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  1. I see your subliminal messaging. It's effective.
  2. If you're playing on Excelsior I'll be around this evening/weekend and I'd be 100% on board to run some arcs/missions with you. Can just duo up and slow roll it. Feel free to global me "@Vibal Magus". CoH has a great teaming/level mechanic so you never really outgrow content.
  3. I was going to say this exactly. Income has maintained and prices have decreased across the board. Attuned IO's also make it trivial to get the set's/IO's you want without the exemp juggling you used to have to do. A level 25 LoTG on live was in the 100 mil range. The last Apoc/Rag/Hecatomb sets I bought on live were in the 5-700 mil per enhance range (or 3-4 bil per x5 set). Which was fine once you'd bought into the system. Breaking into the system was a slog. A 20-25 minute ITF generates enough cash for most single enhances and you get merits to distribute how you choose. Kitting characters out has been a treat and you get to really feel the incremental growth playing them and kitting them.
  4. That is odd. Didn't mean to make it sound like the parameters are chiseled in stone either. I'm usually 100% game to tinker with it. Was more pointing out that if 8 members agree to run a TF on default that doesn't mean those same 8 agree to run it modified. If the tank had just said they need to grab the badge and scoot the team likely would've just dogpiled it and moved on.
  5. I agree that's how it plays out in game, but that's pretty faulty when you look at it critically. Dropping a TF is a cardinal sin because the team is locked and can't refill. Changing the parameters after the team is locked is a pretty low-ball move. For whatever reason we let the latter slide and /gignore the former. If you advertise "(X)TF LF(Y)" and I join, I've agreed to do the TF. Nobody agreed to do it at +X nor did you advertise it. Just because the team is locked doesn't mean I did. If I bow out because I'm not interested in taking twice as long for the same reward - that seems like a fair trade off.
  6. Thanks for the teaming and SG invite - I was playing Fiona Flora. Had a blast! Chaos level is bananas.
  7. On topic - aren't all AT's soloing AV's these days? Not every combo will be able to, but that's always been the case. GM's are a bigger hp pile with similar tactics. I don't see a problem tbh. There would be a problem if there were legions of elite players excluding people from teams for playing off-meta. That wasn't the case on live, and still doesn't seem to be the case here.
  8. Didn't imps also summon 2-5 imps/cast with a cap of 32? So you could have a siphoned/hastened imp machine fulcrum shifting?
  9. vibal

    All Ice Team

    I'd love to get in on a theme team. Global @Vibal Magus. I'll pop over this evening and see if you've still got space. Edit: Are we thinking soft control to make use of the confuse? If so I'll probably go /traps
  10. I generally agree with the sentiment. Taking character control away from the player isn't a great or interesting mechanic, but in CoX there's only a few egregious uses of it. Most of the time if I got nailed it was my fault. Even in those cases it's generally when I'm playing at +x/x6 or more. Malta are pretty universally loathed, but sappers are minions. They're easy to pick off. They could maybe be a bit more recognizable since plucking the dude in black fatigues in an army of identical dudes can be a challenge. Nobody really complains about the basket of stun grenades that come behind the sap. It's almost exclusively the sappers that cause groans which is fairly understandable since it's one of the few mechanics that's almost impossible to build against (gotta love ELA for it though). An end-drain res/partial res in acrobatics could be potentially in-line ("Your focus on peak physical perfection has made you resistant to blah blah."). Probably still not worth a power pick but might make it more interesting. Low/mid level CoT could probably be tuned a bit (fewer mages/demons - more hordelings), but late level are actually pretty fun. Longbow and arachnos could both use a bit of tuning. Longbow's penchant for -res and all the CC is a bit over the top. Arachnos' "all exotic damage, all the time" motto could be retuned a tick. Carnies are the only group that are a pretty hard "Nope." for me no matter the toon. -End, -recov, CC at the boss and LT level, -def. Pretty much any toon has something to dislike.
  11. vibal

    FREEDOM Forever!

    @krukut in the game's past life. Mostly played an ill/rad - Vibal Magus. My new global & recreated! Fun to see names I recognize from the old home.
  12. Some great ideas. A plant/ dom is definitely a consideration. Stealth, seeds, creepers is such a gnarly combo. Fort is something i should look at as well. I've only really played crabs. I haven't given storm much thought since way back when KB was verboten. I ended up rolling a rad/rad brute which might fit the bill. It's got capped s/l res as well as melee softcap defense. I could've softcapped to s/l def which may be stronger, but I'll tinker if needed.
  13. This is a bit what I was getting at. Ill/rad benefits from the force multiplication of being a support class, but still carries well solo. I played a few brutes on live (/invul, /dark) on live, and there were always a few mob groups *cough* longbow that would make me sigh. I've tried getting into a fire/dark corr but they still have to eat the bulk of the alpha solo. That probably get quite a bit easier with set slotting. Maybe the force multiplication is a bit less relevant with the easier pathing to incarnates. I may take another peek at the newer brute sets /rad or /bio.
  14. Really loving being back in Paragon. I immediately re-rolled my old ill/rad and got up to 50. I've got the build about 2/3 filled out and starting to get to silly levels. It's a lot like sliding into an old sweatshirt - feels great, but I'm wondering if there's another build that might be worth looking at. The draw for ill/rad for me was that it's pretty agnostic to content. It plays well (if a bit slowly) solo regardless of mission/mob type. Teams are also usually okay with a rad on board, and SI/Deceive means I can pretty much nab mission objectives in a TF. Curious what other people are using as a fallback anytime/anywhere toon? Badging/oro arcs/tfs/gms etc.
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