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  1. I mean, Build up as an effect is powerful, that is not something I argue, but the sets that have the quasi build ups tend to be on the more flavorful end of the spectrum.
  2. Well I would suggest that every set get's its own thing, I just didn't want to go through the list of every melee set and have an OP that is 4 Paragraphs of potential powers.
  3. That doesn't fix the problem that many of the melee sets would still feel the same, I tend to feel that the ATs have enough variety to not worry, my suggestion has more to do with the Individual sets. That is kind of my point, one of the biggest strengths of City of Heroes is that sets have strong Thematic Elements, why would every Melee set (and many of the blaster sets) that all have wildly different Themes all..empower themselves in the same maner.
  4. So the weekly discussion about animations made me consider something I never had before. Build Up is a terrible power, not in terms of effectiveness but in terms of Thematics. Almost all of the melee attack sets have Build up as their Damage Boost Cooldown power, the ones that don't tend to have powers in place that are far more flavorful and thematic in their place. Claws has Follow Up, Titan Weapons has Build up that grants Momentum, Dark Melee has Soul Drain. The non-stalker versions of Savage Melee completely lack Build up, the damage boost being inherent in Blood Frenzy. My suggestion is that all of the sets that have Build up replaced by something that has a similar function (to hit buff, damage buff). Now I don't have an idea for everything, but I do have a pair idea for a couple of the sets. Katana - Iaijutu - The flavor would be the Anime/Samurai Movie trope of Drawing and attacking. (See Ruroni Kenshin's ultimate attack as well as Roronora Zoro ocassionally). And the effect would be you gain a larger damage buff for your next attack. The Normal amount of To Hit, but damage would be Obscenely high for Brutes, pretty high for Stalkers since they have a massive attack to automatically crit with and and larger than Build Up for scrappers while also causing their next attack to automatically crit as to not cause problems with removing the chain of "Build up -> Scrapper ATO proc attack -> Biggest attack" which Scrappers have now. Fire Melee - Kindling - The flavor would be that the user's inner temperature ebbs and flows, you can turn up the heat on your flames, but - Effect, a passive power that cycles between different to hit/damage buff tiers, starting low going high and cycling back down to low.
  5. It is a better name for a buff set than something that was historically used to torture (not just gay) people.
  6. Well he can ignore my post then. As for mechanical feedback, the two debuffs having the normal Electric -Recovery/-Endurance thing is an instant Con to me, those effects have rarely if ever been practical in real use and having a static consuming power that is completely focused on that makes for an easily skippable power in my opinion, or in the very least a power you put minimal slots in. Edit : Also I am not a fan of many of the powers being "Enhancements" for secondary effects, those type of abilities can be very powerful or very useless just based on what you have to enhance.
  7. That is an acceptable start, they are some nice Quality of life changes. However they don't really fix Mastermind's main problem in high level(as in actual levels not skill levels) Either the pet level differences need Eliminated with a re-balancing of Pet IO Auras to keep pets from becoming near immortal, or all six of the Pet IO auras need to be baseline. It is unacceptable that the class requires 6 enhancements just to compensate for what happens when you go +1 and your first tier pets automatically hit the purple patch, which only gets worse as you crank the levels up.
  8. I wouldn't try to figure out how taunt auras work, they don't seem to have a guiding star of design beyond "Scrapper damage ones don't taunt at all"
  9. All of the Scrapper Taunts are weaker than the brute/tank ones.
  10. Well, Procs don't work for every spec, and while Frankenslotting can be good you still lose out on the power of having an absurd amount of free recharge. My main point was that the actual bonuses are not balanced in what they can do, you can get 80% recharge with very little effort..but you can't get 80% Damage Buff, heck even in terms of the "powerful" set bonuses Recharge still has huge advantages in that the majority of purple 5 sets are recharge.
  11. It was added in at some point to buff the set and give it an aggro aura in order for Brutes to be able to tank with it more effectively.
  12. And that is something that should be looked at at the IO level. IO sets have always been terribly balanced against each other. There are only two ways to IO yourself out..Survival or Recharge.
  13. With that line of thinking then scrappers need brought down as well.
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