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  1. Gotta add one of my all time favorites here, Stan and Lou. Comedy genius. Seriously these guys could be their own thread there's so much win in this series. See for yourself. "Stan if brains were Super powers your's would be a toggle... cuz it ain't always on." Lol
  2. Hehehe, good one Nox. And welcome to the thread. IKR? Those weapons are ponderous. Interesting topic, think I have an idea for that. So current topics available if anyone else wants to jump in are Clockwork PTA/Trains Capes Shields "I didn't know it would do that!"
  3. ...and he's sitting on the steps of AP Capitol Hill. New Topic: Titan Weapons!
  4. Post up your favorite videos, animations and machinima's here! Starting with the BOOM!
  5. Ah I see. Well I do not but hopefully someone else has it tucked away on a hard drive. That does give me an idea for another thread though.
  6. I hear ya Flash, Bobby Aquitania always used to do the same thing for me, in the time that I would take to plan out my pencil drawing and work up a rough sketch for a headshot/bust he would post up full color, full body head to toe digitally painted works and give them away FOR FREE. Sometimes a detail would be missing or the anatomy/pose/perspective was a bit off but what can you do to compete against that kind of speed and talent combined with such generosity? The short answer was don't compete. He was doing his thing and I got busy working on my thing.
  7. Also this is now a thing. It might become more of a thing later... unless it wasn't supposed to be a thing or something.
  8. Ahhh finally. The forums just didn't feel right without an art section! Hello to everyone already here and to those just now finding their way, welcome home to the new best part of the forums! This will be the place I post any new completed art, WIP's (Works in Progress) I am still tinkering with and any fan-art or commissions I feel like sharing. Comments are encouraged (I prefer them in fact) and by all means if you have constructive critique please do share it with me as well. To the artz-mobile Batman! This was always one of my
  9. And then after PTA and Capes were subjects I combined both into this... The number one rule when boarding or disembarking... mind your cape! For a new topic I added shields, have at ye!
  10. No not 5 minute abs, it's even better than that! It's quick drawings done in under 10 minutes. It's so simple anyone can do it! Take a topic from the thread, draw what comes to mind for 5-ish minutes, post your results here and pick a new topic. *** Note: washboard abs sold separately, see site for details, taxes and fees will most definitely apply, operators are standing by... they like to do that for some reason *** Topics: Well before the thread disappeared into the ether we had: Clockworks, PTA (Paragon Transit Authority) or trains/trams, Capes and S
  11. So I checked with the company and this was their reply " If you needed to increase the number of posts per page then we have a directory of 3rd party developers available for hire at https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/. It would be a very simple plugin to make this change. " Absolutely blows my mind that this is not a standard feature.
  12. @Healix Also, this is a thing now. I know I didn't ask and don't know if you want any fan art of your hero but yeah... too late. Click above thumbnail to see it bigger in my thread.
  13. Yeah well the CC doesn't have a mani/pedi option anywhere.
  14. I remember that game, one of my cousins was super into it, skating around and tagging stuff everywhere. Nice tribute.
  15. Okay here is my concept Cold Shock! I used his aura to suggest he is constantly radiating cold air and freezing the water vapor droplets in the ari around him making the fog and the markings on his hands/arms to suggest electricity. Perhaps when he first tried his powers he didn't have full control and burned those marks into his skin. I gave him eye protection (electric bolts are bright!) and so if you wanted to go with eye blasts or such they could be from the mask if you prefer. Edit: okay I may have misread the above bit... are you sa
  16. I collected a bunch of CoH videos but I do not have one with that name. Is this what you are talking about??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0YxeTjFn70
  17. Woohoo! Gratz Midnight Blue that IS awesome looking. I swear this guy is like an artistic boot savant. It's an area I don't think much about but every time I see Erwin's art I am struck by how nice his boot lineart is. @Darth Delicious I guess I have to now cuz wow he really went to town on my Ill/Emp goddess Xllusya! I mean there are little details again (like the counterweight is missing from the butt of the staff or the two parts of the main cog wheel where it meets the base are different sizes) that are just slightly
  18. I just got my two Europa777's back from his sale. Here is the first, my MA/Shield scrapper Shieldara. One fist is a bit larger than the other but it's an easy tweak that he probably just forgot to do. Next time I get a block of free time I'll add colors or maybe I'll make it a collab. A generous gift from Caemgen, thanks again!
  19. **/e claps** I love the little details like the pet with the heart speech bubble. Also the GUYS HALP! HOW DO I WARSHADE made me legitimately laugh out loud. Right!?! You're just expected to transform and know how to work that alien junk? Said so in the other thread too that is a sweet color job on Dalantia in SAI.
  20. Indeed. I didn't think much of collecting artz until I started getting gifts from DD, Caemgen and others.... but at 75 pieces and counting I have to admit it's kind of getting out of hand. Hi I am CR and I am an art whore. I'm sure some of the bigger art collectors are reading this and thinking, a sub 100 gallery, how quaint. Also I totally read that cat's name as Bedlam which is sooo.... well cats.
  21. For the boots the "Circle of Thorns" have the best V pattern but the "Classic Steampunk" will get you most of the way plus they have a different color toecap which, while not bare toes, at least suggests the look. So something like this...
  22. Good idea on the Circle of Thorns pads in white to get the right looking shape Flash. Playing off that I added the Over the shoulder cape in "Fringe" to fill in some gaps with white and then I swapped out the collar for "Victorian 02" as it is more frilly and fur like and then added the chest piece "Ascension" over the lion with both colors set to white so as to add more bulk... it may be a bit over the top but I kind of like it. For the gloves I went with "Organic" as they have more of that V profile and for the belt I couldn't really find a good
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