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  1. Contact Name: Mr. Abernathy Faction: Sinister Squad Alignment: Villain or Rogue Level Range: 1 - 54 Standing around a car park in downtown St. Martial is a weaselly looking man in a cheap suit with the unmistakable air of a door-to-door salesman. He blends in with the glum atmosphere of the Isles if not for the armed soldiers in orange jumpsuits flanking either side of him. “Oh hello there… Are you here about the job posting? My employer is looking for some suitable muscle, the kind that doesn’t ask too many questions with a sprinkling of plausible deniabili
  2. Like I said before I am 100% behind this. My Villain Group needs a big muscular granny henchwoman who calls everyone poppet before coldcocking them through a brick wall.
  3. On the subject of body types in this game. Man I would love to see an actual proper belly slider.
  4. Hate to be a parrot boy but... Roleplaying.
  5. The team has already made efforts to allow other body types to use costume pieces originally locked to one or the other. Take the little animal friends that sit on the shoulder, originally that was Female only. As for a Huge body type a little more on the feminine side? That would be a colossal undertaking if you mean an entirely new model. However slapping some of the Female faces on Huge? If possible I could get behind that.
  6. Insufferable little brats, aren't they? For me it's when someone feels the need to bring their child character to a conflict based event. It gets tiring having every misdeed your villain ever committed overshadowed by people obsessing over the fact they gave a runt who caber tossed an entire freaking car at them a bloody nose. That and the weird fixation of making child characters drooling brainlets obsessed with cookies.
  7. Nacho creation contests?
  8. And then they planned to bring him back as Tyrant pulling a sneaky on us. Glad we dodged that bullet... For now.
  9. You could go for gold with these mental gymnastics.
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