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  1. I never take placate on stalkers since the fast AS change. I also wouldn't skip grant cover as it has some good defense debuff resistance in it. Definitely take build up but you can one slot it with gaussian proc and skip recharge if you need a slot since one of the ATO procs will recharge it. Can't help on a leveling build as I only do a final build and throw substitute crappy IOs while leveling. Should be something useable around though since it's a popular combo.
  2. Usually if you get the multiple instance missions that you can't enter on kahn it's a matter of everyone not being in the same zone on a mixed alignment team. Can generally be fixed by everyone going back to the FF train. The mission should've finished on its own after a bit if you'd taken down all the portals even with the one person still in there. But if they came back and exited to ouro or base while the rest were in FF the bug could pop up. If it was still happening even with everyone together I have no idea.
  3. There was a recent price drop in them that seems to be holding. I know I have a bunch unsold at what used to be instant sell prices below the 7 million they'd typically go for. They've been sitting there for a while now. There've been other drops previously so there could be really old ones up at 8 or 10 million as well.
  4. Are you sure you weren't just getting a recipe from parking in ouro all the time and switched to sg portals to gain base tp charges? Also it amazes me that you'd notice this.
  5. it's actually the opposite. it says accuracy but is to-hit.
  6. True, but the seeding chased the manipulators off of rare salvage for good. It was a real problem early on.
  7. It's there, there's just not a slash command for it which is what OP wants.
  8. I wouldn't call it suspicious, it's a standard cloudflare DDoS protection page. I got the page with no captcha, saw this thread then tried again with my VPN turned on. Got the captcha. That seems to be WAI.
  9. <searches for rj in game to drop stacks of level 15 induced coma recipes on>
  10. You'd still want a MM or Defender (or sentinel??) to keep Reichs from going invulnerable unless you really want to be there a while. He's enough of an HP bag as it is.
  11. Poison is my absolute favorite debuff set on its own merits. I have the hold procced out but apart from that it's not. And my secondary is DP which i don't even particularly care for. I expect if you're not finding it useful on teams it's because you're playing at range rather than in melee. Now granted, many support players don't want to play in melee but for poison to be its best it needs to be.
  12. I think it's fine as it is. The only change I'd like apart from the fix to the retrieval bugginess would be an increased stack limit. Every other MMO i've tried I've wanted COX's double blind system.
  13. Poison's amazing but I would recommend defender on it. It's one of those sets where the higher debuff values make a big difference. It doesn't really blossom until you get the aura though - slot it for -to hit and you're golden. Frankly I think poison's the perfect set for the way the game is today. You can passively debuff regular mobs just by being in melee and blast for fun. Hard targets you have the heavier debuffs to throw. No super long recharge stuff, no anchors. Heal/mez/rez are completely skippable.
  14. prolly wouldn't specifically want to use V then since you might want to use ctrl+v to paste a link or somesuch
  15. Not sure about RoP but the melee hybrids that have mez protection can be used while mezzed.
  16. Sounds like OP needs to play something other than assault rifle for a bit.
  17. Yes, it was working as intended, just worked out poorly for me in that particular situation. Next time I'll know not to try the direct port.
  18. It was on a piece of scrap paper. But really if you have vidiot maps it'll only take an alt or two to figure out your best bet. There were formerly only a few places where the visibly closest badge wasn't the easiest to get, which i mentioned up thread. Those wouldn't apply now since the drop points have changed.
  19. Just looked back and saw the 'farmer only' bit i'd forgotten while reading the other replies. I guess there's little to do with them there except just claim and forget unless you make an alt on that account to hold missions for your main account like siege and anti-matter. I'd say email inf to main account before buying packs next time but I'm guessing you'd rather have the windfalls on your farmer if you're doing actual farming.
  20. If you'd asked prior to the patch going live I'd have had you covered but with the new drop points, nope.
  21. You could just claim them all on one alt and leave them in the giant wall of un/semi-wanted temp powers section of your powers screen. I don't get why you wouldn't want them though, I've actually bought packs just to get those and been annoyed with the rest of the stuff clogging my email. They're great for High Pain Tolerance accolade debt farming and for making the vet levels to empyrean drops go a bit quicker.
  22. No, STF (or MLTF if you must) I was the run to the portal guy in mish 2. I clicked LRT but couldn't select IP faster than the team leader could set the next mish so I got dumped to portal corp with my LRT on recharge. Next time I'll LRT and base macro which should be the extra second faster I need.
  23. I just experienced a downside i'd not even considered - having your lrtp eaten by tf leader being quicker on the contact draw than you are selecting a zone. But the persistent ouro really helps when dropping lg's mish of ramiel.
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