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  1. Maybe the set should be called Electric Boogaloo. Then we can petition to rename Empathy "Heal Blast". As someone who is incapable of expressing Empathy, the fact that there is a set with that name triggers me greatly.
  2. The patch is 7 hrs old and people are already calling the changes to DM a bit OP... unbelievable. 🤣 In a world where TW exists... One thing I will say, is the changes to dark consumption as written in the OP are a bit misleading at least as far as I can tell. The tool tip for dark consumption still reads 8' radius, so unless the tooltip just didnt get updated, it's not lightning rod like at all in terms of power range and it has no TP function. That and Shadow maul is a still a melee cone, so while the changes will definitely make it better, it's still going to favor sets with a taunt aura to really maximize this and more easily allow mobs to bunch up for that *potential* 10 target max. HC Devs: Dark Melee changes! Everyone:
  3. Nova is really nice to have while leveling up. The form gets an inherent to-hit buff that helps your initial attacks land, allowing you to start stacking up -def which makes all your subsequent attacks rarely miss. Even if you don't intend on having the forms long term, taking Nova early and respecing out later can definitely make the leveling experience less frustrating.
  4. When it comes to being fully io'd out, the somewhat half-baked solution that is working at least for me (because I like to play support still) is just to run with 3 or 4 people. It's not perfect, but it feels like each person is contributing more. This obviously isn't much of a solution for pick-up groups. Pugging through the early levels on a support build is hit or miss I find. I typically see at least 1 person on the team who's a higher VL and flush with IO's that's carrying the rest to some extent. It's usually at that point I just let the team runs it course until people start to drop off, then so do I.
  5. No vanguard were harmed in the making of this production ... I think? XD
  6. Just quickly tested. Soulbound proc is not going off at all for FIre Imps. Not on activation or when they attack. No pink BU icon on their buff bar and I just checked combat log too, no spikes in damage at all.
  7. Re-title this thread "INFcome Inequality in COX"... 😁 I can't tell if the OP is supposed to appear satirical in nature...
  8. Agreed. I cannot stress this enough. Especially in the light of the tank buffs. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if we see Tank DPS performance now eclipse that of Khelds. One of the biggest issues is activation time, not just of Nova Det as you reference above but the ST abilities. Incandescent Strike for example at a 3.3 sec animation time is actually a DPS loss to take and slot over a power pool ability like Cross punch. Especially when you factor in things like damage procs. It makes no sense for your big hitter ST attack to be a DPS loss, that is bad design. This ability and ones like it should at the very least get the same treatment dom's /energy assault got with Total Focus (and likewise other AT versions that share the same animation) in changing that 3.3 sec animation time to 2.5 sec.
  9. I actually like this idea. It's not perfect, but I don't think any implementation of toggle suppression would be at any rate. I'm sure people who choose to run toggle-less would appreciate the added minor recovery boost if nothing else. I like how CP quoted you on this but specifically edited out the last bit about allowing OD to be use able in Black Dwarf. 😁
  10. On one hand I suppose you could see the endurance drain as an convenience tax for be able to keep toggles on. On the hand though, what if the form powers themselves were to grant the AT specific toggles (the resistance shields for WS/PB, Orbiting Death, Ink Aspect etc.) an amount of end reduction relative to their base end cost while Nova or Dwarf form were toggled? We already have Bio Armor's adaptation altering the attributes of certain toggles within that set depending on which adaptation is active. Could something similar be applied to Nova and Dwarf toggles to at least offset the end cost of those suppressed toggles while Dwarf or Nova are on? I guess a more specific mechanical question is; is it possible to grant end reduction to a specific toggle or only global end reduction?
  11. Not really, I think most of the AV's in either A Hero's Hero or A Hero's Epic arcs should suffice. Some may be more difficult than others, I did Chimera and Shadowhunter without too much trouble and without Lore or Temps mind you. Might want to put a larger reward for whoever can taken down more difficult AV's like say Ghost Widow or Siege for instance. What the rewards should be i'll leave to you. Challenge criteria for AV's I think should be no temps (no daggers especially), no lore for sure. Maybe allow Flufflies since they're built into the AT. If someone can manage to keep them alive and leverage the dps from them that may be impressive all on it's own considering their tendency to stay in melee range lately.
  12. What about soloing an AV on a Warshade with no pets/temps/lore as a challenge? I've already done this, but the real test is an exercise in managing your endurance without bodies. An endurance test of sorts. Maybe you could have rewards that scale depending on the level and difficulty of the particular AV?
  13. Against the rules how? Mez resist already exists in several powers.
  14. Honestly even 4 points similiar to what SOA's get (as shown from siolfir's screenshots posted earlier) wouldn't be game breaking. This could easily be added to Incandescence/Absorption passive at level 1. I get by without mez protection as is but I play Tri-form. I could see Human only players really appreciating the added protection. As for Tri-formers, getting locked in Dwarf in the sub-50 game when you're running low on insps/have no breakfrees can be annoying. It would be nice if in addition Dwarf Form's regular Mez Protection, they would give it Mez resistance as well so any mez placed upon you would have their durations reduced while in Dwarf, letting you shake them off quicker.
  15. Light Form is a buff, not a form as the name would lead you to believe. It works across all forms, Human, Nova and Dwarf. You will want to take advantage of it. It will actually let you be more adaptable by allowing you cap your own damage resistances and give you a recovery boost while in any form. I have a thread in this sub forum with a few different PB builds, typically tailored to more end game performance but there are some more budget friendly ones as well that perform just as well. The beauty of Peacebringers (and Warshades for that matter), is they exemp really well in general and while some builds can vary somewhat in effectiveness at certain levels, typically your less limited than other AT's, especially if you decide to take advantage of the forms. @Redlynne also has a more in-depth guide, typically tailored to builds that you can slot up as you level.
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