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  1. I thought pets are immune to +recharge buffs, but would be happy to be wrong.
  2. /unsigned. I find the set bonuses to be perfect as they are. FInally a TaoE set i would want to slot rather than just posi by default after rags is slotted. I might even want it over rags given the ranged defense and damage proc.
  3. notalive isn't a parameter, but defeated is. and the void example won't work if they're not on camera and in perception radius either. I just had a brain fart when working on the venge one.
  4. neat, didn't know the + and ++ trick. I'd considered doing the team select thing but was too lazy to go back and re-research the popmenu stuff i'd forgotten as i remember it taking me a while to put everything together the first time i worked with them.
  5. ok finally figured it out with a huge hand from Bopper in PMs. The problem wasn't with the macro per se but with the dead person being in your view. so it'll work on either a dead teammate or a dead leaguemate but only if they're visible on your screen. ymmv as to whether it's faster to get a corpse in view or to click them in team/league window and whether either can be done before they hosp/wakie/rez but barring HC devs recoding it to auto-target i guess that's the best we can do. If the corpse isn't on your screen it'll just target whatever teammate/leaguemate/passerby is handy. /macroimage FortunataTeamwork_TacticalTrainingVengeance venge "powexec_name vengeance$$targetcustomnext defeated friend notmypet" you'll want to keep vengeance somewhere visible to monitor its recharge and you have to hit the macro button twice to activate.
  6. tried it both ways, with and without quotes, with and without _
  7. only on a team of 2. that's what i was testing and thought i had it initially. and of course didn't realize until after i'd posted in the macro thread that teammate overrides defeated.
  8. venge isn't location targeted (if it were we'd have no problem) so doubt that'll work.
  9. been trying to figure the same thing. thought i had it but it only worked for a team of 2. i think the problem is that the next teammate argument overrides the defeated argument rather than combining. I've tried it in both orders and with _ and with "" and nope. presumably you'd want to use friend notmypet for leaguemate but since defeated isn't combining with those arguments it's immaterial. would love if someone figured it out as noticing a death, clicking in team window then hitting venge before the person uses prestige rez is nigh impossible.
  10. Overwhelming one is damage/kb to kd, not recharge/
  11. It's fine for 35's so long as there's a 50 leading. Also buds will spawn if you kill all the yellows too, just have to wait around after hami dies.
  12. /macroimage FortunataTeamwork_TacticalTrainingVengeance venge "powexec_name vengeance$$targetcustomnext defeated friend notmypet" big thanks to @Bopper for the help with figuring out the problem with this one. Should now work for either teammate or leaguemate. The problem wasn't the macro itself but that the defeated ally has to be in your camera view. So this is only partially what I want but there doesn't seem to be any way to target a defeated teammate out of your view other than clicking in team window. If they're not in view it'll just ignore the defeated bit and target a friend who is in view.
  13. I mentioned this in one of the patch threads but figured it needed its own report as it wasn't fixed with the fixes to taunt auras. Positron at the end of Mortimer Kal is teleporting like crazy. Prior to the original page 4 patch I didn't even realize he had teleport. Now he teleports every few seconds from corner to corner of the computer area, making him generally annoying to hit, but especially for melee toons who get maybe two attacks per build up on him. He even continues to teleport even when held and immobilize doesn't help either. It'd be annoying enough in a normal fight but given that he also teleports into full heals from the flames it's so annoying that I'm not even going to do it anymore until I hear it's back to normal (and this is my favorite tf). Did one after the patch today just to test if it was fixed and it took us as long to beat him as the entire tf usually takes.
  14. Loving my sr tanker at 41, seems very underrated to me. the scaling resists with tanker hp is all sorts of tough. finally died for the first time to hami on lg when our holds dc'd, but can hardly blame the set for that. and it held up a good long time even then. long enough that i could easily have run had i not been more concerned with keeping the team alive. paired it with broadsword for procportunities and the easy softcapping left slots for 4 5-procced attacks.
  15. I know i say this in every other thread but defensive amplifier.
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