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  1. Pyronic is fast and strong pbaoe. The only reason I don't take it more often is its range. I miss being able to take out all the healers around an itf general at once.
  2. I'm perfectly happy to eat a sweet corn muffin, just keep it away from my beans. Glad you were happy with it, that's all that matters.
  3. Felt like an extended 'previously on'.
  4. There's no need to check anything. There are plenty of us running around with dozens of perma-hasten characters.
  5. My dear, dear peers have all the streaming services and are happy to share with me.
  6. I don't have a recipe as no cook in my family ever wrote anything down but if it has any sugar in it at all it's not cornbread, it's an 8x8 corn muffin.
  7. Mr. Vee

    Ice Armor/?

    HC has since improved EM, though this thread was all before that.
  8. i'd be surprised if you have to spend more than 500k any time soon
  9. they're seeded at one million, so the price is frozen there unless you want to pay more for no reason 😛
  10. It's purportedly a big galaxy. No reason for him to keep running into people he already knows like he's space David Copperfield.
  11. still boost. one level won't exemp out your set bonuses.
  12. Ice doesn't have a snipe, it got bitter freeze ray instead.
  13. AR's faster than fire/arch? you can [Walk] over and hand them the bullet faster than AR's.
  14. No need to guess. Per wiki - Any critter that is capable of dropping a level 50 IO has a chance to drop a "purple". This includes, but is not limited to, level 47 minions, level 46 lieutenants, and etcetera. Giant Monsters, Monsters, and Underlings will never drop a "purple"
  15. which version of mids? mine ( has moonbeam only 5 damage ahead and 2 dpa. I usually end up taking moonbeam more because I often want shadow meld.
  16. not sure either on that front. You'd have to keep a level 47 mish to find out I guess, and just why?
  17. any mob 47+ can drop a purple. but yeah bad idea all around for the reasons already listed.
  18. At multiple points on live and here I've decided to run all the contacts and read all the stories. I never make it far. Even after I gave that up and decided I'd read them all on the wiki instead I only made it to the level 20 contacts redside.
  19. All the options that appear above when you're replying like bold and italics and such. On the second row there's an eye icon that you click for spoilers. You can even do spoiler within a spoiler. Just click below the box if you want to add something below the spoiler hidden bit.
  20. Dynamite last I knew, but the stuff after the original collapse of valiant wasn't great. Nowhere near the quality of Valiant's relaunched universe.
  21. There's a perfectly good spoiler button you could use - it's the eyeball.
  22. Eh, I didn't care for anything after Devil's Reign other than the Batman/ stuff.
  23. Valiant doesn't actually have the rights to Magnus or Turok (or Solar) anymore so their best stories wouldn't be available. I was really hoping for a Valiant universe in tv or movies but I don't know if Bloodshot did well enough to warrant that. XO or Harbinger would've been a better first choice. I think Fables would make a great tv series but there've probably already been too many similar but not as good things already. Early Grendel stuff would be good.
  24. I guess I'm weird, I just hit the right arrow in VLC to jump through if it's something that might have a post- or mid- credits scene. Can't imagine folks sitting through the marvel netflix stuff hoping for some with all the multiple language credits netflix shows have.
  25. Wait, people watch credits? Who knew?
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