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  1. You do make a fair point. Okay maybe just 7 more like her.
  2. Not sure how you got there but you may want to avoid any salads for a the next few days. I meant the proprietor of Icon. I imagine if your calling in life is, as he says, to make sure heroes fight crime with style and panache then seemly arbitrary costume choices would be the bane of your existence. "Why did you choose those golden gloves Hero? Did they call out to your soul!?!" "Well I'm magic themed and they just looked kinda magic-y to me." /e facepalm. "Leave my establishment at once!"
  3. Another Zulu update. I decided to tint it with the colors from that weeks challenge. Corrected the bias some and fixed his ears and lips a bit. I'll see about throwing in his shoulder pads and the "electric sun" chest emblem tomorrow perhaps.
  4. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.
  5. That's magic too. I have more updates for your prize. I will just put them in my thread so we don't get too far off topic in here, okay?
  6. No worries, it's not cheating at all, I think it's cool that it was a family effort. Also Zulu's name makes more sense now. Premium dad joke material.
  7. Right right, silly me. What was I thinking? Hey just out of curiosity, which one of your parents got you into City of Heroes?
  8. Magic. Also you asked for something that's right in my wheelhouse (a more realistic version of a face in the costume creator), it's almost like you've been in my thread before.
  9. So something like this? Click the thumbnail above to see it bigger in my thread. You may have to scroll down the new forums are a bit wonky with jumping to the right post.
  10. Okay here is what I have so far. There is some right hand bias creeping in that I will fix as I go along but what do you think so far Clawdebt? Heading in the right direction?
  11. It's well deserved @Healix, I wish we had a dozen more like you here. Hopefully real life will stop being a butt and treat you better. ---------------- New stuff on the way I have a prize sketch for Clawdebt's hero Shock A Zulu that I will post shortly.
  12. Yes it's you! You're welcome. Sure. I'll start on it tomorrow & post in my art thread when I have something.
  13. I approve this message... other than the British spelling of color that is, that simply cannot be condoned. @Techwright Yes weapons and power fx are fine if they follow the chosen colors for the week where possible. Also while I have it in mind it would make reviewing easier if entries came with the costume file attached. I can add directions for this to the OP spoiler box if any are unsure how to do this. If you cannot or don't want to for some reason don't let it stop you from entering, this is not a requirement.
  14. Also I made sure to put the TL;DR at the end of the post. Had Toxin Fox actually put up a wall o' text this would've been supremely unhelpful.
  15. Yeah but the actual "good" Optimus as in the one with a faceplate covering his mouth, not the... other one. FYI the director's chair he runs over at the end used to say Bay on the back but has been apparently edited since.
  16. Just want to say great job people, this was no easy task and it could've easily gone 5 different ways. Some went for literal shock value, others went shocking beauty, beastliness, speed, power, etc. In fact, with this many entries, what I ended up doing was choosing the 5 that I thought best read as Shock Value that made good use of the palette & drew one from a cap. and they were... and the winning name I pulled is.... Clawdebt! @Clawdebt send a note and let me know what
  17. I am thinking the D2 slipped in when I was copying the yellow text from the B2 color last week trying to save time. OP has now been corrected and D6 it is. Thank you Cutter and Techwright.
  18. I googled it to be sure I was remembering it right and yes that is a thing the SS used to say. It is the name of the power Galactus wields and he gave a portion to the Surfer in exchange for his soul and for being his herald. D10 looks to be one of the Umbers. I'd guess-timate it's Raw Umber as it is too pale to be Burnt Umber. The swatches and CC color highlights in the OP should hopefully make it clear enough.
  19. New colors and theme are now up! Week #2 colors are: A7 - D6 - D10 - K3 ~ The theme is: The Power Cosmic Previous week was added to a spoiler window. Wow 15 entries! Thanks everyone who participated, I am reviewing them now. Indeed.
  20. ==================================================================================================================================== aaaaaand that's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme will be up soon, stay tuned! ====================================================================================================================================
  21. Well I am busy with the contest (sig) right now but do you want any constructive critique when I get some time? If not no worries, some want it and others don't. I don't really have a whole lot of experience drawing battles but I do read a lot of webcomics.
  22. It's comments like these that haunt Serge's dreams.
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