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  1. Thanks Healix 🙂 October is best tober! Mine's in 6 days, and this damn heat had better chill the eff out by then 😠
  2. Posting issue in wrong thread, disregard.
  3. Panacea affects the targets of the heal because it was made to, with a power description to match. The other heal procs do not, so only affect yourself.
  4. +1 PLEASE adjust the graphical anomalies with this skill, it's a great buff, but I just got it and I am remiss to even cast it in this state.
  5. I can see flickering, on myself, nearby PC's and NPC's both, regardless of shadow distance settings. The frequency of the flicker does change, flashing less often the lower the shadow distance setting is, and the further away you are from another PC/NPC with the effect. I have yet to find a shadow setting that completely eliminates the issue. I'm on Nvidia driver v430.86.
  6. I just took this power and discovered the flickering as well. Took a quick snap of it with my phone, looks like this. For everyone that receives this buff, their character model flickers like that. It's very distracting and looks terrible :(. There is no minimal FX option for Fade, nor does it have a "Soul Noir" graphics option like most of Darkness Affinity has. Both original and color tintable options flicker. Would love to see a fix for this!
  7. Glad to have some degree of granularity in the options for displaying these, I just wish the game stopped displaying health bars completely on defeated targets. I like having bars on most of the time, but when the corp....defeated start piling up, all their black bars become such a distracting mess, lol.
  8. I chose Diamagnetic on my Warshade to increase my contribution to taking down AV's, and the to-hit debuff on mobs in general effectively gives me the boost to Defense that I will always lack.
  9. I managed to install the updated files correctly, or so I thought, but the version still read 2.22 in the titlebar, and the Warshade related issues that I was aware of still seemed present. I thought maybe, since I installed it to the existing, previous version hero designer folder, that I somehow still had the old application. Tried to run setup again, but it just quit out after the verification window popped up for 2 seconds. I did a proper uninstall, got rid of extraneous files and ran the setup again, but it isn't installing the usable application files anymore. Click Once might as well be a computer virus to me. I can't remember the last time it worked properly for me, heh. Not sure how to get this working, any ideas?
  10. Some form of badge window sorting, along with a search function, is something I've wanted since returning to the game. Chat commands that shortcut functionality are always welcome as well.
  11. I can't speak to whether such an auto-scan of targets ever existed, but if you make a macro using the guide on this wiki page, you can edit the name in it to be whatever you're hunting at the time. Just put the macro button somewhere easy to reach and spam it while you run around.
  12. What version are you using? There are a few different updated versions floating around now, and one of them should definitely work to open all but the most ancient build files/exports. Pine's own version. There's also another version posted a few pages into that thread. Rathys (SC)'s version.
  13. Much appreciation for keeping this tool updated. When either my SO or I are sitting at our PC, staring at a character build for a ridiculous amount of time, we've started calling it "pining over Pine's" ;D Just a small existing bug still in effect for Warshades (and Preacebringers too probably, but haven't checked) - you can't "legally" choose the Flight or Teleportation pool without big, angry red letters telling you so in the tooltip, and powers chosen within the pool are red lettered and italicized. Those pools are available to the AT now in game.
  14. Character: Alice Moriarty (Elec/Time Controller) Account: @Obsidia Battle cry: “Time will not mourn your static life!” A woman of innovation. A woman of tragedy. A woman outside her time...
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