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  1. Is there some reason it needs to be a 25 degree cone? Can't it be thematically ok as a TAoE or a wider cone with the gun being moved side to side?
  2. I like the idea of a to-hit debuff from full auto being suppressing fire, but at least make it a TAoE instead of a terrible cone that requires perfect placement to hit half a mob. Meanwhile an archer is hitting full mobs from around a corner.
  3. My frozen aura recharges in about 5 seconds and i'm bio so i have the 2 auras helping it. That plus crits and I don't even really bother trying to line frost up for multiple targets. Ice patch won't take any procs (or any sets for that matter) but it's such a long animation I rarely use it anyway.
  4. I rather like my ice/bio scrapper.
  5. I like that folks thought I didn't intentionally call it ass rifle. It's fought hard to earn that name.
  6. I second mercs. Ass rifle as well - if the tier 9 roots you for more seconds than enemies you hit with it, there's issues 😛 There are several sets that could use an overall activation time pass.
  7. Pocket D doesn't have an explore accolade, so probably working as intended at least on that front.
  8. The statistics are neat but i'd also like some lies and damned lies if possible.
  9. Mr. Vee

    Beam rifle/ ?

    I'd go look at the beta changes before rolling a blaster of any kind right now as almost all of the secondaries won't be the same soon.
  10. I do Atlas and PJ blue and HPT, Invader, Demonic on red (though my hordeling kills are done in KR). Usually done by 32 with all of them. Really if you're doing all of them on one side there's some suffering either way. If forced to do them all on one side I'd take damage farming over synapse/citadel/numina and fake nem hunts in a second.
  11. Being able to use one power to get to PD 3 times in 30 mins doesn't make a power that'd give you a 4th visit in those 30 minutes redundant, especially if the former power is also your way of travelling to everywhere else.
  12. It's not redundant when there's cooldowns or charges involved in the other powers. Since there are it'd be a nice extra way to get to an sg base without burning a rapid response charge when the other powers are on cooldown. And since PD is the only place with a P2W contact that will talk to you during a TF/Ouro and Null lives there I think it warrants its own special power. And we also either paid for or earned it. Please, leave it in even if it doesn't get the activation time fix of mish/base tp.
  13. Spotify had that in my release radar yesterday and even with this external confirmation I'm still not 100% sure I'm not hallucinating.
  14. I took flares over blast and like it but fire ball also has the 1 sec activation and might save you the respec.
  15. And why exactly do these powers need to be "balanced" when there's no need for travel to be a time sink in a non-subscription game?
  16. Clicking twice and typing some crap as opposed to just hitting one button? Yeah that doesn't fit my understanding of "might as well". w/r/t the changes it's a definite improvement but I'd still like to see shorter cooldowns across the board. Sure 10 mins per mission seems right if you only run radios in PI but those of us who only speed TF are never in a mission that long. I'd also like the PD porter to stay. The only reason I don't use it now is the long interrupt time made it faster to just base macro and use the porter there. Something on a different cooldown that can get me to
  17. Because clicking the portal brings up a menu with your base, coalition bases and a passcode option and requires another click.
  18. I loved both seasons and I hate almost everything. And no, Frostbiter, you didn't really miss Ackles, he's slated for s3.
  19. A solo numina could be 14ish uses in 10ish minutes assuming you use mish tp for either mish 2 or 3, save TT for the last mish and use ouro to azuria. I've been known to hit all but 2 or 3 of the hunts even on a full team. Of course there's very little chance I'll still run numina without /ebfp since I already do it rarely now and never need it for TFC thanks to the ease of invader on HC. But there are plenty of folks who still always do that accolade blue side.
  20. Oh i get that it was bad, for all the reasons you've said and then some. i just was commenting on the whole 'release the snyder cut' meme gaining enough momentum that WB decided to throw more money at doing just that, despite the dumpster fire that was BvS.
  21. I love that the internet somehow became convinced that JL was only bad because it was taken away from the director of the much worse BvS.
  22. Leto is supposedly doing Snyder JL scene shoots. But could be for the new movie.
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