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  1. Ice/Shield has been a blast. With the current patch notes saying they have fixed Frozen Aura, which after the update will give a stack of Focus its going to be even better. Ice Patch is having its cast time reduced by 1.9s in this update as well, and I am looking forward to using it again. (Tried out the Aura fix on test server, its going to make my chain so much smoother. I can chain Aura, Touch, Frost into Focused AS -repeat- . Prior to test I would have to throw Ice Sword into the chain for the 3rd Focus stack.) My main concern with /Shield is endurance, I have taken Body Maste
  2. Tried out Frozen Aura on my Stalker and it for sure is getting me Focus stacks. I am a fool for not bringing this up when I first found out about it as this is a DPS and simply QoL improvement for the power set and my build. Ice Patch cast time reduction is also very welcome as I can add back in a very thematic power. Thank you!
  3. After playing Grav/Energy Dom and Grav/Storm Troller at 50 and fully built, I definitely see what you are getting at here. My Dom focuses on the AoE hold and Wormhole where as my Troller uses Lift. Propel, Crushing Field and Singularity. It's kinda neat how the same set gets used differently for my playstyles. I think a big take-away with Grav on Doms is how much you LOVE wormhole. I wish they'd speed up the cast time on it though. Unfortunately I dont have much to add as far as Dark assault goes as I haven't had much success trying it, but I would like to point out t
  4. I have an Ice/Shield stalker that I absolutely have a blast with. Tried my hand at an elec/shield afterwards and it just didn't do it for me the same way Ice/ did. I did not expect such good results from Crit AS + Hide Proc + Freezing Touch Crit or the Shield Charge + Frozen Aura wombo. It's fun when you pop BU before Charging and a second time before Aura crits. The ATOs for stalker are great xD The only downside I see with /Shield is that my resistances aren't as high as I'd like however my defences are good and my enemies die rather quickly.
  5. That's a great pairing! I think you'll enjoy it. Solid advice in this thread.
  6. While activating hurricane, press a costume change emote bind. Problem solved.
  7. I am not sure how much more effective energy assault is with a stun power in your primary but it is worth a try. All of /Energy's KB is on single target ranged powers, anytime I knock a target back I can finish it off easily enough myself.
  8. Hey there, please excuse the state of my build below as I am away for the weekend and I pulled this from memory and modified the build on my phone... I have been playing WM/SD for a week and this is what I have been using. I can't see the stats of the other builds so this may be inadequate. There is a chance I have an extra enh slot or misplaced power somewhere here but I think this is fairly accurate. (Grant cover is in the wrong spot, didn't want to edit on phone) Without maneuvers active, this build is about 46 Range/50+ Melee/46 AoE. Please note the use of Agility Alpha for ext
  9. Hey all, Last couple weeks I leveled a Grav/Energy to 50 and maxed out the build. My all time fav character has been an Ice/Ice Dom and now I am worried I may have a new favourite. The reason why I picked Grav was to set mobs up with Wormhole and then activate Soul Drain (Soul Mastery) together. Energy seemed to be a high damage set that would accompany the bonus damage well and I can say that after a Total Focus (Gives bonus damage to the next attack), my boosted Whirling Hands is very satisfying. The fact that wormhole recharges so fast means I have some form of AoE
  10. I play an Ice/Ice dom and I love it. You can build them to handle melee combat, which is what I prefer in most situations. As with most Doms, they really shine with perma.
  11. It's hard to find your preferred power set with Doms on your first go, as the others have mentioned your play style changes drastically once you get slotted at 50. Personally speaking, I love being an ice cubed (Ice/Ice/Ice) Dom. I tend to rush in and try to hold my own in melee range. This tends to have a lot of different outcomes but ultimately a fun time. I believe there are much better sets for solo builds, but for team play this is great. Notes: Full Sets 45% S/L/F/I, ~30% M/R/AoE Def Perma Dom Havent tested Homecomings damage buffs to Icy Assault
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