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  1. When I talk to Rita Mayfair in the Imperial City with max costume slots on either the 64-bit or 32-bit clients the game crashes to desktop as it tries to open the costume selection window. The legacy client works as expected. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
  2. Do you have Force Feedback: Chance for Recharge in something? Once you slot it the program defaults to adding the +100% recharge as if it were active all the time.
  3. How on earth is that seven times more effective? Recall Friend has a 4 second interrupt window, it's not exactly an oh shit power. All you're saving is time, which was why people wanted it replaced earlier in the thread. Could easily make the Recall Friend->Assemble the Team cost more endurance. Maybe just multiply it by the cost for casting it on each team member. Could also apply a debuff that stops you from doing it twice in a certain period, which one would hope is less than half an hour because goddamn that's annoying. The metrics say a whopping 1703 characters took Long Range Teleport. I'm one of them: I basically never use it. It was something to throw in at 50 that didn't need slots. It needs some oomph, especially with /enterbasefrompasscode going away or getting nerfed or whatever. It's thematic, too. Gateway from Marvel, Raven from Teen Titans (at least the cartoon), I'm sure a bunch of other people move the whole team right where they need to go. As it is, an investment of three powers minimum to be basically equivalent to a P2W power everybody gets doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Especially when, again, it only saves time. As for the defense bonus, Zepp covered why I even mentioned it. The other sets all get some form of Defense, except Speed and that USED to have it. They just decided in Issue 1 that Hasten was too fucking awesome because everyone was taking it and removed it. Obviously that 5% defense was why it was so popular. 🙂 Just movement speed would cover the other glaring inconveniences of Teleport: it's basically useless indoors and briefly freezes you outside. So a movement speed buff would let you move during the hover mud, which almost everyone finds infuriating, and let you get around indoors more easily. I wasn't suggesting that it let you break caps, just be a faster version of sprint or similar to having the Jump Pack on while you're flying. Again, like P2W powers that everyone gets. I like all this too. Especially how the Teleport->LRT thing.
  4. I was thinking it would be in the top spot, so it's a lot of power for three powers. Which bit concerns you?
  5. Ok, this is something I've been kicking around in my head for a while. The Medicine Pool has Field Medic, which improves all the other powers, yeah? Why not something like that for Teleport? We drop Team Teleport and replace with a cheap toggle power that increases all movement speed and maybe defense because you're just so good at teleporting now you're just constantly making little jumps. While the toggle is active all your other Teleport powers are also super-charged. The speed increase should be high enough to overcome the Hover Tar, Recall Friend becomes Assemble the Team, Teleport Foe becomes Wormhole-lite by doing multiple foes and/or adding a stun, and Long Range Teleport pulls the whole team to your destination. Add options for "Mission Entrance" and "Supergroup Base" to LRT. This way the indoor movement problems are reduced, and the whole set gets a ton of utility by basically offering faster recharging versions of the P2W powers.
  6. I keep coming back to the flippant "just get rid of tankers, they're not needed." post from early in the thread that I haven't had enough coffee this morning to find, and it reminded me of when I saw how many Corruptor support numbers are the same as Defender support numbers. Meaning for some sets there's basically no reason to roll Def. Instead of getting rid of them, why not combine them? Give Tankers Fury, add Gauntlet to Brute powers, make all their numbers the same on attack and defense. Same with Corruptors and Defenders. Give Defenders Corruptor damage and Scourge, give Corruptors Defender support/secondary effect numbers and Vigilance. Make the difference whether you want attack or defense/support powers first, and flavor text. Or we could change Fury to use the same "in combat" mechanic as the new snipes. While you're in combat make it go up fast over time instead of by incoming attacks, hitting the cap after 3 or 4 minutes maybe (obviously would require testing). When you're out of combat have it drop even faster. Remove Brute inherent taunt (but leave the tree powers) and have their taunt auras increase the amount Fury increases per tick for each enemy instead of taunting, or maybe with less taunt than Tanks though I'm not sure how you'd make that happen the way the AI is set up. Maybe make Tank auras taunt twice for every tick over a bigger area? Anyway, this way Brutes become crappier tanks but don't need to get attacked to be effective. They're mad that anyone would DARE stand against them. Though it suddenly occurs to me that the new tactic will be to leave one enemy alive to pointlessly swing at you until you're at the Fury cap, then go and slaughter everything, changing very little other than the time investment. Oh well. These are my dumb ideas. Maybe they'll inspire someone else's good ones.
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