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  1. Update! I didn't have as much time to work on this as I wanted but I filled in the white space in her hair with more pink and fixed a few things.
  2. Welcome @Psychopithicus to the best part of the forums. I had to laugh at her radiation bombing the statue. Hope that's not DD's apartment. Welcome new entrants and for those watching and on the fence there are still 3 days left to come up with costume to fit the theme and colors above. Good Luck!
  3. This looked like a good bind so I gave it a try but I couldn't get it to work outdoors at all, where you would think it would be the most useful. The only place it seems to work is in the Steel Canyon Library, specifically when I'm in front of a bookshelf filled with pretentious sounding titles I've never actually read, THEN it works fine, but then I get an error message in the chat window saying I'm on mute and that I need to click the little button that looks like a microphone and unmute.... weird hunh?
  4. Indeed! @Baditude Epoxy? Nail polish? What about fabric? Green silk or Satin? Foil? That shiny wrapping paper? I know that can easily be found in green. How about a hinge to flip the top of his head open? A simple top that pops off and is held on by shape rather than by solder? Just spit balling here. I know someone who I could ask who does this kind of stuff (the light up eyes) let me see if can conjure her here. She would know a lot more about the subject than I. You know with a few color tweaks you could actually enter
  5. Hah! Good one @stealthnight especially the map! I think David might've cried if his art had been reduced to an 8 bit selection screen, though he probably would've loved the cartridge.
  6. A fox returns! TL;DR - New page... soon! ™
  7. Originally I drew it to be a sig bar, not sure he wanted/needed one but I was making them at the time his birthday rolled around. Not sure really for Troo. I know there are ways in PS to replace colors or maybe a simple overlay would do it. It might be easier than I think. I'll tinker with it more another day when I get some time, for now I am working on DD.
  8. Thanks. Heh, yeah, his name was Russell while he lived. It wasn't in a lot of the early clockwork stuff but Penelope Yin calls him by name in part one of the Pandora's Box Signature Story Arc from Wavelength. FTFY Hyper. If you're gonna reference Commando...
  9. I should introduce you to my pal Russell, good guy, heart of gold (or possibly copper). He's got the biggest brain I've ever seen (seriously it fills like a third of the tank). He's fiercely loyal and even though he has a bit of a wandering eye problem it's mostly because they free float not because he is checking out other women. His ex-girlfriend Penny can be a super headache though.
  10. Oh and the most important rule of all is of course not to wear open toe sandals when photographing my art! So as long as no one is in violation of the all important sandal rule we are good.
  11. Thanks @Darth Delicious The background was almost too easy, I'm wary of it. It does put me on the horns of a dilemma though. The red light from it is not affecting Troo at all. Nearly everything white should be red now.
  12. Well if you ever wondered what he would look like as a "sandy blond" now you know. It's been darkened in subsequent coloring passes. I added some grey hairs to his beard as well. Speaking of coloring here is another experimental piece from way back when. The victi.... errr I mean the subject for this was Caemgen again. Because he was there.
  13. @Baditude Actually that's a different drawing. This is his DA avatar. This is the tee shirt one. There are others... Some softbrushed Some I even digitally colored... & some were just for fun. And no worries. I don't mind and that came out great. I'm happy with people using my stuff for their avatar or printing it for personal use stuff like mugs, tee's or to hang on their wall. The two things I tell them are 1. not to cla
  14. Oh I get you. Like an older Motherboard blowing a capacitor or a Power Supply that gives up the ghost? That's a fair point but it sounds like his most expensive item (the GTX1050) is only 2 generations old. CPU's rarely fail unless you bend a pin during insertion or something. RAM can die on you but it's very simple to replace. I would definitely look for a dependable motherboard (there are several good ones from that series) & Power Supply as those can be costly and/or difficult to replace. For storage I would absolutely buy a new Solid State Drive
  15. @Baditude you're quite welcome. Thanks! I'm curious which "drawing you did for him" you mean? I've probably done a dozen or more (some are variations though) for him over the years. Do you mean the one that used to be his avatar here and (still is) on DA?
  16. Chaos is asking for the minimum specs, not for longevity but honestly the game hasn't changed it's requirements for a long time and most likely will not any time soon so unless he suddenly gets a new 4k or 8k monitor anytime soon, what will play the game well now will play the game well many years from now. Unless a high IQ, copious tech knowledge and modest artistic ability suddenly become desirable among "the ladies" I don't see that being a problem for me... yay?
  17. Ah the eternal "What I really want even though I cannot justify it at all" vs. "What I could get by with until that newer faster X comes out."
  18. A 4th gen Intel (family name Haswell) processor with 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX1050 should do fine (unless you are talking about a 4k monitor @ 60fps). Don't forget an SSD!
  19. Before the Scrapper claws come out and this becomes a Red vs. Blue vs. Green teams melee lets take a step back and keep an eye on the big picture. If you've been around the industry for long enough you can easily point to a time period when any of the major players, Intel, AMD, Nvidia and ATi (which is what team red videocards were called before AMD bought them out) made huge mistakes and angered a segment of the population. Some more so and for longer than others yes but they've all done it. Most of the minor players as well. The thing to keep
  20. Just so we don't confuse anyone, integrated (also called onboard) graphics are no longer a component of any modern motherboard. They are integrated into the Central Processor Unit (or CPU). There used to be motherboards with their own graphics integrated into a southbridge or stand alone chip but that hasn't been the case in a very long time. With that said there are many AMD Ryzen chips you can buy that have no integrated graphics and several Intel 9th gen processors also have the onboard graphics removed (or more likely disabled). They are denoted wi
  21. It begins! Orange will rayne... err rain, nope that's the watery one, errr... reign supreme! Nailed it. It's too late to add a color for this round but if the number of people who've posted thus far all post an entry I would certainly be up for another round of this. Also pink is awesome. Indeed! No worries Icanav I'm not requiring backstories. Nor will I take them into consideration for determining the winner but I will happily read and enjoy them. Spoiler box updated.
  22. @joyitude I love what you created here. @Caemgen Tanks and Scrappers for sharing it buddy!
  23. No worries, I get that but do ask them if they mind people knowing or if they would take on more work of this kind. I can't imagine I'm the only one who will see this and immediately want one or something else ingame like it (Clockwork King? Mekman pet? Jaeger? Nemesis Pony?), the possibilities are many.
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