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  1. Would it be a terrible idea to offer them at vet levels? After the incarnate stuff.
  2. I went looking for possible alternate animations not long ago. I figured new options would be more likely if they were recycled existing animations. Here's what I came up with. For Fiery: the Kinetic Melee animation with fire particle effects (Kamehameha), a slowed down Blazing Bolt (nearly the same but without the squatting), or Flashfire (hands down and back at the hips then bent up to end crossed at the chest). For Dark: Twilight Grasp (the same hips-to-chest-cross as Flashfire), Night Fall (both hands forward, pewpew) For Energy: Power Push (nearly the same without the squat)
  3. The glowing piping on the Cybertech jacket matches the glowing piping on the Retro Sci Fi pants. Together they can make a Tron-esque look that I'm fond of. Also makes one's rump look marvelous.
  4. Blue Steel being a trainer for low-level heroes has always made me angry. Extenuating circumstances, sure. What he did is understandable. It should not be normalized. He should be working a desk job away from impressionable newbies. It also rubs me the wrong way that he is the deus ex mechana for heroes in villain content.
  5. Don't forget that Invulnerability has a Psi hole, which is not great for Praetoria.
  6. I'm currently going through First Ward with a Dual Blades/Invulnerability stalker. I feel your pain. I survive mostly on inspirations. If you visit the P2W vendor, you can get Inner Inspiration. It gives you three medium or large inspirations every half hour.
  7. Pretty pretty please offer an alternative to the squat thrust Assassin's Strike animations, used by Dark Melee, Energy Melee, Fiery Melee, etc. Martial Arts has another option, which I quite like. Also, being able to minimize certain effects from other characters would be great. A lot of electric powers give me migraines.
  8. I would like to talk about this bit for a moment, if ya'll don't mind. I find this aspect frustrating. I imagine it would make the code cry, but it would be nice if we could, for instance, use one inspiration and have the effect split amongst the mastermind and the pets. For example, mastermind pops an Enrage and the mastermind and pets each get a 12.5% damage bonus. This way, masterminds still have to spend more inspirations to get the effect a single character would, but at least allows inspirations to be practical for a mastermind in heated combat.
  9. It has come up a bit, but I'll say it again here: I. Hate. Longbow. They're visually dull. They play havoc with a lot of character types. You run a resistance build? Lol, have a grenade. You play Mastermind? Here, have some flamethrowers. Like to melee? Here are fifteen Eagles who'll fly away if you give them so much as a dirty look. All irritation, no excitement. I hate Arachnos. Other factions have a few scary enemies, e.g. Sappers, but Arachnos has every annoying trick, often several at a time. I ran a Street Justice/Invulnerability brute through the Faultline story arc not long ago. Every time I ran into a Fortunata I got smacked down and/or blinded. Go to the hospital, buy some yellows, back in. Out of yellows? Stand in the corner till your eyesight returns. Yuck. I still play more red than blue, but some days I just can't find the fun. Edit: The posters below are correct. Somehow I forgot that Fortunatas and Night Widows are separate. I was thinking they had psy damage and the smoke bombs on the same enemy.
  10. That's really cool information. Thanks! CoH's code is wild.
  11. Is Ice Patch a pseudo pet like Lightning Rod? If so, it shouldn't break Hide.
  12. My personal favorite is pepperoni, pineapple, and mushrooms.
  13. Before I run this past the suggestion forum, I thought I should ask here. Do the beast heads on look very small on females? Also, the are the beast legs on females a little too jerboa-esque? The proportions seem wrong to me. Chime in if the male animal parts are bad as well. I don't play male/huge characters.
  14. Is it possible to have toggle effects remain on in the power customization window? Specifically, I would like to be able to see how all the toggles look together. It's difficult for me to choose colors for melee armor toggles that don't make my character an eyesore when used together.
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