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  1. In the Leviathan Mastery Set the Spirit Shark Jaws power always appears as JUST the tip of the shark's nose not even the fins. But then one day...
  2. Haven't had an Empath since Live (so I don't remember) but does Clear Mind work if/when someone uses an Awaken and has that "Drunken Walk of Shame"? Edit: it can get busy if you're applying to the mezzed AND the awoken
  3. "Nemeroff," on Live was male but on HC I switched to female; still DM/SR Brute. And about 20% of my characters are robots/cyborgs. But overall, I'm not bothered by it.
  4. What's old is new again. Your first time back in AP, hear the theme music, and see Ms. Liberty again, almost like she's been waiting for you to return, you get flooded with feelings and memories you can't put a price on. (The irony is the game is free.) But the HC team is doing a fabulous job! Welcome Home!
  5. Yeah, I kept thinking if they changed the Nova damage(s) they would've changed all 4 not just 3 of 4; maybe. And if they changed the damages at all they would've mentioned it in the Announcement page. Thanks for the clarification Bopper 🙂
  6. Before the latest update my Peacebringer's Bright Nova damage numbers matched the numbers on websites and the latest version of Mids. Bright Nova Bolt: Minor Damage; Bright Nova Blast: High Damage; Bright Nova Scatter: Moderate Damage; Bright Nova Detonation; Moderate Damage; I know I used to finish off a target with just a hair of health left with the Bright Nova Blast. Just to annihilate him. But after the update: Bright Nova Bolt: unchanged Bright Nova Blast: LIGHT Damage Bright Nova Scatter: LIGHT Damage Bright Nova Detonat
  7. That. And she doesn't can't fight back. Which has lead to countless jokes (back on Live at least) accusing players of being Sally-bullies, and RP-esque filing animal abuse claims, endangered species (she was the ONLY one left of her kind!), contacting P.E.T.A., etc.. Any other Giant Monsters as passive & aloof as Sally?
  8. From my current roster, Demons/Storm's the fav. It's chaos but controlled chaos. I have yet to finsh Necro/Dark, /Thermal. Mercs/Nature. Ninjas/Time. And start Bots/?, and Thugs/? Open to suggestions 😁
  9. When I got the game in March 2005 I couldn't sleep for the first 2 weeks; that's a good thing. But at shut down it's losing so much more than "just a game." I met some of the SG mates IRL too. Anyway. From an outlet for creativity to the comradery, From the seldom-player to those writing guides, From the financial donators and especiallly the incredible & talented staff making this all possible again, Thank You Everyone! CoX, there is no substitute.
  10. Too many of my alts started as experiments, like I never made a X-Primary and I'll pair it with a never tried Y-Secondary. To see if I like one or the other, or both. Fast forward to lvl 20s-30s, they're good Sets but the AT isn't a good fit. So it's not a matter of a respec but more like rebuild, but for now "neglected". My Water/Storm Corruptor I honestly neglected. She's a blast!
  11. I originally made "Nemeroff" on Live. A male Villain, DM/SR Brute. Now a female Hero then Vigilante. Anyway. The way I see it this concept, DM/SR Nemeroff, is level 48 ATM and turning 50 will be about (14.5?) years in the making. That's longer than the lifespan of some pets, marriages, jobs/careers, cars, overdue library books, ... What am I waiting for? It's never a race to 50 and it's the journey not the destination. (And RL, sometimes I can't log in for days.) [The game shut down 10 min ago 😵] Edit: I never got Nemeroff to 50 on Live before shut
  12. You and Brand are home safe with your mom and me, that makes us the richest people in Astoria Mikey. 😁
  13. My problem, "Spending more than you earn." I ruined my AH credit line and w/ the high interest rates I'll never work it off. But seriously, in game, compared to some, plus I don't farm, I have moths floating out of my pockets.
  14. Well yeah, all the time. Be nice, get nice back. As far as that SG I don't remember what they were called, and I was barely there. So, OK this isn't "The worst gaming session ever!" Just baffling. My actual worst gaming session was back on Live. A long complicated, personal, double cross that took in total about 10 months in the making; you understand it'd take too long to type out here 😉. And "personal". But I left the game for about a month, didn't want to come back, but there were still some friends here and a whole City of potential new ones.
  15. Dark/SR Brute, my Main. Self Heal, End. replenisher, -ToHitt.
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