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  1. I wouldn't try to figure out how taunt auras work, they don't seem to have a guiding star of design beyond "Scrapper damage ones don't taunt at all"
  2. All of the Scrapper Taunts are weaker than the brute/tank ones.
  3. Well, Procs don't work for every spec, and while Frankenslotting can be good you still lose out on the power of having an absurd amount of free recharge. My main point was that the actual bonuses are not balanced in what they can do, you can get 80% recharge with very little effort..but you can't get 80% Damage Buff, heck even in terms of the "powerful" set bonuses Recharge still has huge advantages in that the majority of purple 5 sets are recharge.
  4. It was added in at some point to buff the set and give it an aggro aura in order for Brutes to be able to tank with it more effectively.
  5. And that is something that should be looked at at the IO level. IO sets have always been terribly balanced against each other. There are only two ways to IO yourself out..Survival or Recharge.
  6. With that line of thinking then scrappers need brought down as well.
  7. Just saying, Wall of Force is Totally Haoshoku Haki.
  8. That depends on how you define fix, it fixed a massive problem melee pets had at the very minor cost of Ranged pets running in which is a quality of life issue more than anything else. Pets getting murdered by Melee AOE is a problem with how accuracy works with levels and the fact pets are very often in the purple patch nowadays.
  9. And back then the melee pets were broke, because they would sit back and spam their crappy range attack. That is the thing I have suggested for "ranged" pets forever.
  10. This will either hurt Tanks or Brutes, with the -Resistance from Gauntlet Tanks had something unique to bring, an axis to which one is differentiated from the other, now Tank - Brute balance is tied directly into Damage and one will always be superior to the others. This is a mostly completely pointless change for any Tank except Maybe Dark Armor or Titan Weapons users. The Tanking class should have a higher damage cap than the Pure DPS classes? I would be okayish with this change without the damage boosts, being able to hit more targets reliably thus increasing ease of aggro would be a good axis in which to differentiate brutes from tanks.
  11. Back on Virute we had the VirtueUnited channels as one of the main Globals for the server, I made EverlastingUnited in hopes of rebuilding that sort of community feel.
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