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  1. When it was first introduced, Ouroboros was part of the "let's start the Incarnate trip now" stuff, wasn't it? So it was intended to be, generally, for higher level character use. Also, I'm guessing they didn't want to make it too easy for everyone to now ignore the tram system because you're paying for the game and the more time you waste ion transit the better (plus people hate getting rid of their old systems). I don't think it was ever meant to be the end-all and be-all of hub TP.
  2. hero/villain knows the intimidating power of good showmanship! Seriously though, I think the word going around was that the Assault Rifle power set "has dull animations," so when they wanted to do pistols, they went nuts in the other direction; iirc, they studied up the Gun-Fu in Equilibrium for ideas.
  3. I was referring to people who would be made unhappy about it, simple enough, but also somewhat tongue in cheek.
  4. One could just ask the Dom (or whomever) to please wait for the mob to form up before dropping Seeds then. If they don't listen, kick-em.
  5. Then people will complain that they want their magic-using character to be able to use it without it looking technological.
  6. I don't see what this has to do with directly asking someone what's in their pants, which is something I've been told a lot of trans people actually do have to put up; not who they are, but directly that.
  7. That's how you know he's a badguy!
  8. Croatoa, because it feels so different from the rest of the game. Red side because it feels more real, But the overall feel of the architecture too: older, more to human scale. Cap au Diable in particular for having a variety of landscapes, in particular. Love the ski chalet setting for the musical/sound effects background and because I'm a winter person.
  9. (Helpful reminder that asking someone what's in their pants is really kind of rude, y'all.)
  10. With as common as Inf is in the game, they should all be 10 mill at all levels. If you're looking for an Inf sink.
  11. FrySquint.gif Well, he's not too far from that, I suppose I could give it a shot as I don't have a good alternative in sight yet. We'll see. 😃
  12. SGs. I was never a big joiner of them to start with (my weird hours seem to dictate that I never have long term friends in the game), and I haven't bothered to try and form my own either, haven't seen the need. I'd be open to seeing some changes come down the pike to expand what they are or might be able to do to make them fun again and worth joining. And I am awed by the base builder community.
  13. Hm, I can't say for sure. I'm not currently at home so I can't check. I do seem to recall it was happening a lot though, like I think every time I took the time to look fro it.
  14. I love that faceplate but have never been able to make it work in any way I've ever liked, not once. Every time I see it used elsewhere I think "I really should try that again," but then I do and... I dunno, it might such a distinctive piece (like brain inna jar) that it doesn't actually have a lot of uses, at least to me (I still haven't gotten brain inna jar to work either).
  15. You could even have fun with them and go cheesy with the titles, like And Lo, The Maguffin Device Cometh!!
  16. Like the AT that's still stuck with Mercs is concerned with proper balance, ha ha! (I do know they're getting a little bit of an upgrade so to speak soon though, but who can resist kicking Mercs when the chance presents itself? Not me, and I speak as a fan of Mercs)
  17. The more I think about this one, the more I like it. That would be a really epic strike force for villains. ETA - and then at 50, another one based around the same idea, but that has you stealing Mercy from Arachnos for yourself. Mwuhahahahaha!
  18. Perfectly understandable, I generally dislike aiming for expensive builds as well lest I commit to a build only to discover I don't really care for the way it plays but have sunk half a billion into it or something, Plus there's always new shineys down the road to distract me.
  19. I have done some PUGs like that (basically zero chatter), but those did stand out to me for being such; usually a joke or something will always fly between each mission on a TF.
  20. This reminds me of a recent run with a new Dom. For some reason, we kept losing people as the TF went along (partly could have been because one guy kept doing a Leroy Jenkins all the time) and when we got to that last mission, we were down to a five person team. But as we'd been an eight person team when we started, we had to fight eight duplicates anyway (my Dom was two of them in fact). That was fun to finally actually clear! Which we did after just a couple of wipes.
  21. I'm no meisterbuilder, but one question I have is why no Gaussian's in Spot Prey?
  22. Malware messages aren't uncommon for the Tequila. When I first tried to set everything up, it would just NOT play nice no matter what. A few days later I just happened to be switching net providers and viola, suddenly it was all ok. Computers be weird, brah. (And I didn't know the HC launcher was already out there 👀)
  23. I had happened to start an Ice/Sav Dom so I respecced and I'm giving this a whirl, but I don't think it's for me. The main issue is I think that I felt like I was trying to run a particularly squishy Scrapper or Stalker but without the benefits of being a Stalker or a Scrapper, so that I was missing out on the benefits of actually being a Dom. Still an interesting build though! Sigh, now I guess I need to try and plot one to fit my playstyle myself. I make builds like Bender makes money - I prefer to steal them and complain when I have to do something.
  24. I'm not much a fan of the lore* so I don't really care all that much. Just make the current story I'm in the middle of compelling enough. *Fandoms obsessively tracking stupidly tiny details as if it matters that Darth Vader once met Bigg's great-uncle in some comic from twenty years ago is one of my bug-a-boos.
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