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  1. Awesome forum. On my 7th Sentinel. I play for fun and it sounds like great fun to play a procced out Sentinel, specifically a Fire/Bio/Psi. How do you know when, how, where to use procs? How do you decide when to sacrifice set bonuses for a proc? When are procs detrimental? I don't need a build; I'm just wanting to understand. Thanks
  2. I have read through this thread several times now and have enjoyed and studied the reviews...and am amazed at all this collective knowledge. Good work everyone.
  3. Convert the item selection system to pop menus.
  4. I have the largest size base with Open Sky, Space with indoor lighting. There is a moon when looking east which is ok for my nighttime park theme. But there is what seems to be a sun when looking west. Is there a way to remove the sun?
  5. I ran PI Safeguard, thanks Huron, several times getting 10 to 20 sappers each run. Also, ran Pandora’s Box, the Steel Canyon SSA, the 3rd mission, for Warhulks and Jaegers.
  6. Thanks. It was changing the sg logo for each new letter that I didn't know about.
  7. I am having trouble finding any alphabet letters other than what is under the Alphabet tab. Could you direct me to them? Also, I am not able to tour your Halloween base using the passcode above. Your bases and videos are amazing. 😲
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