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  1. I haven't read the whole thread but I always thought Hasten should be unaffected by recharge rate changes like One with the Shield or Strength of Will. So it has a 5 min recharge and is up for 2 mins. I know most people would hate that now and it is too late to implement that with out pissing off a lot of people.
  2. My brothers first 50 and second alt made was a mind/emp that he soloed up. While emp is a good set it really needs a team doesn't do much for you solo.
  3. There is a pill for that. Oh you were talking about something different, never mind.
  4. Why does this make some much sense?
  5. Captain Powerhouse answer that question in another thread.
  6. I'm going to have to play around with both to see what I like better, because right now I can't decide.
  7. I know what you mean. My Fire/nrg blaster is a beast, I Tanked a Manti last night with her. Soft capped to S/L/E and 35+ to range makes you had to kill. The damage is crazy. Last week I solo Hess with a lot of my alts, my Fire/nrg blaster had the fastest time beating my WM/Bio scrapper and my STJ/Rad stalker by a few minutes.
  8. The build is solid and doesn't cost a lot, which is always good. Thanks for sharing! I might as well throw my builds here too. Here is the one I'm currently running. The Mace epic does redraw, but I like have the quick snip for running away targets. I'm looking to add a Theft of Essence: Chance for +End in DNA Siphon but haven't had time to look into it yet. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1510;710;1420;HEX;| |78DA6594594F135114C7EF74A654F622D0524A0B2D45A040A1C2BB515113858834D| |1C73A0E579850DB66CA833EFA0D5CE38BEB9BA831D18FE1FA055C704B44A8FAA089| |86653C9DFFA136E93CF477E7DCB3FCE79C7B3B7D7EB2E1F1918BFB84D27430A3170| |AE99461E9F9BCB43C29C39459430A7A6A26476673C6A28796FE9DFDF4B4CC489938| |A5D34A3764B46C9F946765B6201307CC5CFAB835AF674D23BDDF3A97B344DD4C2E9| |749A4F252CE3538CB29A9E7CDEC7CA3F372D89C5F58A2B7E69DAD39691516CC7CE0| |50DE3412A9253DB328518B7E0A4BD2BAD0417AE2254D3EC18FED12CF5421929AA87| |90E36BD00DFF4D2B6C23E638A63F34D801DE34C1FBB08DBAD9CD61C9B4B679E0135| |833907D648F01DE557915F55DB91CFEB0587DB985BB41DD2C45BF275B316778475F| |680DE93F0ED242D1ED6E2B9841ABB2E33AF80755799D7C086EBE07BCA5F8BFC7694| |92D463ADD40F09F8310354A3113544E3B2CBB17DA0D866AEDBFC159A8657C1916FC| |C3570749D5904BB285F0BC7B66C20DFEE4DE616D8B6CDB4419F40EC47AADBCAFD6B| |FD45B67E9AC76F30FC078CFC05FDF44DEDACBB3D8878856C7ED854FF0C21AA89DE1| |3CC59660A0C91CE00EB0CDC44CF3A6F316F835D779877C1F03DF013E90C726CB0E8| |72E6B9678DB9CECCA2BFFD39660654496308B14A682F7487FD8A1313264DDD9CB77| |B03797A36995BCC6D306283B152EF889F495314BD734759533F6B195C05E32F512F| |FE8AF91AFC42B17DA2CEE9651FCF55239D033C8B013ECB837C8607F94C8F1C83AF8| |F7C87E02B86D87785B612F8162D711F7D1B5D06930F980F998FC016CA33C6331DE3| |3C5D5AF95EAB82671AE119C678B6319E6DB756BEDF76FC7F5CE9D5A68C559664956| |5BCCA32516599AAB2CC68E5FF0CA138965AAF28CDC55152A4C62A4AE5EE8F4ACB51| |C539CFDFABBC7E565A6EE0A63C29DD6ACEBB52B17E5A71DB37E81425793D1D2F77D| |4FE0768280069| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| This was my first build, while good I do like the other build better. It has a lot of the same slotting but I change a few things. First I change the slotting in Jawbreaker and Clobber, the proc I like in Jawbreaker better because I want Clobber to crit. I also change the slotting in Ablative Carapace and Parasitic Aura because AC is up more so I think it is worth it. Also I didn't need Conserve Power like I thought I would and I felt like I could use better use of the slots than 4 slotting Brawl, Boxing and Kick. