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  1. But you also say you try to only use it for an "extreme" case and not a "mild" disheartening for example. Regardless I still see nothing that is clearly disheartening in that post??? A thumbs down was used but it was probably to be funny? That's true as far as I can tell. A Pinocchio could be used to call someone a liar and some of those others could be useful. I think you were right that Sad is a tricky one for you. I honestly don't get your usage. *shrug*
  2. See you say that but then you just used it two posts down from there and I don't see any tragedy in CR's life that you are expressing sympathy for or anything gut wrenchingly disheartening in his post? Which of those two extreme views are you trying to "clearly" express?
  3. Nice work Fox! Did CR actually run out of county puns? Phew! (j/k I love bad puns!)
  4. So are you not planning to release pages then?
  5. Kill stealin' brought to you by Chocolate Hero O's ZZZZZWOINK! demmit! Here's another by the same guy.
  6. Oh my god! I thought you were kidding! There really is a CR BananaMan hahahaha. Okay then how about "CR the helpful one with the orange text and terrible puns"?
  7. Wow! I only just started watching these but I've already learned so much! Thanks @Dacy and @Votiga for taking the time to make these and thanks CR for the link here.
  8. Wonderful! New content to enjoy. Welcome home @Twitless.
  9. So that's the mysterious Seth who she has all the baggage with. I wonder if she'll still get a shake? Like a chocolate Malta? Love the new page and setting TF. CR I expected puns for countries like Hungary and Iran but Moldova to stand in for Mulled Over is just next level lol!
  10. She wasn't exactly Russian to see him though.
  11. Because then she would be wearing a "Yellow Jacket" get it? Yeah that whole post is pretty much CR in a nutshell. Take a generous artist and costume aficionado, add in a genuinely helpful tour guide, combine with a pro computer builder and a giant sack of terrible puns, stir vigorously and voila.
  12. Isn't it a Cassock? I thought a Habit was for a Nun?
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