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  1. that's hide. this is about the pool stealth.
  2. i'd never take stealth for the defense, and since an unbounded or celerity IO in sprint accomplishes the same thing, I never take it period. If i had a free power slot/pool it would mean either i've yet to take maneuvers, so even if i only wanted a lotg mule that'd be better value, or the toon's not taking fighting pool, in which case it's probably already slotted its company of LoTGs, and if not I can take vengeance to slot one. Combat jumping I always take, for the lotg mule and for its movement utility. Only rarely gets more than the one slot as it's usually easier to get defense numbers from bonuses. Of course that'd all be out the window were i not a superspeed person and needed a second source of stealth beyond the IO to get full invisibility. idk how those folks do it, my builds are usually tight enough already 😄
  3. Panacea slots at 7 which is a big help. Shield wall, glad armor, blessing of the zephyr kb too. Oh and if you're going the SO route and have a character who's done Penny Yin's I lost my daddy arc, the Yin store SOs are pretty well OP at the levels they're available. Damage especially if you have a natural or mutation toon who's done it. Drop some in base storage for upcoming alts.
  4. Are you sure that's what happened? I've seen that IO routinely get the price fetch error, though I never market anymore so idk if that's still the case. Mainly i just felt obligated to reply 😄
  5. i've got tons in my email from winter packs. i suppose i should yank them out and throw them on the AH for badgers and costumers, assuming there's nothing useful to use them on.
  6. Someone did the math on the old forums and figured out that you're actually better off slotting more damage before endurance reduction in most cases. I've not been able to find the post though. If you're going for sets or frankenslotting, of course, you can prioritize pieces with endurance after accuracy since the damage will probably be in most pieces already. Like MunkiLord said, slotting for recharge works against you if you're already having endurance issues (and if you're using procs in that power) but you obviously want to eliminate gaps in your attack chain too. A lot of this stuff you just have to play by ear based on the particular toon.
  7. MunkiLord did you skip energy absorption on that stj/ice? My stj/ice hasn't had much problem since 35.
  8. It depends on the sets - thirsty stuff like storm or dark armor you'll need multiple slots in stamina. If it's not terribly thirsty one or two is fine as you'll likely get a lot of help from sets and uniques and incarnates. If you go one slot stamina a performance shifter proc is the way to go. Thirsty sets i'd probably go 4 performance shifter. Health I generally slot panacea, miracle, numina uniques (and preventive medicince unique if i don't have it slotted elsewhere). If i have extra slots i'll throw a regenerative tissue unique too and the health piece from either numina or preventive (assuming the preventive unique is there). If it's light on endurance usage i'll leave out miracle. If you have extra slot and are thinking about the regenerative tissue though you can now get the same 25% regen from an impervious skin status resist (assuming you have a power that'll take resist sets) plus the extra status resist. So only go regenerative if you have slots for both or don't have the resist power.
  9. IDK about the command for it but just go into your friends list, switch it to that channel's list and mod them from there.
  10. I generally make my final build before rolling the toon if i've played the sets before. That way i can IO as I go and on some toons even avoid the level 50 respec (unslotters ftw). There are obviously some differences in the leveling builds due to purples not being available til 50 and certain sets coming much later than the power i have them projected for. Also with ATOs being available starting at 10 I'll often throw them in a different power than i plan just to get the bonuses earlier. it helps to have some cheap junk on hand to slot at lower levels that you yank and store for the next toon. also keep set bonus analogues of purple sets around - posi for rags, decimation (or entropic if poor) for apoc, crushing impact for heca, etc. i find eradication to be the best sub for armageddon despite different bonuses. I also have a bunch of attuned pvp attack stuff on hand since you can slot those at 10. i don' think i've ever slotted a non-proc of those sets at 50 but they're great for leveling builds. Just keep in mind that anything with set bonuses is probably going to outperform a generic build, and can be place and forget until you're ready for your final stuff. Also don't forget about the amplifiers at the p2w store - they're cheap for early levels (at level 1 24k will get you 8 hours of all 3. it takes 60 mil at 50) and are just fantastic. defensive, e.g. gives 4 mag protection to all mez including fear and confuse which some melee sets don't even get, 7.5 resist all and 5 defense all.
  11. it's a good place to dump any pet aura uniques if you're not slotting anything else from the set.
  12. Also Winter IOs need attuning now since they uncoupled the regular and attuned in the AH in a recent patch.
  13. there's your problem - you're buying recipes. There are always plenty of crafted and they'll probably be cheaper than the recipes. Plus you can buy the attuned versions for the same price. But don't buy them now cuz i'm about to email you a set soon as I log in.
  14. If you think that you need to reread some of the responses to this thread. You're throwing away gobs of both influence and merits if you do it that way.
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