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  1. Another vote for DM/SR Brute. My Demon/Storm MM just tears through things with the philosophy of, "If you kill/control them fast enough you won't need heals." Not exactly perfect synergy but a chaotic blast to play. Disclaimer: soloing more fun than on teams, imho.
  2. What server were you on during Live? And Welcomem Back!
  3. And it goes beyond a covid lockdown. This is reuniting friends separated by time (and miles). And making new ones.
  4. Depends on the character's role, backstory, abilities. But on max height toons I'll use another costume slot to switch to min height like for caves.
  5. And there's something really satisfying about tripping the little old lady into the Hellions. What? /resume topic It's minor but in addition to standard rewards, (money, merits, xp) I like Temp Power Rewards. Like in Striga The Warwolf Whistle.
  6. I vote for /Kin because of the synergy with Transfusion, Transference, Siphon Power, Increase Density with Imps. I also vote for /Dark, good set with with a variety of tools; don't know if fear and hot feet would mesh. But for thematics it might tip the scale.
  7. I never got around to ice fishing. I hear them at night, through the ice. Laughing and talking about me. Trout are so cruel. Oh, we're talking about CoX ... I never made a Spines; brute, scrapper, ... Or Fire Armor.
  8. I have yet to hit 50 on any HC character. Only using Oro for traveling. Not sure if I'll like Incarnate; I don't know enough about it. But getting to 50 isn't a race. And about mid-30s or early 40s I turn the Heroes to Villains. I like the late villain stories better. All along the way "Altitus."
  9. Easiest? Tank, Brute, Scrapper, Stalker. Not always in that order. Stalkers can be faster at earning XP imho. Hide, enter mission "Find the files or whatever glowie allll the way at the end of the map." Kill amount is minimum. Add in the near-instant one shot kill; fast & easy. Disclaimer: not every mission is set up like this, lol. Tanks might the easiest to the point of boredom; power sets depending. For interest/action Brute or Scrapper. EDIT: I never made Bio Armor. But I hear they're great just clicky.
  10. Not to hijack the thread, buuuut there's an episode of "The X-Files" where a man claimed he could control the weather, "The Rain King." The mayor of the town thought The Rain King was causing droughts so he could charge farmers money for rain. Victoria Jackson's the GF of The Rain King and the local meteorologist had a crush on her (subplot). When The Rain King proposed to her and it rained as if his gift to the community, as the audience we think SHE might be the one making it rain with her depressed moods.
  11. Absolutely Villains need healers/buffers. My second-Main Villain is a Vig Def Thermal/Sonic; Alli Oop. But based on what the OP said the role of Corruptor disinterested him. And after narrowing it down especially after, "What AT/Powers scream megalomaniacal homicidal Maniac," Dom came to mind. Dom's not my favorite AT, can be fun, but kind of squishy; i.e. needs a healer, lol. "As much as I love the corruptor concept (such a great name) you immediately have to start tending wounds and putting new paint on other peoples robots. No thanks. ... Can a Controller be truly wicked solo? I bet, but concept is king. How to make it evil. What AT/Powers scream megalomaniacal homicidal Maniac (who loves cats...most cats...some cats...okay, a cat)"
  12. As far as evil AT I wouldn't do Controller because the Secondary Set is support; Kinetics, Empathy... To be truly evil drop the kitten-mittens wishy-washy helper attitude and be a damaging Dominator. Like the Dominator phrase in my sig below. My Dark Control/Stone Melee Dom (mid 30s) is hysterical fun. A Hold followed by Hurl Boulder. Nothing says "Love" like Hurl Boulder to the face 😅
  13. And print out dramatic screenshots to have a hard copy comic book. Just for fan-fiction fun of course.
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