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  1. These so called successor projects have been spinning their wheels going nowhere for years now and will continue doing the same for decades to come until we all die of old age, but sure go ahead believing that maybe one day they'll finish and we can all play their game that has been superceded twenty years before it was even released...
  2. such a crap boring game, wasted potential of the star trek ip
  3. I used to read Transformers comics when i was a kid, and 2000AD too. My parents werent impressed when I came home with a Viz comic one day...
  4. My vote goes to opening up the whole game to both sides, we are a fixed population of a resurrected old game, we are likely to never attract more players than we have now overall, our blueside players are our redside players and vice versa, apart from niche draws like SG's hosting redside nights or one player hosting SF's and trying to attract/advertise to blues no major switching will ever happen. If everyone can go everywhere with no restrictions then our limited population can disperse or congregate wherever we like, make it so you can alignment switch from a selection tickbox in options menu so you dont even need to see null the gull. Yes this might all break the immersion factor but if thats what your after then you never need to switch and you can headcanon anything you want as to why your seeing heroes in Rogue Isles etc. RPers are pretty imaginative people after all. I actually started playing in this universe because of CoV, i bought the game before i even had a PC that could play it, about 2 years after i was able to install it and enter into the world, i played villain until level 30 or so, always wondering where my SG mates were disappearing off to, then i realised that i had access to CoH too, made one hero and was blown away by how many people were playing on that side, suddenly stopped playing villains that much. People dabble in CoV but it seems that they really want to be in CoH, its just the way it is, if you try and restrict people into doing what you want they will just walk away, you have to give them the freedom to do whatever they want and hope that they may come and play in your sandbox every once in a while, upping rewards will also have that effect, but only while those awards are available. We have a much smaller team of volunteers compared to a paid staff from a major company running the game now, expecting full revamps or story rewrites or even new content written and created is unfeasible, however the idea of cherry picking the best player content and bringing into the game proper is a great one, starting to see the players as a resource that can be used to improve the game so that anyone can contribute and have their work voted on by the rest of the playerbase would be worthy of the essentially fan created project that we have here. If the devs want to go that route that would be awesome, i just hope that they arent petty and want to rule the sandbox to the point that nobody else wants to play in it, after all there are lots of sandboxes out there. Most of the defunct games that have been resurrected by a small group of people end up being changed to suit those peoples own playing needs/wishes and lose lots of players that were attracted to play the game that they missed when it was shutdown, i really hope that doesnt happen here, lets not become the next Return of Reckoning for example.
  5. It was also a 2 part Star Trek TNG episode with Guinan heavily featured.
  6. Redlynne's title is well earned, wish i had a head for maths but I just use Redlynne's instead 🙂 Grav/time 3.0 build is fricking awesome and completely changed the set for me, loving grav/time so much now.
  7. This is such a great idea, many times have I been using mids thinking wish i could just push a button and have an optimised build pop out. Ultimately this could progress into being able to select specific requirements from a build, such as perma-dom (as has been talked about), selecting what powers will and will not be used in a build, what specific attack rotations will be used, the possibilities are almost endless. As someone who does not have the encyclopaedic knowledge of enhancements and how all the bonuses, proc's synergise together this tool will be extremely useful to me and those like me to come up with a decent build that will enable us to play a character without being apprehensive about even starting that character because the learning curve is too daunting to be able to match those with tweaked builds out there. I guarantee there is a lot more interest in this project than there seems to be, please continue with the excellent work! Thankyou for your efforts for this community.
  8. But I thought you were a "casual player", now you are looking for farm advice, what a shock that your other thread is about turning back on double inf after 50.......... who wudda thunk........
  9. Haven't seen that many builds for this powerset combo so thought i would post mine here for review and comparison, love to hear your thoughts and feedback. I have gone for a lot of recharge to try and make GDF up as often as possible, also tried to get as close to softcap defense as possible too. I don't like wormhole btw..., controversial i am sure. Incarnates are interchangeable really, i toy between Ageless and Clarion for Mez immunity http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1639&c=707&a=1414&f=HEX&dc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