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  1. Thanks for the consideration. I look forward to future releases!
  2. First of all, thanks for creating this! I was just looking for a combat log analyzer, but I was actually hoping to find one that analyzed damage taken. I think that would be helpful for examining the survivability of a given build. Is that functionality on your radar and/or is parsing that accurately even possible? Also, would you be willing to add a pie graph that displayed skills by DPA (damage per activation)?
  3. Getting this error, too. Updated prerelease and beta servers for whatever good that seemed to do, but all 3 servers in the HC launcher throw that error. Trying to avoid having to reinstall with just a chance it would work. Any more info or workarounds to this issue?
  4. The effects of all clickable buffs with a duration persist into Dwarf and Nova forms. With enough recharge, you are able to recast LF before it even falls off, so that even when the crash that takes half your hp and end happens, you're already capped on your resists again, making the reliance on resists from Dwarf form unnecessary. As long as you keep track of your human form cooldowns while shapeshifted (I keep copies of LF, Inner Light and Dawn Strike on another hotbar), you shouldn't have periods of extreme vulnerability. Again, this requires a significant investment in global r
  5. You can't execute a command with two powexecname command, since all it does is hang on the first command, trying to execute it over and over. That's why casting one of them as autofire enables both powers to fire with one key press. There are various solutions you could employ in order to set your autofire back to Hasten/Domination/AM, whatever. One popular choice is to bind one of your most used movement keys, say the forward key, to both move you forward, and autofire a skill. For example: /bind w "+forward$$powexecauto hasten" Every time you press w, or w
  6. You can macro almost any 2 powers into one command by using this format: powexecauto POWERNAME$$powexecname POWERNAME The power named in the right-most command fires, assuming it's not on cooldown, followed by the power now set to autofire with the left-most command, with a single key press. This works for attacks, heals, travel powers, buffs etc.. Only on my Warshade did I have experience trying to fire off multiple skills that relied on corpses to fire, and from what I remember, these skills didn't...uh...leave anything behind to be targetted a second time, shall we say
  7. Here's the same page on the supposedly most up-to-date, Homecoming wiki, https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Damage#Damage_Scale. I can't really detect any changes in the numbers between the two, so it was likely copied over as-is. Whether this means the values are currently accurate may be debatable. Interestingly, it does say "Ranged attacks on melee archetypes use the melee damage scale".
  8. For my plant/storm, I threw a Performance Shifter +end proc into Lightning Storm. It goes off all the time and is a nice little buffer on my massively eroding end bar. She does have Ageless as well, though.
  9. I wasn't aware of this "Game return" option that closed all "non essential" windows. Since you didn't explain what it was or how to use it, I took a stab in the dark and typed /gamereturn in-game to see if that was it, which it was. Neat! Here's my solution for you. First, get every window and UI option set just as you like it, then type /wdwsave. Now every position is saved to a config file in your game folder. Then create a macro, or a bind, that says this: gamereturn$$wdwload Instantly, windows are closed, and your previous config is restored. I'm going
  10. It's not about simply unslotting an IO to move it - everyone is aware of that functionality. The part that makes respeccing such a drag is being forced to start from level 1 all over again, simply because the devs didn't want to/didn't see the benefit to create a better, different UI capable of a more granular approach to choosing powers and slots. Chances are, whatever you're changing, 75% of your power and slot choices will remain the same, IO's notwithstanding. It makes more sense, to me, to rearrange the It's WAY too much clicking, across a full screen UI that blocks all view
  11. Throw almost every travel or movement related power into one key, in an execution order that makes sense regardless of which character you're on. Commands execute from right to left. This is how my command looks in my keybinds.txt file: BACKSPACE "powexectoggleon jump pack$$powexectoggleon ninja run$$powexectoggleon shadow cloak$$powexectoggleon hover$$powexectoggleon combat jumping$$powexectoggleon mighty leap$$powexectoggleon super jump$$powexectoggleon super speed$$powexectoggleon sprint$$powexectoggleon fly$$powexectoggleon mystic flight" Tap once to activate whiche
  12. This isn't some thing I've messed with on Homecoming, but I would assume the formatting described on this wiki page should help you. Text in the game's chat window channels can't be changed, just your chat bubble text and background color.
  13. /Cold is a pretty late bloomer as far as getting powers that feel really impactful in combat - Sleet at 35 and Heat Loss at 38 - so keep that in mind when determining how much time you intend to spend below those levels. It also has 3 powers you cannot use on yourself. That is fine if you dig buffing and support, but it would be better, IMO, if your partner was playing a set with similar skills, so you would both have more similar survivability. You do get 3 easy spots to throw LotG recharge IO's in your build, which is nice. /Rad at least is a pretty equal opportunity contributor
  14. I don't want to muddy up this thread with end-user commentary so early in the process, but this sounds like the kind of improvement to Mids that I've been strongly desiring for a while! Am I correct in inferring that the "real world application" for this process is planned to do the following? 1. Choose slotting, power choices and IO sets within a pre-selected build (AT/primary/secondary already chosen) from scratch in order to match desired parameters for bonuses (defense, accuracy, recharge etc.). 2. Rearrange already placed slots and IO sets in a build in
  15. I have been disheartened in teams many times due to excessive use of Judgements and Lore pets. Sure, it's enjoyable to use them yourself, a lot of the time, but magnified by a 6-8 person team, and now you're left wondering if you should even bother targetting a mob in the next pack with one of your actual AT powers or not, figuring whoever's cooldown is up will just pancake everything within 3 seconds. I just think everyone should be able to feel individually powerful and contributory in a team setting, IF that's something they desire, and I feel that giving players options to better enable th
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