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  1. My personal favorite is pepperoni, pineapple, and mushrooms.
  2. Before I run this past the suggestion forum, I thought I should ask here. Do the beast heads on look very small on females? Also, the are the beast legs on females a little too jerboa-esque? The proportions seem wrong to me. Chime in if the male animal parts are bad as well. I don't play male/huge characters.
  3. Is it possible to have toggle effects remain on in the power customization window? Specifically, I would like to be able to see how all the toggles look together. It's difficult for me to choose colors for melee armor toggles that don't make my character an eyesore when used together.
  4. It keeps enemies out of melee range and allows KB powers to do KD.
  5. Cix

    I have a sad...

    Don't despair, friend! The devs are on the case. From the thread about the Patch Notes for August 27. It's referring to the change in animation time on Dominators' Total Focus.
  6. Unfortunately, I would need to do a lot more experimenting with IOs before I'd be comfortable giving build advice beyond "recharge is good." I also looked through this forum and didn't see a build. I'm really sorry.
  7. Oddly enough, the Sonic Resonance visuals cause migraines for me. Electric Armor and Electric Control's Conductive Aura as well. I assume it's related to the speed of the pulses. Electric Melee and Blast are fine, though. It's a shame, I really wanted to play an Electric Control sapper.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong--it has been a while--but doesn't the Medic have shorter range than the other Soldiers? He definitely should not be the one sticking his neck out. I really really really want to remove brawl from all ranged pets, so that could also save him from getting squashed more than the others.
  9. Does anyone know if there's a similar method to remove specific visual power effects? Apparently Conductive Aura triggers migraines for me. I doubt I can fiddle with it, but it's worth asking.
  10. I'm not really familiar with */Thorns, but Gravity can be awesome. It's tricky, though, especially in the early levels. Like all doms, it really shines once you hit the 30s and finally start having enough slots to go around.
  11. I see PvP modifiers, and none for hitpoints, buff/debuff, etc.
  12. I've Googled and looked through the Guides forum, but it's quite possible I missed it. Is there a chart or spreadsheet somewhere detailing the archetype modifiers? For example, Dominators have a 1.75 melee modifier and Masterminds have a 0.65 support modifier. I'm pretty sure those aren't the actual numbers.
  13. It's better now than it was, but at launch the early levels of CoV were nasty. You started on Mercy Island then the second(?) mission required you to cross this whole hostile zone with confusing terrain and no travel power. Snakes are tough solo, but adding bosses when teaming made them able to chew up low-level characters a few at a time. They have a toxic cone attack, and toxic protection is thin at that level. Then there's Arachnos. They're pains in the ass at all levels. They have a variety of nasty attacks and strong resistances to common damage. Working for them is even worse. They're arrogant and disdainful. Finally, there's a whole lot of writing that tells me how my character thinks and acts. "You slick back your hair and get ready to go to work." Homie I don't even have hair. One of there worst things is that they like to hand you the Stupid Ball. Golly it's a shame your character couldn't tell they were being used/manipulated when you--the player--knew it from the start. I played there a lot when several archetypes were redside only, so I'm not only salty, I'm burned out.
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