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  1. Which also means you can't put them on top of each other and make a bridge anymore. A moment of silence for the Ourobridge. 😢
  2. I'm a little curious about this, too, except for why it doesn't work in PvP zones. Is it just the quick exit? I feel like you could condense a lot of these powers down into maybe 2-3 more universal options, ie: One SG portal that "levels up" its recharge time depending on how many of the powers/badges you have: Monitor Duty, Rapid Response Member, p2w Base Transporter, p2w Supergroup Portal. One personal portal that "levels up" and adds destinations depending on what ones you've unlocked: Ouroboros, Pocket D, and all the exploration accolades (which should probably be account wide.) Which leaves the mission TPs as their own thing (which is reasonable, I think) and the market TPs as... something. Maybe you could fit those on a personal portal, but it seems messy. I think ditching the long activations that get interrupted every time someone actually drops a portal is for the better, but it seems like PvP zones might be a hang up there?
  3. It’s being said like that because there was one uber-convenient solution and now a nearly a dozen you’re meant to use in the wake of it being gone. There already were too many teleport powers and it was already a problem, it’s just that now people have to actually engage with that problem.
  4. Not to get too snarky, but I think making 3 new powers and adjusting the surplus of teleport powers took more effort than it would have to just make one fast recharging supergroup portal. Extra trays aren't the solution to "we have too many teleport powers." Tackling the issue of why you need that tray space is, and consolidating teleport powers would go a long way in that direction.
  5. Yeah, thematically it doesn't really line up much at all. People typically suggested Storm Kick more often as a cone, and we eventually got that! ... in Martial Assault. I know the idea's to make EC more appealing, but it's pretty weird. I'd sooner look to its crit/damage boosting effect for a buff, but I assume those conversations happened in closed beta already.
  6. Biiiig same. I've already got a floating tray filled up as it is, and screen real estate is at a premium. Scaling the UI and keeping text readable while still finding space for a dumptruck's worth of powers is a heeefty challenge I've been trying to navigate lately. Before you even start considering the heaps of temporary powers, I've got 27 powers from my primary/secondary/ancillary/pools/incarnates that need tray space. A floating tray isn't a bad idea, but it's a band-aid for a bigger problem imo.
  7. Just some quick thoughts after a pair of Borea mission runs on beta with my TW/Bio Scrapper just copied from live. I didn't time them, but I tried a +2x8 and a +4x8 just to get some ~actual play~ experience. - Damage reduction is really noticeable all around, but really noticeable at +4. Safe to say that it feels like everything's kinda gone up in enemy rank (lieutenant kill time feels like old boss kill time, etc.) - Whirling Smash's usability feels much worse and the radius doesn't really seem to line up with the animation anymore? - Titan Sweep's damage/animation timing feels off in the fast version, probably because of the animation time change. - I didn't really notice the end/recharge with Momentum. I guess this is mostly for the low end of builds but it didn't seem to impact my playstyle much at all. - The redraw mechanic works really well from my bit of testing. It also seems to fix some damage timing issues with redraw during Momentum, which is great! - Whiffs still giving you momentum is a huge QoL boost and I really like that, but... The one change that threw me off more than anything else is the Crushing Blow change. It's non-momentum time is significantly faster and makes the whole set flow much better. I don't know if the change is intended or not since it's not listed, but if it isn't? Yikes. If it is, I find it pretty restricting that it's basically "use CB first or you're doing it wrong." Requiring a hit for Momentum to activate meant it could be smarter to use Titan Sweep to avoid whiffs and "guarantee" Momentum by rolling against a bunch of targets. Now there's not really any thought in the matter. I dunno if giving Titan Sweep a faster activation too is the solution, but right now it feels like you just might as well wait for CB even in AOE situations. edit: and while it's on my mind, I'd really appreciate AoD being usable while flying. At the very least while near the ground like similar powers.
  8. This is what I really wanna know, since the bug fix notes didn't mention it. Shifting towards those long casts when anything will break them is gonna be a headache.
  9. I'm not sure if you're taking requests, but I'd adore a replacement pack for Dual Blades. I dunno what it is about that set in particular, but it sounds nothing like actual swords to me. Some powers have a weirdly... "crunchy" sound to them that feels out of place, and the whole thing is too loud/grating for my tastes. fwiw, I actually like Katana/BS/TW's sound design just fine and none of those bother me. I was planning on rolling a DB character so I'll definitely be using the lightsaber mod just to get rid of the noise, but something more neutrally sword-y would be super appreciated.
  10. W e a t h e r. I want to bless the rains down in Astoria.
  11. Somebody smarter could probably explain this better, but I can try my best. I'll use TF2 as an example, since it's a shooter I've sunk a lot of hours into. For something like 120fps (or higher), you can feel that difference even on a 60hz monitor. Your responses are registering quicker, even if you can't actually see the screen updating as fast as your computer's rendering it. For CoH, I cap the framerate at 60fps just so my graphics card fan doesn't make a ton of noise. When I tried capping TF2 at 60fps, I could immediately feel the difference from it usually running around 120 or so - I was so used to the gameplay that even the tiniest change felt really weird. For a 120hz (or higher) monitor you can actually see that difference in real time. The trouble with CoH is that it's a pretty slow game. A high framerate would mean your power activations and stuff would be faster, you'd see immediately when it starts and when the server registers it... but then you're locked into an animation. Same thing with enemies moving, you'd see it happen much smoother and maybe ever so slightly faster, but the game's not really built on those split-second decisions like a shooter is. Server lag is also a big contributor here - Homecoming is much more responsive than the live servers were, but MMOs in general send and receive information slower. Someone playing at 30fps might see the enemy a liiiittle bit slower, and their reaction might be a liiiittle bit slower too, but server lag could eat up all the difference. The biggest differences in feel I can guess that you'd notice are things that don't rely on the server: menus, typing, the way the camera moves. Obviously everything will look better, too.
  12. It may be the simpler route, though I've always thought the option of going the other way had more potential: expand the difficulty options to let people apply shifts to enemies in regular content. +4x8 too dull for you? Try +5x8, or +6x8! Presumably with better rewards, too. It's almost certainly more work, but fine tuning a custom difficulty is (I think) one of CoH's coolest features. Plus, expanding on it would feel much better than taking away what people have already earned and are used to with their characters.
  13. iirc by default there isn't any FPS cap. You can set one with /maxfps # and /maxinactivefps # up to any 3 digit number, so it should technically work fine with a high framerate if your computer can pull those numbers. You can also use /showfps 1 to enable a counter if you wanna gauge your performance (replace the 1 with a 0 to disable it.) I don't have a lot of experience with high refresh rate monitors, but I know in general that it's not exactly going to make any difference on CoH's gameplay like it would with something like CSGO. It'll probably look a little nicer, at least.
  14. Then I would have set aside some time after page 5's release to put the change up for testing so it could get that focused window. I disagree heavily with that sort of rigidity, but even if it were only a few days (to minimize spread) and mostly a formality (because the changes were mostly solid), the transparency of forewarning for something you know is going to be a big change is just good PR. I respect that this is all volunteer work, but the people who are still sticking around and playing and giving their time and feedback do it because they're passionate and invested, too. Don't trample over that investment in the rush to do what's "healthy."
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