permanent - something functional and fun.


With that, I am happy to announce the Excelsior Community Base is now open - Moonbase Excelsior!!


Here you can find all the features needed - teleport points to all locations, costuming, crafting, leveling and enhancement store contacts, meeting room, indoor atrium and recreation facilities when you just want to hang out after a tough day being a hero or villain!  Feel free to step outside the airlock too and explore the lunar surface... you may find an exploration badge or two... or more 🙂


This is for all of you, so please enjoy it and help pass the word around.  Feel free to use it for getting around the city, hanging out, RPing, crafting or even costume contests!


A big thank you to all who have made the return of City of Heroes a truly special experience. 


Moonbase Excelsior - passcode EXCELSIOR-6984















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16 hours ago, Gulver said:

Hey, I'm dumb.  How do I make a macro for this base?

First, be advised that this slash command will be going away at some point as it is a GM only command that was released by accident.  Until then, you can make a macro by typing this into the chat;


/macro MBE enterbasefrompasscode EXCELSIOR-6984


If you want it to have a Teleport icon, type this one;


/macroimage DayJob_Teleport Superbase_Teleport enter_base_from_passcode EXCELSIOR-6984


Enjoy! 😀


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On 10/5/2019 at 12:18 PM, COSMIC_TEMPUS said:

ShardWarrior, I was hopping around bases with some friends the other night and found this!! You’ve done an incredible job!! I can’t imagine how challenging it must’ve been! Great work! Thanks! ^_^

You're very welcome!  Glad you enjoy it. 😁

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2 hours ago, FireBrandi said:

Someone told me the macro today.  Big thanks to that person!  The teleporters alone have been a Huge time saver


very cool base.  Think the only thing you can’t do in there is access the auction house.  

Auction House is not available in any base.  This is a technical limitation of the game.

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I love this base so much! Here is the macro I use for it:


/macro_image "BA_Poortal_Jockey" "EXCELSIOR-6984" "enterbasefrompasscode EXCELSIOR-6984"


-- @Chazcon on Excelsior

Chazcon says, "FOR THE VITAE!"

Ru says, "CHAZ!"

Simply Red says, "I am SO not recovering your body."

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wow ... really cool! 10 years ago, when I played, I used sg base! There are a lot of items that I didn't have when I was playing (I stopped playing a few months before closing)


I found some old photos here, of the base I had, unfortunately it is not the final version that had more things.


Post here, I hope you don't mind, just so you don't have to create a new topic.


That base was 10 years ago when I played that made the base.



acesso de seguranca.jpg

armazem e cofre.jpg

biblioteca 1.jpg

biblioteca passagem secreta atras.jpg

biblioteca passagem secreta.jpg



entrada 1.jpg

entrada 2.jpg

planta base.jpg

sala de controle.jpg

sala de espera, encontro.jpg

sala de perigo.jpg

sala de teletransporte.jpg

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On 2/17/2020 at 5:45 AM, josh1622 said:

I wish that people that create wonderful bases could create custom maps for AE.


or what about new zones for the game? 😛


awesome base btw love the design

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Hi all,


Just a heads for those of you who are not yet aware, there are changes coming with how the enterbasefrompasscode command and macros will work.  To summarize, the GM only command will no longer work anywhere and will only work if you are within range of a base portal.  There are several options coming. 


Please visit the official feedback thread to read up on what changes are coming.




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