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  1. You've been vocally critical of it because, as you've told us at great length, it's personally inconvenient for you.
  2. Because I was curious and wondered the name was a reference to the anime Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the Red Hair). Should have caught she was a tank though, in the anime Shirayuki is an herbalist - a healer.
  3. Funniest PvP ever... I don't PvP, but I was running a mish in a PvP zone with my 40 ish Earth/Rad troller. Little lame dude runs up and starts attacking Stoney, so I promptly start holding him and let Stoney put the beatdown on him. Little lame dude croaks, so I go back to my business... When suddenly he pops back up and starts attacking Stoney again. (Lather, rinse repeat.) He pops up a third time and (you guessed it)... it happens again. Little lame dude started whining in broadcast about how I was cheating because there was no way a troller could beat a scrapper. About then I'd killed however many of whatever and zoned out...
  4. Haven't read through the whole thread... But definitely a smaller footprint inspiration collector. The current one is way too big for what it does and is screwing with my base design.
  5. That's kinda the OP's point... These aren't folks exercising even basic strategy - it's almost always simply a graceless zerg rush. In the week and a half I've been back, I've seen exactly two team wipes (one Malta, one Carnie). Tactical game play is almost non existent, even at +4x8. That's not the CoX I used to play. The game has changed, and I'm not convinced it's for the better.
  6. They're trialing converting the Mothership raid into an instanced trail - taking away the problem of RWZ population caps entirely.
  7. My Bots/FF mastermind doesn't have a pun or amusing name, but she does have an odd origin... I'd read an article about a girl who had built a robotic arm as a science fair project, and suddenly "first she built an arm, then she built an army" popped into my head. Five minutes later I was logging into Live and Mistress Mechanism was born.
  8. Apples and the thing least like apples you can imagine. This wasn't a change - it was a bug fix. It was correcting a mistake made months ago. There was no need to consult the community or have a lenghty discussion. Give it a rest.
  9. *nods* The stories were some of the best parts of the old forums.
  10. The basic roles and nature of the AT's have not changed to any great degree. There's a reason why you're getting those answers... But you're not happy with an answer that doesn't fit your impossible criteria, so we keep going in circles.
  11. 0.o 99% of what you're asking can be answered by simply visiting the Paragon Wiki. The rest is just you going in pointless circles trying to quantify the difference between apples and oranges.
  12. It has already been demonstrated to be possible to successfully raid Hami with the new (old) population cap - both on Live, and last night here on Homecoming. So I stopped reading right there.
  13. Even if it's not a "commercial" game, Homecoming still needs to keep the money flowing. A large part of that is the same ol' bugaboo that every online game faces - keeping the game as interesting as possible to as many people as possible. Commercial or non/not-for-profit, ya gotta have the bodies coming in to keep the lights on. (Honestly, I wonder if I should make that my sig... Because over the week I've been back, I see a lot of people that don't grasp that principle.) Certainly true. But does it change it unequivocally for the worse because the folks that want to gather as many Merits as humanly possible now have a harder time of it? Not at all. Reading the reports in this thread, people are already changing and adapting and having fun doing so. I expect that trend to continue (it almost always does), and those that won't adapt to be left in the dust.
  14. Dramatic changes are a way of life in any living, breathing, MMORPG. You learn to deal with them or you live a life where you're always frustrated and pissed off.
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