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  1. I'm fine with some sets being better than others. Discovering what primaries go nicely with some secondaries is half the fun. I'd also like legit advice if I decided to take a question to General or Help (Personally I wouldn't, but to each their own). Which means I don't want a unique butterfly tale of how if you build your petless MM right and you enjoy playing it, that it is just as viable as anything else in the game. It's not. It won't be. Lying about the effectiveness of x over y is not the answer here.
  2. That is my experience as well, even if the team is doing horribly there will always be someone who thinks maximizing efficiency is putting it at +4. Sure it takes about 5 minutes to clear a mob in some cases and your clear rate is flooring your actual gains but that is what makes them happy.
  3. When they added general I assumed it was so the devs could gather up all the people who felt the compulsive need to share constantly into one spot so we could all collectively remove them from our tabs. Now the other chats work much more effectively. Smart move devs.
  4. The successors missed the boat. The time to strike was during the CoH hiatus and MCU madness to capitalize on super hero draw. Now people are over it or have re-discovered City of Heroes/Villains. The market share for them now is going to be half of their original audience at best. Still, it was a good effort for some volunteer-ism, it just sucks that people had to lose their money on projects that may never reach fruition.
  5. Any decent build idea's out there for a zone-centric Ice/Cold Controller? I am aware it is not optimal. Sitting here with a blank slate and wondering if I should be pursuing bonuses or just proccing everything up. Any input would be appreciated.
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