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  1. Just want to say great job people, this was no easy task and it could've easily gone 5 different ways. Some went for literal shock value, others went shocking beauty, beastliness, speed, power, etc. In fact, with this many entries, what I ended up doing was choosing the 5 that I thought best read as Shock Value that made good use of the palette & drew one from a cap. and they were... and the winning name I pulled is.... Clawdebt! @Clawdebt send a note and let me know what you want for
  2. I am thinking the D2 slipped in when I was copying the yellow text from the B2 color last week trying to save time. OP has now been corrected and D6 it is. Thank you Cutter and Techwright.
  3. I googled it to be sure I was remembering it right and yes that is a thing the SS used to say. It is the name of the power Galactus wields and he gave a portion to the Surfer in exchange for his soul and for being his herald. D10 looks to be one of the Umbers. I'd guess-timate it's Raw Umber as it is too pale to be Burnt Umber. The swatches and CC color highlights in the OP should hopefully make it clear enough.
  4. New colors and theme are now up! Week #2 colors are: A7 - D6 - D10 - K3 ~ The theme is: The Power Cosmic Previous week was added to a spoiler window. Wow 15 entries! Thanks everyone who participated, I am reviewing them now. Indeed.
  5. ==================================================================================================================================== aaaaaand that's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme will be up soon, stay tuned! ====================================================================================================================================
  6. Well I am busy with the contest (sig) right now but do you want any constructive critique when I get some time? If not no worries, some want it and others don't. I don't really have a whole lot of experience drawing battles but I do read a lot of webcomics.
  7. It's comments like these that haunt Serge's dreams.
  8. Great job on Robotanical @biostem. @DJ1 I have to do some stuff for the contest yet and then I will go take some screenshots of a new hero of mine.
  9. <---- Has 3 of them. Two classic flip top loaders and one of the new slot loaders.
  10. Poorly timed server maintenance is poorly timed. No worries I will grant another 3 hours if there are any last minute entries. So 4:30pm CST is the new deadline.
  11. No worries @Techwright @Clawdebt if you can confuse him with Chaka Khan then... I Feel For You?
  12. Last full day, tomorrow at noon CST is the deadline for entries.
  13. @Ura Hero I (most always) read every word of every post in a thread before commenting and I know what was said. Perhaps you are misunderstanding me or I wasn't clear enough, I am not talking about the incident in the OP but about the day when I realized my efforts were actively being thwarted. When it happened I logged out and have yet to log back in. I only quoted a portion of Yomo's post because what he said sounded like the same realization that hit me and I felt he summed it up pretty well. I know you can make money easily in this game
  14. This. The dots before and after indicate more was said so go back and read the full post in context if you want but THIS this is the main reason I haven't played the game in months. When I realized my efforts to make back a small portion of the vast wealth I used to have on live were being actively thwarted not by other players but by developer tools I was.... mad/sad/disheartened all of the above. Don't get me wrong I still love it here and am thrilled to have the game available again. I'm still doing all the stuff on the forums I did b
  15. Are you looking for the traditional brown/green earth tones with a classic look? I think there is some of that already here or are you looking for something a bit different?
  16. David Nakayama was the art lead for Paragon Studios for some time. His dev avatar was Noble Savage and he went by Pixelsaurus on Deviant Art while he was there. You most likely recognize his art even if you don't recognize his name. Notice the DN in the lower corner. Edit: for those interested he now draws under the acronym D.NA and is doing cover art for Marvel and Star Wars. He's not really active on DA anymore but you can still see his newer stuff over on ArtStation.
  17. Good question @Icanav. No, it doesn't have to be the winning entry. If the winner wants a specific character I will do my best to accommodate them. If they are having trouble deciding they can send refs for a few and I'll surprise them. So enter with whichever character you think gives you the best shot and we'll work it out from there. Fair enough?
  18. Update! I didn't have as much time to work on this as I wanted but I filled in the white space in her hair with more pink and fixed a few things.
  19. Welcome @Psychopithicus to the best part of the forums. I had to laugh at her radiation bombing the statue. Hope that's not DD's apartment. Welcome new entrants and for those watching and on the fence there are still 3 days left to come up with costume to fit the theme and colors above. Good Luck!
  20. This looked like a good bind so I gave it a try but I couldn't get it to work outdoors at all, where you would think it would be the most useful. The only place it seems to work is in the Steel Canyon Library, specifically when I'm in front of a bookshelf filled with pretentious sounding titles I've never actually read, THEN it works fine, but then I get an error message in the chat window saying I'm on mute and that I need to click the little button that looks like a microphone and unmute.... weird hunh?
  21. Indeed! @Baditude Epoxy? Nail polish? What about fabric? Green silk or Satin? Foil? That shiny wrapping paper? I know that can easily be found in green. How about a hinge to flip the top of his head open? A simple top that pops off and is held on by shape rather than by solder? Just spit balling here. I know someone who I could ask who does this kind of stuff (the light up eyes) let me see if can conjure her here. She would know a lot more about the subject than I. You know with a few color tweaks you could actually enter
  22. Hah! Good one @stealthnight especially the map! I think David might've cried if his art had been reduced to an 8 bit selection screen, though he probably would've loved the cartridge.
  23. A fox returns! TL;DR - New page... soon! ™
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