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  1. Like I did with the Hero version of this, I've also put together a (admittedly lengthier) writeup for the Coordinate's Rogue mission, link to the Google doc in the spoiler tag (because, again, there will be spoiled). Hope you enjoy!
  2. This is a great idea and a fun time! I was inspired to put together a short IC story of sorts for my character's run of the Hero mission (may also come back later for a similar deal with the Vigi mission), so I'll slap it up here in Google Doc form. (Link spoilered due to the account being fairly blow-by-blow and thus containing many...well...spoilers.) Looking forward to seeing what else comes of this!
  3. Turns out I had a character whose color scheme was already pretty close to what's asked for here, so I figured "why not".
  4. Hmm, already some neat ideas here. Let me see what I can add. The way I see the HEATs and VEATs is that each gives spotlight to (and, in the case of the former, introducing) a lesser-explored concept in the CoHverse, namely the Kheldian lore on Blueside and Operation DESTINY on Redside. Each EAT is given powersets and abilities that no other AT has access to, which is what lets them stand out. With this in mind, here are some of my ideas (and I may be echoing some that were already said): -Given Praetoria's current state in the lore, a PEAT-specific early-level storyline could i
  5. I'm sad I missed this. Will there be more Bounty Nights in the future?
  6. Life’s Ambitions: Life on Primal Earth, as Robbi had come to learn, was nowhere near as smooth as life in Praetoria had been. Deagon’s latest caper had all the hallmarks of a simple scheme. The Council had set up a makeshift base in a Port Oakes shipyard, pushing the local crime family out in the process. Their intention had been to use the ferries to smuggle in greater amounts of their unique weaponry, everything from the so-called “Mek Men” to their prized Quantum Array Guns. Unfortunately, the ousted criminals made their displeasure at the Counci
  7. I personally like the idea of a plaque saying something along the lines of "Hami raids start here". Veracor does seem to be a decent individual from what I've seen of him, but something that would show up across the game as a whole rather than just in Everlasting doesn't feel to me like the best way to show appreciation for what he's done (especially since he's still alive and the player representation through in-game NPCs has exclusively been in memory of players who passed away). There are other things that can be done to show appreciation, though! Could host a costume contest in
  8. (Hello, all! Finally got this third story put together after God knows how long. It's noticeably more lengthy--which is part of the delay--but is also one of my favorites to date. Hope you enjoy!) Aggressive Negotiations: Events were now progressing in directions Robbi found favorable. Today was her first day truly accompanying Deagon on his latest escapade. The fact that he had allowed her this privilege, in spite of his disgust for her previous actions in support of Praetoria, was certainly promising. Further benefits included t
  9. Lost and Found The first week in Deagon’s care had been an ideal time for Robbi to acclimate herself to her new surroundings. Geographically, their location on Primal Earth was a collection of islands, formally called the Etoile Islands but informally referred to as the “Rogue Isles”. Deagon’s specific place of residence was in Port Oakes, a shipping dock connected to a small town. Robbi’s current location was within the warehouse Deagon apparently called home, sitting at a desk while surrounded by boxes of scavenged Praetorian Clockwork parts. The compute
  10. (Hello, all! I'm relatively new to CoH and its particular brand of RP, so as a means of both acclimating myself to the lore and getting a feel for my characters, I decided to write some short stories focusing mainly on a couple of my Rogues and their pre-RP adventures. So, without further ado, let's dive in.) Story 1: "Online" Story 2: "Lost and Found" Story 3: "Aggressive Negotiations" Story 4: "Life's Ambitions" Online Her world suddenly came to life, text and numbers racing across her field of vision. Static and snow parted to
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