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  1. it felt Absolutely amazing to stream COH again. Now I can't wait till next Saturday.
  2. Here is my channel, I guess I will be doing COH on Saturdays now to finish leveling up the worst Powerset combo in the game (Merc/TA MM..I started this Pre TA buffs Don't throw rocks at me Plz)
  3. Well I have no issue with Stealth Powers not stacking, my issue is that this seems to almost make In-set Stealth powers strictly worse than the Pool Power.
  4. Doesn't this make Invisibility outright superior to the in powerset stealth powers? Cloak of Shadows and Pool Stealth are mutually exclusive powers, if you have one on you can't have the other. According to Mids. (for Tanks) Stealth Currently (Un-slotted) 35ft Stealth 5% Defense all .33 End Per second. Cloak of Darkness 35ft Stealth 5% Defense All .29 Endurance a second. Immob Protection Perception Buff This is adding a very potent amount of Stealth vs The Armor Version, as well as giving a mini-defense buff fo
  5. Are the stealth powers within powersets going to receive a similar buff?
  6. At what level, also why are you advocating to make another trap for new players when it comes to wasting merits?
  7. Will there be any rebalancing of the costs of SOs? I realize that for Established players who have 50s the costs are minimal, however for newer players who don't have an established bank account(who are the ones most likely to use SOs) the cost of DOs and SOs is pretty outrageous.
  8. This is okayish, having a power you are forced to take having some use is always beuno. This being a noticeable amount of to-hit amount helps the set immensely. Does -Special have a real effect in terms of use against AVs? (lets be real, that is the only thing it will matter on much of the time) 25% irresistable damage reduction? That seems..overpowered. Is there any source of -damage that isn't resisted? (for Mobs Damage Resists also grant them resistance to -damage effects). This feels like a terrible idea to have so much of the effect irres
  9. Of note, my Banished Pantheon set were meant for scrappers/stalkers. Any new APPS or PPPs should follow already existing rules.
  10. Wow, there are people actually trying to defend Titan Weapon's output. Titan Weapons has always been known to be overpowered, it has been that way since day one of the sets existence, the fact it was broken as heck was a freaking MEME for god's sake and people are still trying to defend it. Power sets having damage numbers that are way outside any level of acceptable Variance is not working as intended.
  11. I mean, Build up as an effect is powerful, that is not something I argue, but the sets that have the quasi build ups tend to be on the more flavorful end of the spectrum.
  12. Well I would suggest that every set get's its own thing, I just didn't want to go through the list of every melee set and have an OP that is 4 Paragraphs of potential powers.
  13. That doesn't fix the problem that many of the melee sets would still feel the same, I tend to feel that the ATs have enough variety to not worry, my suggestion has more to do with the Individual sets. That is kind of my point, one of the biggest strengths of City of Heroes is that sets have strong Thematic Elements, why would every Melee set (and many of the blaster sets) that all have wildly different Themes all..empower themselves in the same maner.
  14. So the weekly discussion about animations made me consider something I never had before. Build Up is a terrible power, not in terms of effectiveness but in terms of Thematics. Almost all of the melee attack sets have Build up as their Damage Boost Cooldown power, the ones that don't tend to have powers in place that are far more flavorful and thematic in their place. Claws has Follow Up, Titan Weapons has Build up that grants Momentum, Dark Melee has Soul Drain. The non-stalker versions of Savage Melee completely lack Build up, the damage boost being inherent in Blood Frenzy. My su
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