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  1. I love red side. I don't team a lot so lack of teams don't bother me. If you're worried about teams like others have said become a Rogue so you can team on blue side but solo on red side. While I haven't started up teams I don't think it would be that hard to start a team of 4 on red side, might not get a full team of 8 but who cares. There is also the weekly strike force which will being people red side to run them.
  2. I love fantasy, use to read a lot of fantasy book. However, I never got into fantasy games. I might play it but it couldn't be a super Heros in a fantasy world seem a little bit out of place. Also would need more fantasy type costumes
  3. Yes getting the accolades will help. Also should be noted that SR is a late bloomer because it doesn't get AoE defense till level 35. But once you get all 3 toggles it doesn't take much investment to get to the soft cap.
  4. They are 25 million. The content can be found Here. You're not guaranteed an enhancement but sometimes you get two.
  5. Okay here mine, some are cliché and some are for two powers combo. Dark Control Shipped with Cold Domination Dark is a strong on the defensive and so is cold. It might be overkill but sleet adds to the offence for your pets. I also just love the combo of dark/ice on all ATs. Earth Control Shipped with Darkness Affinity Quicksand and tar patch seems like it would be gold, I have this combo but haven’t played it yet but can’t wait to see it in action. Electric Control Shipped with Sonic Resonance I haven’t play Electric but from what I see it is one of the more offensive sets so Sonic seems like a good fit. Buff your team with sonic and even help do more damage with disruption field. Fire Control Shipped with Kinetics Don’t think I need to say anymore. Gravity Control Shipped with Traps These two are great together because you can set up your traps and then wormhole the group into it. Ice Control Shipped with Time Manipulation Arctic Air plus Time’s Juncture seems like it would be fun. Illusion Control Shipped with Radiation Emission Can solo AV’s with ease and GM’s. Classic but great combo. Mind Control Shipped with Storm Summoning Mind doesn’t have a great match imo, but storm can help for the lack of a pet with Tornado and Lightning storm. Freezing rain and Mass confusion is a good mix. Plant Control Shipped with Nature Affinity Both are great sets so they should be great together.
  6. Past 2 days I bought 21 winter packs and ended up with 26 enhancements. So that was a win. I created and sold my stock pile of repices so now I'm in a bid creep right now with some one. It's annoying but as long has it doesn't get too high I'll continue with it I'm getting enough to make some inf, should get more over the weekend.
  7. I agree. The whole shards and threads is very confusing and even more for new players. I had to walk my friend through the system to show them how it works, and they still feel overwhelmed. The incarnate interfaces could use a rework and be more user friendly. The first step is to get rid of shards, if that is even possible.
  8. Can't they already? The alpha slot can do both shards and threads just need to stroll down on the side, shards is always on top.
  9. I hate that Mish too, I skip it if I can. I also hate the Mish in Croatoa Mish Stop the takeover of Salamanca because you have to wait 15 minutes to finished it And during that time you get small ambushes, I've only solo this arch. It feels like an eternity. Agree on this. Any of the purple cave maps really to small and groups spread out to make the maps any fun.
  10. This would be awesome and so much fun. Only problem with this is I wouldn't want to play anything else in the game.
  11. It was a disaster and if it was a bigger team we most likely would of had to quit. Most insp in my email are from the winter packs I have bought, but might start sending myself more. I'm also going and buy a self rez from the P2W on all my alts now. I don't know how many times I died buy I got 2 debt badges because I had patrol xp and almost got the 3. Ugh.
  12. Yes please! Always looking for a challenges.
  13. I'm not against dailies but the reward needs to be something small that you don't feel like you need, but helpful at low level. Something similar to the bank mission rewards.
  14. Easiest way to get them in most zone is to put them on the bottom floor of the AE. More would be nice but I think they want you to buy the crafting bench from the P2W vender for 10mil as a inf sink.
  15. You can alwaya buy the pocket D teleported from the P2W vender too. Cost 1 million inf.
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