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  1. If you'd asked prior to the patch going live I'd have had you covered but with the new drop points, nope.
  2. You could just claim them all on one alt and leave them in the giant wall of un/semi-wanted temp powers section of your powers screen. I don't get why you wouldn't want them though, I've actually bought packs just to get those and been annoyed with the rest of the stuff clogging my email. They're great for High Pain Tolerance accolade debt farming and for making the vet levels to empyrean drops go a bit quicker.
  3. No, STF (or MLTF if you must) I was the run to the portal guy in mish 2. I clicked LRT but couldn't select IP faster than the team leader could set the next mish so I got dumped to portal corp with my LRT on recharge. Next time I'll LRT and base macro which should be the extra second faster I need.
  4. I just experienced a downside i'd not even considered - having your lrtp eaten by tf leader being quicker on the contact draw than you are selecting a zone. But the persistent ouro really helps when dropping lg's mish of ramiel.
  5. ^^ also a lot of folks only take that pool for LotG mules. and there's already a pbaoe placate in the pool.
  6. Not too often, but when you die and you have 8 or 10 of them to turn back on after rezzing it takes a bit. Or when you realize mid-mob you forgot to retoggle some after exemping.
  7. /signed. Really I'd like to see all toggles that don't damage, buff or debuff given that treatment.
  8. I didn't find the callbox bit annoying, they were close by. I guess I should've been reading to avoid the Julius trip (but I never read anything in game, when I want to read an arc I do it on the wiki for the full picture) and I think the rest of my heavy travel might've been randomized locations. In any event the travel in the hero one was in line with other blueside ouros. And the villain arc was very little travel.
  9. FInished the villain one. I liked it a lot as well. Ran it on my fort and kinda wish i'd been on something that didn't have double tactics to see how the stealth freaks were normally. Both of these are well done and fun.
  10. I just finished graveyard shift and it's a lot of fun. I can't stand drop-offs either but I decided after Julius came up that the drop-offs in the arc were meant as a troll to all of us complaining that /ebfp was being limited, since every mission I got was leagues away from the base/lrtp dropoffs 😄 Will try out the other new arc tomorrow.
  11. I'd just be happy if mine stayed where I put them without having to fiddle with the game files.
  12. Probably because emails to self had a time limit on live.
  13. How did you set it not to blink? I was able to stop it by turning off the option to blink when powers are expiring but I'd rather not do that since it's useful for powers that are actually expiring. Retoggling works but it's annoying to have to do it every character switch and its not a permanent solution even on the same character.
  14. House of M happened - Layla Miller showed up in the 'real' world after it, and it showed up in Secret Wars as well. Sentry happened as much as any sweeping retcon of the entire history who's also crazy and an unreliable narrator can happen. Blue Marvel too, minus the crazy/unreliable bit 😄
  15. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume the pvp community is breathing a sigh of relief that people can't slowly fly away with a p2w jetpack.
  16. It hasn't been thrown out the window but it's so convoluted by retcons and writers just not remembering things correctly and things just being ignored and things just being done for lulz that it might as well have been. Marvel's sliding timeline makes things even more complicated than just canon or non-. Oh and even the non-canon stuff is canon-ish because of the multiverse, so there's that. The example I always use is Deadpool's daughter. She's decidedly in continuity in recent years but she was conceived in one of the wacky Deadpool retcon stories where he hangs out with 70's Luke Cage and I
  17. Ok that menu looks glorious. Almost makes me sad I did the explore dance already. Oh well, new alts soon anyway.
  18. I like tidge's suggestion but if that's implemented can villain zones be moved above the shard, please? A minor tip for those with tons of alts - get an explore in every zone you plan on getting on one toon, then write down the name of each zone and the last badge listed in the accolade section. Can then check on each toon and jot down which zones they're missing. I cut a couple minutes of dancing around badges I already had on each alt this way.
  19. all of the travel toggles are doing it. just have to retoggle them
  20. It's not for everyone, but I could see folks really liking it.
  21. I'd ditto marvels and the brubaker stuff. Earth X and its sequel series are fantastic. I like the Bendis era avengers/event stuff from disassembled through dark reign with Secret Invasion being the highlight. But it gets old with Siege and CW2.
  22. Yeah I hadn't seen that bopper updated to the correct link when I replied. So i'm upgrading from non-existent to semi-existent 😄
  23. I like the Colored Zone text as well. I was going to suggest that the shard be moved below the villain zones but then I remembered I'd already decided not to get the shard or praetoria explores 😄
  24. Hard to have builds of something that's not in mids yet, which as far as I'm concerned means it doesn't exist.
  25. Whereas now they rearrange to BDSM OR ALT...coincidence or new RP meme? you decide.
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