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  1. Tanker is not needed; no Archetype is needed -- they never were. Everyone can be useful, no one is needed.
  2. (1) Which AT is doing the best sustained single-target damage? Or, (2) Which AT should be doing the best sustained single-target damage? 'cause those have different answers, and different methods of determining the answer.
  3. I suspect your perspective is out of whack. A single farmer generates roughly two-million influence per minute of farming (over a sufficient amount of time spent farming; it can be spikey). A million per rare isn't expensive. A million per rare is also the market's maximum price due to HC having seeded the market at that price quite some time ago. Maybe chill a bit? 😉
  4. Poe's Law would like to have a word with you.
  5. Luck of the Gambler == https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Luck_of_the_Gambler
  6. I'm beginning to suspect you play a different version of the game than I do because, honestly, this ...? Doesn't exist in COH. DPS isn't the appropriate tool for such a thing even if it did exist; (de)buffs are. Multiplicative is superior to Additive when you are chasing bigger numbers.
  7. "Rule of 5" is a descriptor of how set-bonuses stack, I thought. Am I mistaken?
  8. Play on a server that doesn't implement them, then? HC servers aren't the only servers. Maybe one of the others would suit you better?
  9. They are contacts. They are also available as contacts for every character regardless of that character's origin. Use the Find Contacts button to scroll through your available options (and even teleport yourself directly to them if you've not already talked to them).
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