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  1. You could go for gold with these mental gymnastics.
  2. Thank you for running this! I enjoyed the RP and Firebrand is a wonderfully designed base. The tasks and rewards were also good. Not to mention running it twice so those of us in UK/EU timezones could get in on the action too!
  3. Well Shade you can proudly add Military Personnel to the list of enemies you made next to GMs and Nightclub RPers.
  4. I'd say during prime hours it's about as popular, if more so than Union was back on Live and it only gets busier as the evening goes on. There are plenty of SGs which tailor to EU timezones for events though you might find the nightclub base RP scene running into stupid'o'clock for you, if you have a regular sleep schedule.
  5. I haven't. Why isn't the Invisible Katana Bug fixed yet?!
  6. You two are gonna get sent to the Forever Box if you keep this up.
  7. If I die in game, I die in real life.
  8. As someone who used to main a Katana/Ninja Sword character, I felt pretty alienated by the invisible katana bug.
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