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1490;690;1380;HEX;| |78DA6594C952135114866FA71B22100808244C4948004382B489B0B7449C104A240| |B97B1ED5C4397219DEAB090A56FE0586E1C976EACD2C7707C0167A54A26758F184F| |FAFCC454A537DFED73CFF0F73DE7F6C2B559DFB3D3D78F09A5E344C12897B319D33| |14A25E97833A6258BA614F434CF4E2ED9E6552F2D83FBFBD905599052BF68D0CA30| |65AC669F955764B12CF519CBCE9E77F246D132B3C79D15DB11AD8BB65DD03325297| |33E77392F8D9255CCB7BB2FA7ACFCF22ABDF9F7B772D2292F5BA5AE9325CBD467EC| |DC1A152AAF4A67AD8F7424AA5A02024FA549BC5485486BA2F915B3E3357886B6439| |AE83C0BCE31DF8F101537D623528AEB1B9866F64D8101B8507EE586E6DA3C37C15B| |4CED367887D97C97F991F2AB9C5F557B39DFE11EB013DC632D1FC8B7897D4553947| |50F506D2F6A7B2F71CE03067899D96A8239A64F323F51BE16CE57895192365E2B6D| |1382FDC07EAAD1CE3544FB538F6BFB42B17ED8FC0BAC7388FCBAA0A56B97FD0EFE0| |1F7983D7FC10A3320F83BBE52BE6E9C43779816713AD718331C654623CC2069ED45| |EDDE418E57C816649B1A5C24C4343172015C0233CC10E9EC87CEFEFB7C16030FC08| |7CCA147E06366F809F31BE91C44ECE08EC7EDCBA12D701B2CF2B9C56D7085A992C6| |10C72AA1A3AC3B1C54DC9830698A206F6483F30C6F82C83F5CE03C51E48BA2CE77D| |214436C0C9AE2D09240AEE41BAE977C0BBE63AE53EC98687563C77EB06D7203DC64| |1ED902B7C11DA646DF338E9E8D63761398DD046677F21CFB06C87702B33B01DF0C6| |DE9E8A38E59F3905F0A7D4CA18F69F4318D3EA6D1C721AD76AF5501DF51F88EC277| |14BE11AD768F2BC9FF71D5D74A45A41A2CE906CB548365BAC132DF6059D46AFF06A| |1B896964E519D7957C90E1DBCA2D4EFFEAAB7CCF1BCFF6CF0FA5D6FB9C737E979F5| |3623EFE7BAF58BBA5BBE4B5396C6FA1F3B45F318| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  9. I always thought it was till I played my WM/Bio. With the change I might still like my WM/bio better but it's a lot closer now.
  10. I ran a Mish last night on my DM/SD Scrapper. I love the change to DC. It hits hard and recharge was great, 20 seconds, so I could use it every group. So I could use SD, DC and shield charge on one group and the next use SD, DC and judgment. It makes a big difference and you can feel the difference while playing. I haven't tested the change to SM yet will try it tonight.
  11. I love blapping on my fire/nrg blaster, she's one of my favorite alts. I'm also working on a water/ma that looks like it would be a good blapper.
  12. DC still gives you end so this isn't breaking the cottage rule
  13. I have DC in my build but now I'm think SM might be good too. So I'll have to play around with my build to see if I can fit it in.
  14. Looks like your wish was granted https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15822-focused-feedback-dark-melee-update/ Also looks like I don't need to edit my build because I already have dark Consumption slotted.
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