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  1. That's a good start towards a tutorial, yes. Why does it also tell me when I need to make a tier 2 3 or 4 that I also need the lower stages below the one? Is it lying?
  2. I think I've identified the problem here. 😀
  3. Too busy being grim 'n' gritty. That said, you may have a point. But don't you dare clean up the litter or brighten the skies!
  4. Yeah, I only sporadically check the email account their stuff goes to, and I still don't think I've seen anything about/with actual game play.
  5. Chiming to note that I tend to go where the people are, so I'm more often blue than red. But if I happen to see a LFM pop up for red, I'll happily swap over at a moment's notice. I think like making a team on blueside, if you build one, they will come.
  6. Creating a target enemy near button is always the very first thing I do with a new toon (well, that and check the costu8me to make sure it came out like I expected). I don't play melee too often, so tabbing usually does me well enough; occasionally I will click on a target.
  7. It's called "Neapolitan" and don't tell me how to play City of Ice Cream! 😡
  8. My answer to the question: kind of yes, but no, depending on power sets, powers chosen, slots assigned... it's all very variable.
  9. That's just an obvious truth, like "don't stick your hand in the fire."
  10. There was a bug in-game that lasted about four days on Live that allowed one to make a character with an invisible left hand, so of course I made a Dual Pistols character. I don't recall being disappointed with something like an aura showing where the hand would have been (if nothing else it was quite the conversation piece). There was also another bug for about a week that let your character;'s torso mostly disappear too, but that looked sort of dumb (although obviously I had one of those too!). Anyway, we already have headless characters, this doesn't seem that crazy otherwise.
  11. Oh, I wasn't snarking, I was kvetching - totally different thing! Were I to snark, I might point out that I can certainly believe that someone who likes speed runs would probably find the consideration of typing the two words "speed run" into their PST message to be a needless waste of inordinately large amounts of time; that cherrypicking an example of a single run of the most notorious time-wasting TF is a bit disingenuous; that I said nothing about conserving our precious resources, mobs, but did point out that rushing was apparently more important that supporting fellow players, even with
  12. Only because my dyslexia made it "reunited and it fleas so good," yeah.
  13. Hey you kids! Stay off my damn portal!! *shakes fist*
  14. That's just because we don't have to spend time being ebil now, we're comfortable enough as it is! On the other hand, if uh, you're looking to like just dump some Inf away... I mean, I'm not stupid...
  15. Welp, guess I believe dinosaurs were wiped out by aliens now! You can't prove it didn't happen!
  16. Not everyone wants to play that way though. Yesterday I found myself on a team playing Citadel just that way: a stalker and a brute would rush through to the end of the map, ignoring anyone else, would have been nice if they had announced it as a speed run when recruiting. After dying a couple of times trying to keep up only to find they also hadn't done any clearing of the map along their way (Defenders have trouble when they walk into a large group of mods, often), I gave up and door sat. Hey, I still supported them, I was running my Leadership toggles, and that was more support than I wa
  17. Incarnates need a tutorial. I should spell that out in big red flashing letters or something, too. That was like handing us the keys to a Tardis without a users' manual. Hell, I still have questions. And I also still lose interest with equipping a toon in that system pas a few branches up the trees partly because of that.
  18. I don't farm nor play the market in anyway, converting or whatever - too boring, that;s homework. I have a fairly new fifty (see the end of my sig) who's still having fun blasting around, so is racking up the money. Some new build for a new toon will come along and drain my accounts, but I've never felt seriously impinged. Just another way HC is great, I don't have to feel hampered by not doing the damn homework.
  19. I almost always do the Galaxy City tutorial too, but almost always I'm there by myself. This may be because I play during odd hours though.
  20. Indeed, remember that Asteroids was cutting edge graphics for 1979.
  21. Oh, I misread and thought you couldn't do that at 50. You can see how often I mess around with respecing I guess.
  22. Pretty sure of that yeah. But it's an interesting thought experiment: if we tampered in god's domain and created this unholy slot-moving ability, how would people feel about being able to slot a 49 power past four slots? Is there an argument to be made against it?
  23. With just a little more work, this could become parts for more robot options for costumes. Which would be great, but my ultimate robot costume options would let me look like an ambulatory water heater ala old serials.
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