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  1. Absolutely. To clarify, I should have said that this reverse repel would allow everything to be constantly dragged in toward the target, which is something we previously had to assume was not possible. But given what we were told about the backend changes they pushed with this recent patch, it's a very exciting time to consider new possibilities. And as far as control sets go, this could give Mind Control a new niche to fill (more effectively grouping enemies), as all of its previous ones have been largely co-opted by other control sets, but wouldn't allow it to shine as the *only* set capable of this, as Wormhole serves a somewhat similar purpose.
  2. Something to consider in light of what we've been told on discord about some new Knock and Repel tech: Would it be possible to have Telekinesis not repel away from the caster, but instead use the new pseudopet mechanic in conjunction with a reverse repel to place a wide area AoE on the ground (or the feet of a selected target) that proceeds to pull all enemies toward it? Of course, this leaves out the question of if the massive endurance cost is worth it - I would say perhaps *more* worth it with this new mechanic, but still not nearly worth over 3 endurance per second. Additionally, do you have a limit on how long this can be continuously toggled on? And is the target cap of 5 consistent with a change like this? Perhaps the repel effect can affect up to 16 targets, but the hold effect is still capped at 5? Or reduced by 1 mag to compensate for an increased target cap? Lots to think about here. And I'm glad to see all of the discussion about Mind Control, regardless! It continues to be my first love, but one that I can't generally suggest playing right now.
  3. I'm just going to say thank you to our HC devs for trying to maintain our game and do their best to balance it. It's not a popular job, but it's appreciated by more than a few of us. (I also cannot fathom trying to balance the whole game around a few outlying over-performers rather than reign them in to the established balance. It just goes to show that there is no consideration for the amount of effort and work that the devs already put in, much less how much more it would take to do something like that.)
  4. A realistic solution maybe just be to scale the enemies to the actual number of players on a team. Not through the existing difficulty system. So a single player doing x8 missions will not be bothered, but a team of 8 players may be facing enemies that have a scaling buff applied to them. I wouldn't do increased mob numbers nor increasing their level, but instead something akin to a resistance and damage buff for each player on a team. I don't mind anyone feeling godlike on their own, but I do mind it when I cannot play the game as it was intended because you can't stand to let the rest of your teammates enjoy the game as well.
  5. We currently exist in Syndrome's reality. Everyone is so super that nobody is. Granted, this mostly comes in to play when IOs and incarnates are factored in, but the fact that IOs are still available to anyone that is exemplaring (with the right forethought) means any level content can be and usually is trivial. This causes some scenarios where someone will roll a team focused character (Defender, Controller, etc) and join a Synapse TF, only to see an IOed out brute running through the missions faster than they can even travel there. It's a horrible experience for anyone that's not prepared for it, but especially for new players that don't understand why they aren't being helpful; why they can't even keep up with whoever is moving at mach speed through these missions.
  6. Respectfully disagree. Mind Control needs a lot of help but I very much do not want to lose the only control set that doesn't rely on pets.
  7. Psi

    Changes a'comin'!

    Extremely specific melee options, yes. If you're trying to keep a theme with your characters, those are very limited. I suppose a way around this would be to expand Epic pool options. For all ATs. Not a small undertaking, but one that will certain enable the "Just use your epic pool" suggestion.
  8. Just wanted to point out that Umbral Torrent, at least on Blasters, shows in the tooltip and the attack type as being Smashing Damage, and Negative Damage. But the power info seems to be nothing but negative damage. This would seem to indicate it's checking vs a defense type that it doesn't even contain.
  9. Assassin's Staff, when used from hide, takes about one second between the animation playing and the damage catching up. This means you're out of hide and vulnerable to damage from that enemy before the damage hits and they're defeated. I'm unsure if Build Up rooting you in place is a theme with other weapon sets, but the requirement of drawing the staff when activating build up causes the animation to root you, and this seems like poor design on an AT that needs to be as mobile as possible, especially while on teams when you need to position yourself next to high-priority targets on the fly. Not to mention it just plain doesn't feel good to stop running while you pull the staff out; not an issue for any other attack in the set that also has to pull the staff out.
  10. So there's this face that thugs sometimes get upon spawning in that seems to be a blend of a couple of different player faces. Any possibility for this (and any others that may exist) to be added to character creation for players?
  11. My initial reaction is to say I do not like the idea of removing the bruise mechanic. It was a nice way to differentiate Tankers from Brutes, in that it made them a relatively unique support option, akin to a Sonic Blast Defender? I don't like just making them diet brutes. IMO, of course.
  12. For some reason, Build Up in the Stalker version of Staff Fighting roots the character in place for about a second while it's animating, and I don't recall any other stalker set doing this, or any other build up for that matter. It really slows down combat for a Stalker trying to get in position for an opening attack.
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