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  1. I'm hard pressed to think of any reason why you can't hit 50% success even without changing anything. The RNG with the untimely ports and regen ticks can certainly ruin things...but I'd think 1/2 fairly doable. I will have to see if I can't find a block of time and make sure I'm on when you run one. Maybe it's something that's more obvious from within the map...<shrug>
  2. I appreciate this pro-tip, I'll definitely check this out! And some of the other stuff you posted. And I remember you when I tried to give you some pvp IOs last month. What a great name! Wanna sell it? 😛
  3. Just anecdotally, if I don't see a designated zone in the mission title, I can't recall a time when I haven't seen the designated zone in the text dialogue with the contact. I can't say it doesn't exist in game, I rarely play that much attention. But from what I recall, the contact usually gives a zone or neighborhood. But, in this game, it's possible, I suppose.
  4. There's no question, I see value in a leader attending other leaders' trial runs just to gain a different perspective. (Not that Oklahoman doesn't do this already - I've no idea). The players on Everlasting, like Excelsior, can be hit or miss as well. But the leaders there do make things quite clear for the leagues. One thought occurs to me - which may be out of bounds for @Oklahoman. Try a run without the RP type jargon. Use the speech you might use in every day life, avoiding words like "Varmint" and such. When you're having fun with it, it may come across as not taking things serious
  5. And this is part of the reason I usually avoid making one. I don't role play. I have never ever seen this game as an MMO or an RPG. If others see it that way - that's fine. I've always seen this as a game to play solo. The odd team-up can be great, or it can be a complete waste of time. A bio might be something I'll make for a character that has acquired a fair number of badges, (1000 or so). When you have 1000, ya might as well get the other 549. And when you invest that kind of time, invariably, some people will look at your bio, your build, your badge count. My few bios are general
  6. May I ask what graphic card you use, and what you're settings are at? I've got more than a couple fire blasters, and I've seen this aura on my characters. But, I never really noticed it, especially since it no longer deals damage when stealthed (and doesn't cancel stealth anymore). I tend to be more focused on the npcs I get to clobber, maybe. Because if you're seeing it that clearly, if the crypto miners ever leave something for those who game, I'm gonna have to get myself one of those cards you have. Mine used to be mid-tier, but now it's kind of old. (NVidia 1650, 5g ddr) I keep wond
  7. At no time, in my experience has a hunt mission completed by defeating the same faction of npcs in a mission map. That has never, ever happened to me before. I don't think that's the case. I think you should try to abandon the mission, and then speak with Harvey again. If you're lucky, he'll tell you go kill 50 carnies again. This time, do so in the streets of PI. (near the docks and along the beach area are where I generally find them. Occasionally spread around other parts of PI as well. If you're level 45, some of the carnies near portal corps may be too difficult. If he won't talk
  8. Now, if we could just get someone with helium nearby to chime in over the discord...
  9. Oh my. Here's something I've been known to do. I will log in with 2 of my accounts and essentially converse with myself about the efficacy of a specific IO set on the help channel, and why it's a no-brainer. My alt will chime in with "Brilliant!" or some such. It is quite amazing how well it works. But, as you know, only for a short time. But then, I don't market it more than once, because I'm not in the habit of ever selling more than a few of any one item.
  10. A lot of folks dislike Croatoa for the reasons you cite - but I actually like those arcs, particularly with Red Caps. Their dialogue is a hoot. Sure, I can do without the long intervals of waiting with some characters, but on other characters, I need all the time I can get. And, of course, there's always "auto-complete" if I'm in a yank.
