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  1. You're welcome Clawdebt. Happy you approve. While I was waiting to find out what prize was next I cleaned up Shock A's outline & his head/neck seam, colored in his cape and removed the white background.
  2. Comments like these make me smile. Thanks everyone. I am happy people are pushing their creativity for this challenge, using color combinations they might never have otherwise and making characters & looks they end up keeping. @Clawdebt Your family is very fair minded. Just know that this is partially why I added the randomizing "pull a name from the hat" part. Repeat wins are bound to happen but it shouldn't be the same person every week. Me three... oh wait I have to draw
  3. Edited the OP to make the theme a little more clear just in case it was confusing anyone. It doesn't have to be both (but can be if you wish). Something that's Major, something that's Minor, something which can incorporate both, something that is related to either. Any of those are fine. Homophones and name puns are all welcome in addition (e.g. Mage Ur, Miner etc.). Great entries so far.
  4. Each post will have 1 costume (the named poster) counted so if you want to play along (I appreciate the participation) but not win then a team post is fine. If you both want a chance at a prize artz you should post your entries separately. That's because you keep having birthdays. You should really consider not aging anymore. You're welcome. Sure thing but try not to take too long so I don't end up with a backlog of prize artz I need to draw. Heh, thanks you guys and those are both solid choices.
  5. Similar situation with 14 great entries this week so I chose the same route. Review them offline, choose the 5 characters I think best follow the theme & make good usage of the four colors and then choose one at random from a hat. I enjoyed all the different creative ways people conveyed "Cosmic Power" and the 5 whom I thought powered to the top of the leaderboard this week were... and the winning name I pulled is... Icanav! @Icanav note or post and tell me what you w
  6. I must be tired, my brain just read that as "The Winter Clown." Didn't help that the face reminded me of a Council Nebula either, which my old SGmates used to call evil clowns.
  7. Week 3 colors and theme are up. The Original Post and spoiler box questions and tips are all up to date. For those who want to participate but have difficulty brainstorming I added a few possible suggestions to the spoiler. You are free to use them or ignore them as you see fit. The colors for week 3 are: A10 - D2 - E10 - P10 ~ The theme is: What's your Major (and/or Minor)?
  8. Or you could take a screenshot of the settings before and after. It might be less confusing that way and much quicker.
  9. Those actually are not terrible... what changed?
  10. ==================================================================================================================================== and just in the nick of time DJ1 That's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme for next week will be up later today! ====================================================================================================================================
  11. @Clawdebt Here he is without the electric aura if you prefer.
  12. Finished the 1st weeks prize for my costume color challenge Sorry this took me so long Clawdebt I was buried in snowfall the last few days. I added some extra detail for you. Here is Shock A Zulu, enjoy!
  13. A father helping his daughter to make a single costume I am okay with but a two separate entrants putting up a double entry could be seen as having an unfair advantage and would open the door to others teaming up and double/triple/quadruple or more entries. You can enter this way if it's fun for you to do so but I will count it as a single entry by whomever posts first (in this case Baditude) out of fairness to everyone else.
  14. I wish. No I never got the chance to speak with Matt Miller (Posi) in person or text. Pohsyb was the first dev. He was the guy who made the on screen power trays bendable/arrangeable and was tasked with making Quality of Life (QoL) improvements and he mentioned running it past another who also agreed but I don't know his/her name. Also not sure what the approval process was or how far through it my idea got but it never happened.
  15. Being a costume creator aficionado and not having a color swap button! I have been asking for one since about i6 and even had 1-2 o.g. devs agree it was a good idea... just in time for the game shut down. Every time you want to change from say "white on blue" to "blue on white" it takes 4 clicks but a color swap would make it a one click affair. 75% of needless clicking would be eliminated and mouse fingers and tired wrists everywhere would rejoice! Something like this...
  16. One "world peace" mention away from a crown if you ask me. Other optional career paths, political image consultant, spin room aficionado and language contortionist.
  17. I have Spotify but it's the free version and these still do not open for me so perhaps it is a paid subscription feature or for phones as PC browsers may be more limited, for security reasons, in what actions they are permitted to execute.
  18. @nwisth Your wife is quite talented and has a pretty good eye for fabrics and fluids, these are great! Welcome to the best part of the forums! Also sent you a PM.
  19. Thoughts: Monkey Mayhem! Simian Shoe Saga! (do I have that right?) Yay level 5! - There are no Con's with Cake only Pro's. The Bugle must have on staff seers and psychics to have news that literally just happened a few moments ago already in print in today's paper. Of course anything's possible with super powers and this would explain a lot actually. No reference to any "outbreak" of rampant Pumpkin Flu seen in said newsprint. Two notably former Hellion passers by had mixed feelings on this point. One reportedly still suf
  20. I noticed that as well. <----- still has his Ascendant action figure mint in box complete with laser sword action and talking dinosaur steed. Though I have yet to see it on Homecoming, you should, in theory, still be able to hear civilians near train stations talking on their phones say they are not Ascendant and that you must have the wrong number.
  21. I tested these with ultra everything. Also Rylas' last post was back in August so I don't think there's been any update since then unless someone else is working on it?
  22. I mean I do see them but no this is not intended to be a popularity contest. Oh also I download the images and review them in their own separate folder (away from the forums) and for the couple that were difficult to see in detail, I recreated them as closely as I could in the CC and took my own pics to make a lack of PC power or screenshot ability less of a factor. After a couple cycles through them I don't remember which image had what on it. Finally I changed my "likes" to a "thanks" for entering and (continue to) give one to each and every e
  23. Relevant question perhaps, are these links made for a phone? I am on a PC myself.
  24. It's a good thing you didn't accidentally swap the first letters of each name or you might have run intooooooooooooooooh. I see what you did there @Heraclea.
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