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  1. You've indicated that it's Faathim for 4th Nov and Imperious for 18 Nov, can you do Faathim again from 11th for a notice ?
  2. Hi from Norwich, I'm Minotaur and Hornybeast here, was Minotaur on the old servers, played everywhere, mainly Victory where I ran Eurocore for a while.
  3. Hey Mereman and Riff, Minotaur's other account here, good to see some old names
  4. For other sets, it's not unknown for them to reorder the powers when porting them to other ATs, and this was what I was suggesting for stone brutes. Note ice armor has the same problem but has glacial armor moved much earlier in its brute version. My build has granite AND all the other armors at 50 so it tanks psionic AVs nicely too, in the old world I used a build without brimstone/crystal and tanked psi with rock/minerals/tough/weave/rooted and that worked fine. It covers all bases fairly effortlessly as a brute without doing spectacular damage (although still better than many tanks), you just have to become adept at using teleport.
  5. I've just exemped down to do a synapse TF (although this would apply when levelling). I picked up crystal armor at the lowest level I could (28) so of course it exemps off. Is it really intended for a brute to go through an entire TF with no mitigation at all (OK I had weave and a bit of +regen) to the vast percentage of damage in the TF ? I haven't done the equivalent level SF recently enough to remember if that has more fire damage than energy so that you might not want to just swap brimstone/crystal armors, but surely something could be done (possibly swap crystal/stone skin or a 3 way shuffle).
  6. Sadly ME does not permit, I've been in bed 15-16 hours a day for much of this week and still too tired to go, enjoy it, and I hope to get to the next one.
  7. I hope to be there ME permitting, what time are we looking at this going on till so I can judge how/when I'm getting home
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