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  1. Miss Unity - Street Justice / Willpower Brute WW2 Outfit -- European Union Outfit -- New 2020 Outfit -- -- Miss Unity was created as a response to Germany's invasion of European countries during WW2. While America was working on their Super Soldier project, which produced Captain America, a secret team of European scientists was working on a similar project. During WW2 one resistance member stood out above all others and was selected to become Miss Unity. With the limited resources available her first costume was created blending military grade fabric
  2. I love these kinds of names...just saying them out loud slightly different really brings out the pun. Ivanna Burnham? ... I wanna burn 'm. Helen Carnate? ... Hell incarnate. Emma Nation? ... Emanation. Anita Rezz? ... I need a rezz? Tera Hurts? ... Terahertz. I usually can't come up with any pun names or overall funny names. Naming my alts is a serious and well thought out process. Closest I ever came to a funny name is: "Auha" (War Mace/WP tanker looking like a caveman, "auha" is kinda the Dutch equivalent of "ouch"). And maybe: "Jekyllyn
  3. Is Fire/Dark a powerful combo? Is it better or worse than Fire/Kin? What is your experience when playing solo with this combo? And when in a team?
  4. Hoi! Ook NL hier. Ben op (Re)Union begonnen, naar Everlasting verhuist omdat daar meer mensen spelen. Maar heb recentelijk weer contact met oude bekende van Union dus overweeg om weer naar (Re)Union te verhuizen.
  5. Retrobytz


    Hello fellow Unionites! You may (or may not) know me from Star Jewel? Gemstone? Lumitia? Being part of the Precision Rangers and 1AT coalition...? No, doesn't ring any bells? Or maybe it does? I know @Okton, and I've seen @Aeronaut hanging around on the forums somewhere. I've visited the (Re)Union server multiple times, but am currently hanging on Everlasting. The reasons being population and RP. (Please don't think of me as a traitor for moving to Everlasting. *puppy-eyes*) I'm willing to move my alts back to (Re)Union if it means that I
  6. Retrobytz

    Fly Poses

    With the introduction of Afterburner in the Flight-pool I've created this macro to activate flypose1 with Afterburner. I think it makes using Afterburner a little more attractive: /macro_image "Flight_Afterburner" "Afterburner" "em flypose1$$powexec_name Afterburner"
  7. I have a few villains on Everlasting too. Check my sig for details.
  8. Interesting topic and I really like how you managed to make 4 main kinds of magic, while there may surely be mixed kinds like 1 & 2 combined. For example: I think of Marvel's Doctor Strange. Studied magic but gained extra abilities from his magic cape and the time-stone. Nevertheless, keeping with these 4 basic categories I can put 4 of my characters into some of them: Emberflair, classic number 2, had no magical powers but gained them after merging with a magic space-stone. Omegamax, same as Emberflair. Mystfury, number 4, had no magical powers but gained t
  9. Depends on the starting alignment. My heroes go the vigilante route, while my villains turn rogue. This is to ensure that they "remember" their roots.
  10. Remark 1: I'm a semi-serious RP'er. Meaning that I usually RP when playing my characters, but you won't see me hang out with other RP'ers in any zone much. Still, if you see any of my characters expect them to reply in-character. Remark 2: Probably contrary to the usual RP rules/expectations: Anything I say in Team-chat is out-of-character, unless the entire team is RP. But everything I say in Local-chat is in-character, even when I'm in a team. So you may find me spamming Local-chat with all kinds of in-character chatter while doing missions, yet being very quiet on Team-chat. (As
  11. IIRC back when on live somebody made a forum post on how to import CoH costume textures into Daz3D/Poser software. I can't find the original posts anymore. Anyone here know about a guide on how to do this?
  12. In the past I've used Titan Icon to create group shots of my alts like these: It's still available for download, but I'm not sure if it works with the current HC client data.
  13. For years I did not know what I would do with a 3D printer, if and when I would buy one....you have just given me a reason to buy one. These look awesome!
  14. This looks awesome and I like the origin story of her, and the costume. Maybe you've mentioned this earlier and I've missed it, but on what server do you play? I'd like to meet Omega Girl for real and run some missions with her, if that's okay.
  15. Mystophelees [Grav/Time Controller], clearly inspired by Doctor Strange from MCU.
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