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  1. Mopery

    Hover blaster?

    Apologies per my lack of specificity, I meant up to 5 full sets of each. My hoverblaster has 4 full sets of each, it would be difficult to actually get 5.
  2. Mopery

    Hover blaster?

    Fit as many Thunderstrike and Artillery sets into your build as possible(up to 5 each). Look for any other sets that also give Ranged Defense, get that over 45% and you're golden. My hoverblaster is AR/MM/Force. Not the damage King, but has an assortment of damage types(Lethal, Smashing, Fire, Psi) and 5 or 6 cone attacks. The cost was extremely reasonable(only 1 purple set used, Contagious Confusion for 5% Ranged Defense), don't even think I put ATO's into the build so it's sub-200 mil influence.
  3. At the moment it's my Fire/Earth Dom(Popocatepetl). So much smashy fun, plays like a scrapper but, pardon the pun, dominates. Also love my Thugs/Kin MM(Godfather), Gang War + Burnout + Gang War + Speed Boost + Fulcrum Shift and fuhgeddaboudit...
  4. Yes! Free up those names I want so that someone else can grab them again before I can...
  5. Dark/Plant is a helluva lotta fun!
  6. What if they're away in the military for the next 20 years until they retire and then they want to play the game again on their hypnoflavotronic quantum fantabulator?
  7. The most effective "cheap" build I've made is an AR/MM/Force Mastery, Ranged Defense soft-capped, Hover-Blaster. Thunderstrike and Artillery sets give huge bonuses to Ranged Defense and can be picked up for less than 1mil inf each. I slotted 4 full sets of each set(8 * 6 * 1mil <= 48mil inf). Also a set of Stupefy in Beanbag which are dirt cheap(<4mil for the whole set iirc). Using a set of Contagious Confusion(WoC), a set of Overwhelming force(M30) for even more Ranged Defense gives ~57% Ranged and ~53% Energy Defense (with an AH value around 200mil for both sets
  8. "You have waaaaay too many hours played." - Maria from Steel Canyon
  9. Mids stopped working and now when I go to the site to download it Firefox tells me there's a Trojan Virus and to beware. I try reloading an old copy and Bitdefender shuts it down. WTH Mids, you were working earlier today?! I just erased 50+ builds trying to get you to work again....
  10. I have quite a few top of the line, "money is no limit" built characters. One of each AT and then some. I don't have a ton of Inf, perhaps 300 million on hand on my whole account. Probably enough with merits to make 1 more build, which as an altaholic is generally the goal. Having these things does not interest me enough to play the game on a regular basis. I play for the comradery and the joy of teaming with this awesome community! I don't feel like I absolutely must have the best build, or be the most productive member of the team. I don't mind when
  11. I want [A Peeling], where your clown MM throws banana peels over an aoe and everything slides on it with no inertia(think icy pond effect) with a high chance of falling(and sliding more). And of course [Cream Pie Toss] and [Flower Squirt].
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