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  1. Exactly. Why can't people just enjoy the moment and let the decision makers decide? Our little posts mean nothing in the end-game. Just play and shut up. It's really not that difficult imho.
  2. Yeah ok... I was speculating and so those are not facts sooooooooooo. Ever have an opinion? I have. I know you do because of how you responded.
  3. I made a suggestion before that we should have a non-hero power set to hunt heroes and villains along with a bounty system sorta how SWG used to have. The bounty system is extremely unique, no one else does it, and promotes open world PvP. So take the show "the Boys" and put it in here. I haven't really thought too much about it except "let's do a non-hero power set" but it's something I'd play. You could really keep some of the primaries like dual pistols, rifles, sledgehammers, etc. but the secondaries might be tricky if you stick with the role-play. Having guns, knives, traps, R
  4. I think that once this was posted it really should've ended the conversation. It seems that some people have a general distaste for creating an existing IP in CoH and want to police them. I'll give those "some" the same advice my dad always told me - "If you don't like it then don't pay it any attention. You are better off just ignoring it and moving on." He also told me, "Snitches get stitches." Sooooooooo.......
  5. I've been playing since vanilla but my fav was probably BC. That's when I really got into raiding but by the time WotLK came out I was running a 25 man raiding guild that was top 5 on our server for that entire expansion. Good times but those times are long gone in that game.
  6. If DCUO isn't stopping this type of game-play then why would Marvel, DC or any other IP come after CoH or NCSoft? I play DCUO on and off and I've created many a "homage" or downright rip offs of characters and nobody cares. I'm pretty sure that CoH is not even a blip on Marvel or DC's radar so this argument is moot especially since we are relegated to "private server" status. Now if HC decides to advertise "COME MAKE YOUR FAVORITE MARVEL OR DC CHARACTER WITH US!!!" then we'd have a problem.... maybe. Also, why would a player feel the need to tell another player how to build their t
  7. Played WoW since 2006 and finally I think I'm done with it after this expac and WoW Classic turns my stomach because I remember how much of a grind that game was back then. Monster Hunter I think I played for 5 minutes and got rid of it. I'd go back to Ultima Online if enough of my buddies went there. LOL. Most of my buds are either doing the real life thing without games or playing Fortnite, SWTOR, WoW or some other repetitive grind of a game. I have one buddy that will only play Star Wars Galaxies private servers and wants me to come back but I'm done with that. But I'm glad I fo
  8. I can't get anyone to come with me. LOL. Everyone is stuck with these modern MMO's or online games. IMO most of them are junk. So hopefully I can find a home with some cool peeps.
  9. @jubakumbi Just gotta hold fast. Social media has ruined a couple generations of people because they feel empowered by the anonymity of posting something on the internet. Sometimes their thoughts are putrid but we have to take the good with the bad unfortunately. The way I look at it is when someone comes at me with the "I'm right and I could care less what you say" attitude, that empowers me to bring my A game in a debate. It's all just pixels at the end of the day and to be honest we all could probably use some more sunlight and physical human interaction. As far as CoX g
  10. But don't forget there are other level-headed people here... quite a few actually. The trolls are gonna troll just to troll. Close minded people aren't worth your time or response.
  11. ::puts up permanent sign:: Free one billion inf tomorrow.
  12. See this is why I love this community. Level-headed thinking.... well said. If this was any Blizzard game the trolls would've dug in deep under their bridges and started throwing tons of stones.
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