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  1. I got hurt by *this enemy* so please nerf *this enemy* because I hates it, thanks.
  2. I clear Fire Farm maps at +4x8 in 30 seconds flat with my AR/Sonic Defender. The key(methematically) is to 6-slot Brawl.
  3. A true speedster needs racing stripes. It's a scientific fact that racing stripes make everything go faster, ZOOM!
  4. How could I have forgotten? Discombobulated I have a character on Everlasting named "Discombobulator", after all.
  5. Dark Armor/Electric Melee. If it can't kill my tank in 8 seconds, then Dark Regen refills my health bar. That's with 58+% melee Defense, and 90% resist to all but Energy and Toxic(which usually hit 70%+ with the ATO resist proc). Best part is Lightning Rod for the BOOM!
  6. Onomatopoeia Flabberghast Mondegreen Euphemism Eponymous My favorite though is my global: Mopery
  7. Note that there are two movies in the Least Favorite category, the first one directed by Ang Lee, followed by the Ed Norton one. I get that you want to keep it on topic in just the MCU, but I was responding to this: If my joke didn't fly, oh well, some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.
  8. Fire Armor might be the best for a melee character in Apex, if they read their skills and prepare a little before the sewer/Hydra part. My Rad/Fire Brute puts Healing Flames on Auto at the beginning of the mission, doesn't take it off until we reach the KR Police Station. Every use gives +15% Toxic Resist, and it's easily stackable to 90% or so if used a lot before entering the sewers. Rad Armor probably does pretty well against toxic damage, also.
  9. LOL, so many people who've never actually played a well built lvl 50 Thugs/Kin MM.
  10. CoH is the game that introduced me to altitis, and it's chronic. On Excelsior alone I have over 115 characters, about half are lower than lvl 20, dozen or so 50's(most IO'd), couple of "themed" character types with 6-20+ similar characters. I have a 50 sitting on every other server along with a couple dozen or more other alts for that server, too. It's not enough. I will think of another name or look or powerset combo and off I'll go at the character creator. New alts are the biggest part of the game to me. Some will go on to know true power, others will dwell on the shelf forever. It's the nature of the beast... hmm, nature? Beast? Well I'm off to make a new Beast/Nature MM. Laters.
  11. Is it something to do with eigenvalues?!
  12. Mopery

    Claws electric

    Zapkitty Shockslicer, Amprage Abatoir, Cuisinart Capacitor, Voltshock Shredface, Sir Cutbreaker, Shortfuse Riptalon, Ohm Eyegod...
  13. I read the wiki and I don't think they have it right. I could swear the story of the Gazebo was printed in an issue of Dragon Magazine. Our old DM showed it to our party because it reminded him of something once of our less bright traveling companions might have said. If I remember right the encounter went something like this: DM: In the middle of the courtyard is a large gazebo. Player: I cast magic missile! DM: You can magic missile at what? Player: At the gazebo, of course! DM: ...
  14. Yeah I agree at least with the first one, it was just gawdawful. I'm ambivilent towards the second. "Don't make me Ang Lee, you won't like me when I'm Ang Lee." - Good Friend commenting on the movie
  15. I love the MCU. I don't think most people truly appreciate just how good they have it these days as far as movies go. I grew up in the late 1970's, and read comic books throughout the 1980's into the 1990's. This was a time when comic books were read for their stories and discussed with friends. Comics were not just bought, backed, and bagged as a potential future income source. I actually read hundreds of issues of Fantastic Four, The Avengers(East and West Coast), Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and many, many more. I used to read every monthly column that Stan Lee would write, and I don't give a damn what some "woke" millenials think about him and his friendship with Jack Kirby or whoever else they want to feign indignity in the name of. There were some great stories in those old comic books, and I loved the good ones. Like Emperor Doom, the Infinity Saga, Secret Wars, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, the Evolutionary War... there's still so much untapped potential beyond those few. Maybe it's because I've been a nerd for my entire life, but I can't help but shed a few tears while watching these films. Mostly it's the music which stirs old emotions of nostalgia, remembering that I never thought I'd get a chance to see this stuff done up right in a movie. I felt the same way about Lord of the Rings 20 years ago. I knew they didn't get the story verbatim, things were changed and some characters were left out or ommited entirely, but what they got right was better than I could have imagined! Things in the MCU are not exactly the same as the comics, nor should they be. It's a different format, it's a different time, and I'd rather go into a movie not knowing exactly how things are going to turn out than have a damned checklist making marks in the right or wrong column throughout the show. I loved all of the Netflix Marvel shows, and the Runaways, and Cloak and Dagger, and I even liked the Inhumans(for what it was)! I am by no means young, but I'm not elderly either. I saw the original Star Wars in the theaters the summer before my 4th birthday, and it blew my little mind. The music, the spectacle, the action and adventure, that movie was a paradigm shift in entertainment. However, this is only said to give you some perspective as to where I'm coming from and just how many movies I've watched throughout my life. I've watched "the greats", Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Scorcese, Kubrick, etc. Keep in mind that music, movies, books... ranking and rating these things is entirely subjective. My favorite hero is whoever happens to be on-screen at the moment, I don't have a least favorite. Same thing for favorite villain, and actor/actress. My favorite movie is the only movie of its kind. Nothing like it has ever existed in cinematic history, with 22 tie-in movies leading up to it, and it's doubtful that there will ever be another movie like it. In my opinion, Averngers: Endgame is The Greatest Movie of All Time.
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