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  1. Make and run a farmer for at least 1 farm map a day, if you have the time. I farm for about 45 minutes every morning. I am sitting on a few billion scattered around the alts. As for Winter IOs dropping, they don't. You can buy them from the AH when people put them up for sale, or you can buy the packs. They do not drop from casual play. Neither do ATOs. Yes, the packs are all random, but out of several hundred packs, I've only been screwed by the RNG a handful of times. My last 30 packs contained between 1 - 2 winter IOs each, save for 1, which had none.
  2. The exact version as you've stated you're using:
  3. I just logged in using Tequila, so did my partner. No issues on this end.
  4. Based on experience, I think your origin determines who you get. Every single time I go mutation or magic, which is pretty much always, I get the dude right outside. That said, if you're re-rolling, re-leveling your toon each and every time over going into the station to click the guy and say "Nah!" to the bank mission... I've got no words for that. That's a bit extreme over something that takes a minute or less.
  5. I would advise against storm elementals unless you have a group immobilize that negates knock back. One of the storm ele's runs hurricane and loves getting into the thick of whatever you're fighting. It makes a mess, scattering everything and getting you additional aggro at times. It also doesn't have enough 'oomph' to end drain anything, and the O2 that the smaller pet casts, won't save you in a pinch.
  6. Vigor doesn't give you additional HP, it increases the viability of your healing powers; healing aura and the like.
  7. I fully recommend Excelsior and not just because of the name! It's the busiest server by far and there always seems to be something going on, and let's not forget the 3 Hami raids per night. Mmm, Jell-o.
  8. Indeed. I currently run a triple fire blaster who herds everything she can, at max settings to boot. Tanks and brutes aren't needed as much as they might have been in the early days of the game.
  9. Been having this issue for the last two days, off and on. It's *not* our connection or computers.
  10. "I'm not gonna change the way I play, even if it negatively effects teammates." Attitudes like this are the core reason why I *always* turn off group fly at Null, on every last toon I create. Never had an issue with it here, but back on live? Yes. People would use group fly just to grief and be a royal PITA with it. No one I ever ran into with it was any more accommodating than you seem to be. "Nope, gonna run it if I want!" was always the answer, even if it caused issues. Not everyone knows about Null, either. Kind of ignorant to assume the thousands of players who play, know about it.
  11. Black Scorpion, as others have said. I used to autocomplete the kill all, too, but when you're set to the lowest settings it's pretty quick to zip through. I tend to autocomplete the mission you get after speaking to the arbiter again, investigate malta base, something like that. No, I do not want a clear all malta mission with heaps of ambushes. I skip that one every time now. If I'm speeding it, I can get the arc done in under 20 minutes or so.
  12. I have a bots/traps MM all kitted out. It can solo +3 AV's. It's insane. My guess is, those 300 people didn't like how it behaved during the leveling process. It can be slow going, especially if you haven't slotted many set IO's. If they don't like it while leveling, chances are they won't even bother getting it to 50 much less kitting it out or doing anything with incarnates. Once you have, though, /traps on a MM can destroy just about anything. I'm tempted to pair it with beasts now, just to give that combo a try.
  13. That's fine. I don't owe you proof. *shrugs*
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