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  1. Valiant doesn't actually have the rights to Magnus or Turok (or Solar) anymore so their best stories wouldn't be available. I was really hoping for a Valiant universe in tv or movies but I don't know if Bloodshot did well enough to warrant that. XO or Harbinger would've been a better first choice. I think Fables would make a great tv series but there've probably already been too many similar but not as good things already. Early Grendel stuff would be good.
  2. I guess I'm weird, I just hit the right arrow in VLC to jump through if it's something that might have a post- or mid- credits scene. Can't imagine folks sitting through the marvel netflix stuff hoping for some with all the multiple language credits netflix shows have.
  3. Wait, people watch credits? Who knew?
  4. I knew what you meant. I always park at rwz portal and hate when i don't remember to LRT before leaving last mish of Lady Grey. I mean, sure, I can base macro but would be nice to skip the step.
  5. 3's not quite as tough to get through as 1&2, but there's enough shown in 4 that you could skip 3 and not be lost. really you could skip 1-3 without being lost.
  6. you don't, unless you have a time machine.
  7. I loathed the first 3 eps but liked the 4th. But then I knew I'd be annoyed by the sitcom setup as it's essentially an extended rehash of the dream/mind control episode that's in every superhero show/comic at some point. I really think they could've handled it better by making ep 4 into two episodes with more clips from 1-3 interspersed rather than making us sit through 3 episodes waiting for the info dump. Glad to hear some enjoyed it at least.
  8. I'm not sure what it is, it behaves like an interrupt but with nothing interrupting. I've only seen it a few times personally b/c I only very rarely use slow version but I've heard several folks complaining about it.
  9. That's not what the OP meant. There's a weird failed animation thing with slow AS that's not based on being interrupted or a failed hit. It just takes your endurance and derps. But then again I'd advise anyone giving up on stalker based on that to try the no slow AS playstyle, which I find a million times more fun anyway.
  10. Not sure how it's insane. Just think of the listing price like a reserve price in a real auction - it's the minimum amount you'll take for the item. If you want to guarantee a fast sale you set that price lower. If you want to guarantee a higher price you may have to wait a while. You probably just hit the bad spot in the market for LOTG globals when there was what seemed to be a concerted effort to bring their price down. I hit it as well - had about 20 up for 6.5 million and they just finally sold a couple weeks ago. Of course while they were sitting there i was able to buy about 40 of them
  11. I have an invuln, a shield and an ice and like all three. I was surprised at how good invuln is on stalker. It's hard to comment though given that your descriptions suggest you're playing stalker with the hidden AS style which I never do anymore. I've not played enough of the armors on HC to really pick a favorite either.
  12. Not sure what you mean. I leave my damage aura on on my brutes when stealthing through content but it's not suppressed, it's just that I don't care if things aggro to me as I go past.
  13. It's because fly was originally modeled on desk chair hydraulics.
  14. I'm not able to dl from your link, maybe a different mids version issue. Not seeing 8% even if you move things around. As far as candidates for picking up slots - the second celerity, the non-proc performance shifters (leave Emod if you're worried about end, i find blasters have no trouble anymore but i've not run a /devices to know how its sustain is), the third BotZ piece, maybe kismet since you have targeting drone (but depends how married you are to max damage snipe) The endred in bonfire is an easy drop. you could move stealth IO to sprint and do another 2 botz in ss for 1.25. then finish
  15. Snow Globe? Was a troller main and well known but I can't vouch for the blue skin as i never paid attention to costumes. He played briefly on HC but went back to Secret World Legends.
  16. I had the same offset issue as AgentForest when i updated in app from 2.whatever to 3.01.9. Fresh install fixed it. It didn't return when updating to new version.
  17. Closest to a fort you're going to get is a dom for the mix of controls, ranged and melee. Other than that a control heavy blapper i guess?
  18. they don't stack with themselves but they'll stack with each other. can buy 8 hours at a time of the amps but have to keep reupping the base one every 1.5 hours.
  19. Survival amplifier is cheap at low levels and there's a + recovery sg base buff for 3 pieces of cheap salvage for 1.5 hours at a time. That's 20% and 17% recovery, respectively.
  20. I sense Tony Danza's involvement.
  21. Hess is ok so long as you know the missions labeled as kill all aren't actually kill all. So I guess, not so much ok 😄
  22. I'm with folks that Synapse, Citadel and Numina need a rework. Not thrilled with Mantis either but that could be fixed just by making the old men's follow mechanics better or making them assemble eligible and maybe making the requirements on the end more clear (as far as I can tell only the larger turrets count toward spawning Duray?). Virgil, Renault, Manticore, all the trees and newly fun respecs (after the gaps were removed, thanks so much!) and even Mistral (though I could do without the first mission being kill all since the map can be a jerk) are fine as they are. The newer stuff like Yi
  23. Just made my first post-changes alt. Wow, just wow. I'm guessing at least 5x the time to gather one explore/zone plus all of atlas/cap ones and the accolade plaques. The lack of instant base macro isn't as much of the issue as the drop point changes, which are just maddening. I was on a level 20 so kept using LFG to Posi for easy base entry.
  24. I use defensive amplifier on everything and am ranged softcapped on both. Rarely does a mez get through and when it does I hit the hybrid melee core or use a bf if I'm exemped. I even respecced out of light form on the pb since I never needed it. I just don't like it because of activation times.
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