  11. A little update - and probably my last. I've seen enough to determine that there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to these XP bonus amounts. Contact Start level Finish Level 2XP? Ouro? XP Gained XP needed Merits Wincott 6 8 Yes No 1440 Level 8 to 9 2680 7 5.3 Bars Flux 8 11 Yes No 800
  12. For me, it's no question - ice/ice blast. There was a chap named @olepi who wrote a guide to ice blasting back on the old forums, and it sold me. I made one, and played that damn thing until I got all the badges I could possibly get. I'd missed out on some anniversary badges on live because I didn't know about the game until issue 3. Did the same thing here, too. Played it and got all the badges and again, enjoyed playing it. When I would team, I would see my blaster live while other blasters died. Because my skills were better? Certainly not. I'm only a touch better than mediocre. Because my
  13. Whoa, cowboy! Nobody said there were any issues. The OP said he didn't like using discord. I can relate. It isn't always fun. I've heard profanity, perversion, all manner of things on discord that wasn't game related which I didn't want to hear. I've had people complain because I had noise in the background. I've had people complain because they couldn't hear me. I've had people complain because they could hear me breathing. I've had it where 3 people could hear me, but I was "garbled" and the other 4 folks heard me loud and clear. Yet none of these folks had a clue how to address these i
  14. That's something I can look into - have one character do all 4 arcs, and have another just do three, having one of those three be the last one. The daunting part, in a fashion, is how much being X level bears on the bonus. For example, if you complete chapter 4 (of 4) story arc in The Hollows at level 16, would you get the same bonus as a level 17 character from a percentage of xp required to reach the next level? Contact Start level Finish Level 2XP? Ouro? XP Gained Merits
  15. I've made the spreadsheet...I can't say I will endure all the excruciating detail, but for this character I'm on, I intend to go through the hollows, and another character, same level, will go through the Kings Row arcs. My suspicion is that Kings Row arcs, being newer will give more XP. In fact, it's my suspicion that all of the newer arcs reward more than the older arcs - but so far, that's just perception bias.
  16. Another stat I can track along with that, thanks!
  17. This is purely anecdotal, and I'm ashamed of myself for not paying closer attention. So, figured I'd ask here. Is it just my fuzzy perception, or do some story arcs give better XP bonuses than others? Do we know how this is tabulated? I would swear some story arcs give me darn near 5 bars of xp, while others maybe 1/2 a bar or a bar. Some a couple. Unfortunately, I haven't been paying any real close attention. So, figured I'd ask - maybe someone here is more observant.
  18. I should have mentioned this...there's a badge for maintaining each alignment for a week. It may be worth just moving on to another day job, until your week is up.
  19. @MikeSol I could be wrong, but as Glacier Peak alluded to, it's likely you're a vigilante. Go see Null the Gull, turn to a villain and you should get that day job badge.
  20. The benefit of the X/8 updates is often, I'll find myself in a mission when these are announced. It lets me know if I have time to wrap it up, or just forget about it. As an example: not that I often do an ITF, but if I were to do one, I'd only bother replying if they were 1/8 or 2/8. Those fill up quickly. But for something like a Dr. Q, I'm likely not to say a word until they're at 6/8. Who's got time to sit around and wait for these to fill up? Well...I do have the time, but I'm not going to piss it away waiting, sorry. It's why I haven't done an iTrial in maybe 6-7 weeks. I am just ov
  21. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that when someone has an...over-reaction to something in game, it's often more a reflection of the person over-reacting, than what/who they're over-reacting to/about. Our world is in a bit of a mess right now. And it's bound to impact some folks more than others. And some folks have a hard time with mess. No sooner did a lot of folks in the world think the Covid fiasco was behind us, now we have the Delta variant to contend with. To mask or not to mask. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. To trust this news source or that one. It's going to be h
  22. Yeah, even the proc rarely sells for more than 3m. It's basically a trash set. Hardly worthy of note.
  23. The way I did it was take them from top to bottom. I just started on the top and worked my way down until I was done. I knew there were a number of defeat badges for various types of mobs, so I figured I might as well clobber them in the missions, rather than hunt for them. There's one faction - the Failed Experiments that you may want to farm/milk, as I did the zone event first - and after the mission, I still needed some more. Depends on your settings, I suppose.
  24. In general, a fire farm brute is the most expensive build due to winter sets that give nice fire defense bonuses. In general, the builds that are the cheapest are the ones that don't use the AH. For example, you can forgo the 2xp buff and slot what drops, and in a pinch, visit the store and buy the enhancements that haven't dropped until level 25 or 30. Then start using the common IO recipes, and craft those as you get the salvage needed. Buy SOs for recipes that didn't drop on you. Keep doing that, you may never need the AH at all - but you won't have any set bonuses. But, you'll have the
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