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  1. Yeah I agree at least with the first one, it was just gawdawful. I'm ambivilent towards the second. "Don't make me Ang Lee, you won't like me when I'm Ang Lee." - Good Friend commenting on the movie
  2. I love the MCU. I don't think most people truly appreciate just how good they have it these days as far as movies go. I grew up in the late 1970's, and read comic books throughout the 1980's into the 1990's. This was a time when comic books were read for their stories and discussed with friends. Comics were not just bought, backed, and bagged as a potential future income source. I actually read hundreds of issues of Fantastic Four, The Avengers(East and West Coast), Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and many, many more. I used to read every monthly column that Stan Lee would write, and I don't give a damn what some "woke" millenials think about him and his friendship with Jack Kirby or whoever else they want to feign indignity in the name of. There were some great stories in those old comic books, and I loved the good ones. Like Emperor Doom, the Infinity Saga, Secret Wars, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, the Evolutionary War... there's still so much untapped potential beyond those few. Maybe it's because I've been a nerd for my entire life, but I can't help but shed a few tears while watching these films. Mostly it's the music which stirs old emotions of nostalgia, remembering that I never thought I'd get a chance to see this stuff done up right in a movie. I felt the same way about Lord of the Rings 20 years ago. I knew they didn't get the story verbatim, things were changed and some characters were left out or ommited entirely, but what they got right was better than I could have imagined! Things in the MCU are not exactly the same as the comics, nor should they be. It's a different format, it's a different time, and I'd rather go into a movie not knowing exactly how things are going to turn out than have a damned checklist making marks in the right or wrong column throughout the show. I loved all of the Netflix Marvel shows, and the Runaways, and Cloak and Dagger, and I even liked the Inhumans(for what it was)! I am by no means young, but I'm not elderly either. I saw the original Star Wars in the theaters the summer before my 4th birthday, and it blew my little mind. The music, the spectacle, the action and adventure, that movie was a paradigm shift in entertainment. However, this is only said to give you some perspective as to where I'm coming from and just how many movies I've watched throughout my life. I've watched "the greats", Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Scorcese, Kubrick, etc. Keep in mind that music, movies, books... ranking and rating these things is entirely subjective. My favorite hero is whoever happens to be on-screen at the moment, I don't have a least favorite. Same thing for favorite villain, and actor/actress. My favorite movie is the only movie of its kind. Nothing like it has ever existed in cinematic history, with 22 tie-in movies leading up to it, and it's doubtful that there will ever be another movie like it. In my opinion, Averngers: Endgame is The Greatest Movie of All Time.
  3. 1. Players who don't play the exact same way I do. 2. Players who don't build the exact same way I would. 3. Players who don't know the game as well as I do. 4. Players who play powersets/ATs which I would never ever play. Come on people! Conformity is King! Join the majority and stop acting like you can just do whatever you want in this game. I mean, it's a game, it's not like it's meant to be fun or something! P.S. 5. Players who don't understand and appreciate sarcasm.
  4. Just got my first tank on HC to lvl 50 and IO'd her, a Dark/Electric on Excelsior named Monster Magnet, and it's the most fun I've ever had on a tank. The synergy between Dark Armor and Electric Melee revolves around keeping most of the group perma-stunned, and then perma-flopped(through multiple aoe KDs). It also helps that BU + Lightning Rod hits like a Mack truck as often as it's up(Gaussian Proc in BU). With 90% resists to all but Energy and Toxic(both 60%+) and near Incarnate soft-cap Melee Defense(58.5ish%) plus near perma-Hasten(perma when FF proc in Lightning Clap goes off a couple times) if they can't kill me in 10 seconds, I don't die.
  5. Worst TF/SF/Trial in the game for me is the one where one or two players feel the need to RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! everything, when it wasn't originally advertised as a "Speed TF". Some of us enjoy a casual pace where we earn XP for our up and coming characters. I have nothing against "Speed TF's" if they were advertised as such, and I do understand why players want a speedy completion, I just don't like it when they think it has to be done every freaking time on every freaking TF. That said, I really enjoy every TF if the company is good. I enjoy playing my characters, especially if I get to play them towards completion of an objective, even if it takes hours. I'm an Altaholic and I've run every TF literally hundreds of times over the years on hundreds of different characters. I love this game. To an almost unhealthy degree, I love this game. I don't have to have the most Inf, most 50's, most badges, or whatever, I just really really really really really enjoy playing the game with others, as often as possible, especially on TF's 😄
  6. Just a few more... Jarhead(Assault Rifle/Martial Combat Blaster) Dread Gorgon(Earth/Poison Controller) Powerslave(Dark/Dark Defender) Ice Golem(Ice/Spines Tanker) Blind Monk(Staff/Willpower Scrapper) Voodoo Shaman(Necromancy/Radiation Mastermind) Electric Booger Lou(War Mace/Electric Armor Scrapper) Monster Magnet(Dark/Electric Tanker)
  7. These costumes I either get a good amount of likes from passerbys and/or I personally like the way they look: Rakshasa Archmage(Illusion/Dark Controller) PPD Psiborg(Mind/Electric Dominator) Queen of Uranus(Thermal/Dark Defender) Early Bird(Assault Rifle/Tactical Arrow Blaster)
  8. So to paraphrase, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander? What works for two of the powersets most in need of some balancing love is fine, but if it affects other sets there's something wrong with it. Perhaps those sets should be buffed rather than nerfing other sets? Most players won't complain if a powerset is buffed, but unholy Hell is usually unleashed upon those who call for nerfs. Just saying. 😄
  9. Would it involve all of that, though? Per my example, Build Up and Aim are external buffs which last short term even on toggle powers like damage auras. I'm not a programmer, but it seems there must already be a way to "track external buff durations on clicks".
