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  1. Just a heads up - More of a change than a bug. On this wiki page https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Cce_(Slash_Command) it lists Binds and Macros for costume changes. i.e. /bind NUMPAD0 "emote none$$cce 0 ccBackFlip" However, with the animation changes in the April 20th patch none$$cce appears to have broken and the emote does not play, just the costume changes after about 10 seconds. I tried removing the "none" from the line, because the wiki says this is for an animation cancel and animations were changed, resulting in /bind NUMPAD0 "emote $$ cce 0 ccB
  2. Great. Thanks for all of the feedback all. I'm sure this character will turn out much different once I'm done building. Enjoying the hell out of Dark/Fire along the way.
  3. Ignore the slot placements. This char just hit 50 and they went wherever along the way.
  4. The attachment in the thread is unavailable.
  5. Does anyone happen to know the file name for Initial Strike or other Street Justice powers? They peak pretty bad and I'd like to tone them down. If there's a way I can browse the sound directory to try and find it myself I'd be open to that as well. I'll post it here for the spread sheet once I have it narrowed down.
  6. As middle-mouse is only used to spin the camera around to see your character, you could rebind it or a thumb button (if you have any) to toggle auto run on/off.
  7. Press F5 to change the placement mode to "Surface" instead of "Floor". Also check out the pinned cheat sheet at the top of this forum.
  8. Simply, Thank You. At over 9000 I hope you and the rest of the un-snappers get to enjoy some barbecue for the holiday. The only thing I've seen that's concerning me is the amount of people begging for custom power sets; getting to choose from any power in the game every level. That, in my opinion would make the game feel far too "private-server-ey" if you will. It would absolutely kill the feel of the game and the point of a team. However, I'm sure the idea is so ridiculous and the population of people requesting it is so small that it is not even on your radar. But it is 2019 and
  9. Have you not seen Leandro's latest stream? Or most of the base building screen shots on discord? Build outside the grid and you can have as many windows as you want:
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