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  1. We agree! I agree with you, Confuse is quite a bit better than just having a pet or pets. What I was suggesting had little to do with making Mind Control more powerful or even better. I was suggesting giving the powerset a truly unique power. Maybe it could affect a single boss, and/or 2 Lt's, amd/or 3 minions, which would be "permanently" confused, even allowing them to exit instances with you. Something akin to what the Purple Man did to Jessica Jones(minus the rapey bit). I think it would be fun to mentally enslave ANY enemy up to Boss level and keep them around for a while. As I said though, the coding to enable such a power is doubtless more than anyone is willing to do, so it will likely remain just my dream.
  2. Here's a fun idea I take from the old days of playing AD&D 1st edition: Instead of that ever present 5% chance being a miss, make it a fumble! Then it could have a number of random effects. Maybe you accidentally hit your teammate(s) or pet(s)! Maybe you whiffed so hard that you knocked yourself down(bypassing any KB protection)? Maybe in the midst of chaotic battle, you temporarily became Confused? And of course, the chance that you simply missed(because it's tradition). There could be any number of interesting effects!
  3. Um you do realize that Mass Confusion does not turn them into a pet eh? Just like regular Confuse, Mass Confusion does not turn them into literal "pets", which is what I was suggesting so...
  4. As it is literally "Mind Control", I've always thought that the t9 should allow the user to turn any mob(up to boss level) into their pet until either its defeat, release, or until used again on another mob(at which point the previously controlled pet would become an enemy once again). I know, I know, this would require a ton of coding and whatnot, but I can dream...
  5. Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.
  6. My AR/MM hoverblaster is lots of fun to play, and was relatively cheap to build(4 Thunderstrike sets and 4 Artillery sets don't cost very much and help to soft-cap ranged damage). Sure lethal is resisted, but for cones/taoe you'll also do fire, psi, and smashing damage, so it's not all lethal. Drain Psyche isn't very useful as you want to stay away from close range, but very few mobs actually fly up to you so it's pretty durable. The hardest part about using cones is the AI and tab-targeting. It seems like the devs worked very hard to be sure that whatever you tab-target will be in the worst possible place for cone attacks, and the mobs seem to have a danger sense when you're about to press a cone attack and they suddenly run to a position where the least number of targets will be hit. Other than that if you can target the group's center then you'll lay waste to them.
  7. Everybody knows that wearing masks is just a Nemesis plot, that hospital teleporter technology kills puppies, and that Magic is totes not real, yo.
  8. As humans our memories tend to be faulty, we often misremember things and simply the act of remembering can alter our memories. This is the reason why the so-called "Mandela Effect" is so ridiculous. Have you ever played Lord of the Rings Online? In both pve and pvmp many teams used markers like you're describing to designate tank, healer, etc. My tribe leader in LOTRO pvmp liked using it to target enemy healers rather than players in our group. I've played CoH since launch and don't have any memory of this in the game, but as my opening statement says, I could be misremembering or could simply have forgotten about "that one time"...
  9. Like talking to a river in Egypt...
  10. Titan Weapons called to say you just never had big enough damage for her, but don't feel bad or self-conscious, not all Powersets are created equal. Damage size matters...
  11. I got hurt by *this enemy* so please nerf *this enemy* because I hates it, thanks.
  12. I clear Fire Farm maps at +4x8 in 30 seconds flat with my AR/Sonic Defender. The key(methematically) is to 6-slot Brawl.
  13. A true speedster needs racing stripes. It's a scientific fact that racing stripes make everything go faster, ZOOM!
  14. How could I have forgotten? Discombobulated I have a character on Everlasting named "Discombobulator", after all.
  15. Dark Armor/Electric Melee. If it can't kill my tank in 8 seconds, then Dark Regen refills my health bar. That's with 58+% melee Defense, and 90% resist to all but Energy and Toxic(which usually hit 70%+ with the ATO resist proc). Best part is Lightning Rod for the BOOM!
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