  10. Could this be fixed if Power Boost's effect only lasted a certain amount of time on any boosted power? Say, 10-15 seconds, like Build Up or Aim do for a power's +to hit and damage?
  11. The thing about /Mace is I get the bonus cap to Energy defense in addition to S/L, Poison Ray for added -Res(plus Achille's Heel Proc) for hard targets, and the Tarantula is a fire and forget AoE monster(cd resets long before the 4 min timer is up). The build is pretty busy as is, firing off other powers, and against most foes my non-PA pets usually don't die. Yeah I always wondered if they would move Illusion to Dominators before the shutdown, it would certainly be interesting.
  12. Hold my beer... After maining an ill/rad way back during live, and recently testing builds on Beta to help me decide whether to IO my new ill/cold or ill/dark, I went with ill/dark. All of these combinations are powerhouses which can and will drop GMs and AVs(no doubt ill/traps could do it too), I just have to say there is a huge difference between these other builds and ill/dark. There are several reasons for this, the main being Fade. In my build Fade allows me to more than cap defenses against S/L/E, and with a small purple inspiration be capped vs all damage types(45%+). This allows me to survive the 2-3 seconds when, pre-incarnate, I don't quite have perma-PA. With Spiritual t3 and above I have perma-PA, but that's really just icing on the cake. With /dark I have one of the strongest aoe heals in the game, helping not only myself and my pets but my teammates also. Oh and did I mention that Fade grants a large defense buff to your pets and teammates, too? The build is very end heavy, but with Soul Absorption you'll never notice it, even if there's only one target to drain. This power also buffs your pets and teammates. But PA doesn't need buffs you say? Well, Phantasm, Fluffy, and your mini-Toxic Tarantula enjoy them! That Tarantula brings aoe damage with it too, one thing illusion is poorly lacking. Testing on the beta server, I went all out +4/x8 doing the Ouro missions to unlock your Alpha Incarnate slot(without any incarnate powers), and was nigh invulnerable to the Council, Rikti, and Crey I was fighting. I also cleared the entire spawn pretty quickly for a controller. This made my mind up. Ill/rad or ill/cold might be able to survive and bring down spawns like that from a distance, but I spent my entire time in their midst! I felt like a walking God(well, hovering), and then I realized I didn't even have a single Incarnate power yet! Not even perma-PA! ill/dark "'nuff said"
  13. I rate 5/5 Stars. A true tour de france!
  14. My main MM is Thugs/Kin on Excelsior named Godfather. He's a crime lord average ordinary businessman, a real good fella, nothing to see here... by the way he thinks it would be a real shame if something happened to your property, or your family. You understand. That's not a threat or nothing, what he just said is completely legal and on the up and up. He wants nothing from you. Nothing. *wink* You have an understanding with him though, I can tell... Seriously though, The Godfather has hired a loyal bunch of career criminals as his personal bodyguards and enforcers. These guys have spent most of their lives in and out of prison, lifting weights and learning dirty fighting moves, all the while working for his family and organization. They can spot someone's weaknesses at a glance. Plus they have no problem using the drugs he supplies them with: steroids, stimulants, pain killers, prototype Crey chemicals, you name it they'll try it. How do you think they move so fast(Speed boost aka- Crack)? Why do they seem like unstoppable killing machines(meth, PCP)? You hit them and shoot them with energy, bullets, swords, electricity, and they don't even seem to feel pain(morphine)? They also work really well together, almost as if they've been personally trained by him(Leadership, Supremacy, IO sets /procs). When the AI acts dumb and they run off by themselves and get killed, well that's an easy explanation also: victims of their vices, they lost their minds and did something stupid. Whatever, thugs in Paragon City and the Rogue Ises are a dime-a-dozen and he's got plenty to buy their loyalty with. Loyalty is SO important to him. Of course, it also helps that he's got an army of disposable young thugs eager to make a name for themselves at his beck and call(Gang War), more than you could possibly imagine(Burnout + Gang War again) and he gives them all the strength they'll ever need(Fulcrum Shift + SB + ID) to take on anyone in this world or from some other world, doesn't matter much to them. So any heroes out there thinking of bringing The Godfather to justice, well, you and what army? As you can see, his army is just itching for a fight...
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